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Types of Blenders and Their Uses | Let’s Break It Down To You

Blenders, like a lot of things, come with lots of variation. Now, I know that you just want to make a glass of juice or smoothie and you can say ‘Hey, I just can get any blender by myself.'

Wrong move mate. Not all the blenders will be able to fill the cup of your needs. If you want to use it in your home, you might go for a specific version while you’ll need a different one for commercial uses.

There are also blenders that you can carry anywhere, anytime and they’re not the bulky countertops, trust me on that.

Well, when there are tons of options out there in the market place and you start to pull your hair because you don’t know which one to go for, that’s when I make my entry.

I’ll let you know about the most common types of blenders and their uses.

4 Types of Blenders, Their Features & Uses

Below are the most common blender types that you’ll find in the market. While there are hand mixers, but they really aren’t ‘blenders’ to be precise.

Lately, you’ll be able to find the blender industry has made lots of improvements and different brands are coming up with new versatilities. Let me break them down for you.

1. Immersion Blender

These blenders are probably the most common ones for personal use. They’re basically handheld sticks that come with a comfortable handle at its end. You’ll find a chopping blade on the other end which is surrounded by a safety guard.


If you want to know some of the important features of an immersion blender, here are the noticeable ones.

  • Less Pressure Build-Up: Immersion blenders are made in such a way that they build less pressure. Compared to other countertop blenders out there, immersion blenders can keep up with hot liquids. So, when you’re preparing something like a hot soup, you’re always in the safe zone.
  • Easy to Clean: Guess what? Immersion blenders don’t have any jars. So when you clean it, you clean it with ease and comfort. Just rinse the blades and Voila!
Immersion Blender


As I said, these blenders can prepare hot liquids more efficiently than other countertop blenders out there. So, let’s say you just want to prepare some soup, or let’s say a hot cup of coffee or protein shakes, immersion blenders are the one-stop product to go for.

Plus, you can also make seed-free drinks or smoothies. These blenders are great when it comes to blending liquid with powder and making quick mixes.

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2. Countertop Blender

Another mainstream type of blender you’ve probably grown up seeing in your mom’s kitchen. Countertop a.k.a Full-Size blender comes with a jar. The reason it’s called countertop is that most people place it on the top of their tables or counter while the blender is connected to a power supply.


You might want to know why you should pick countertop blenders. Well, here are the features.

  • Large Capacity: Counter top blenders, unlike any other blenders in the market, come with a large capacity. Meaning, you get to put large cubes of ice, fruits or whatever solid ingredient you want to turn into a liquid (unless it's wood or metal), these blenders have got all the space you need.
  • Power: When it comes to power, countertop blenders give you the full throttle. Just put those fruits, veggies and ice cubes in it and turn it on. Watch how easily they get crushed by the blade while you get the nutritious juice out of them.
Countertop Blender


Countertop blenders are usually used for making cold juice and smoothies. These blenders can slice the ice cubes within a snap. The only drawback you may face with this one is when you’ll want to prepare some hot liquid.

Since these blenders come with a very tight lid, the steam from the hot liquid can’t escape from the jar. So you might want to open the lid from time to time for the steam to escape.

3. Commercial Blender

Commercial blenders are somewhat of a better version of countertop blenders. When it comes to the design, they're pretty much the same but the construction is more robust. Besides, they usually come with a very powerful motor which makes them stand out and ensures heavy-duty blending.


Want to know the main features of commercial blenders? Here they’re.

  • Powerful Motor: Commercial blenders are mostly known to everyone for their power. The motor joins hands with the sharp blades to give them a powerful whirl. So, it doesn't matter how much hard stuff you put inside it, the blades will crush any ingredient and turn it into a mix.
  • Durable Construction: Unlike any other blenders, the commercial ones are known for their heavy-duty aesthetic. No matter how tough of a beating they go through, you won’t be seeing any crack or leaks on it anytime soon. However, their construction is something that makes them pretty heavy to carry around.
Commercial Blender
  • Large Capacity: When you're talking business, these heavy-duty blenders can fill your cup. No wonder they're called ‘Commercial Blenders.' They usually come with a large capacity, for which, you get to produce a huge volume of juice to serve lots of customers in a go.


Since it has got a powerful motor and provide more speed, it's nothing less than other blenders you'll find in the market. Rather, the blender offers you something more. Remember how much of a bummer you used to get while making tomato sauce with a blender? Guess what, those days are over.

With the commercial blenders in your arsenal, you can get thicker sauce and dips. Besides, the smoothies you’ll get will take the wow out of you. If you’re running a food service that sells smoothies, serves dips, this blender should be your pick.

4. Bottle Blender

What could be better than bottle blenders if you want uniqueness in a portable shape? Yep, as the name says it all, these blenders look like bottles and you can carry them anywhere you want. They use blender balls, which is a better alternative than a blade. These type are also considered as personal blender.

The blender ball is spherical in shape and they’re made of metal wires. These wires help you mix all the contents in the blender if you shake it right.


You want to have a look at the features of a bottle blender? Here they are.

  • Portable Blenders: Being portable is probably the biggest charm the blenders come with. You can carry them around easily. Besides, since they easily fit inside a small bag, you won’t be experiencing any drag any time soon. The fact that each blender comes with a tightly sealed lid, is a plus.
  • Easy To Use: When it comes to being convenient, these blenders are hands down, the perfect catalysts. Just make sure you shake the contents in it while the lid is sealed, and Voila! If you’re someone who goes out a lot, I don’t think you have much of a choice than to go for bottle blenders.
Bottle Blender


Bottle blenders, even though desired by everyone, is used mostly by gym enthusiasts. It’s your perfect go-to thing if making protein shakes is your prime concern. However, if you think you want to carry a blender with you every time you go for a walk, no one’s stopping you from getting your hands on one.

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3 Different Types of Blenders According to Jar

So, I talked about variety of blenders according to their shapes and some major variations. To make it easy for you, I've categorized blenders according to the type of jars as well.

Jars, get it? A jar covers more than half of a blender's body. While not all blending jars are durable, there are ones that are robust. But hey, each and every blender type has got its pros and cons. Let's see what we have here.

1. Glass Jar Blender

These blenders are more on the fragile side compared to the plastic ones. One drop and there! You can say goodbye to your blender forever. So, if you’re someone who’s a bit addicted to dropping things, you can skip getting your hands on one.

However, if you’re lucky, you may find some glass jar blenders that are pretty robust. They may survive one or two falls but still, they’re not as strong as metal ones or the ones that are made of plastic.

Now you can scratch your head and say ‘Why the heck people buy glass jars then?’ I’m going to say ‘Maybe they’re not clumsy, LOL!’

Glass Jar Blender
The precise answer to your question is blenders with glass jars have a distinct feature unlike the metal and the plastic ones. You see, there’s always going to be food leftovers in your blender, yeah? Well, the blenders with glass jars don’t pick up the smell.

So, whether you’re talking spicy curry, fruit juice, or any other strong foods, you don’t have to hold your nose. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the odor getting to pass to other foods you’re going to make. Glass jars will keep your food a mile away from being smelly, that I can tell.

Besides, the color of the food won’t stick to the jar. For which, there’s less chance of getting stains. The fact that these blenders are pretty easy to clean, is a cherry on top.

2. Plastic Jar Blender

These are probably the mainstream ones. You can try the plastic jar blenders instead of the glass ones if you tend to drop your blender now and then. I won’t say they’re super durable, but they can surely take something beatings.

However, while choosing a blender with a plastic jar, you need to be pretty careful as well. If somehow you end up buying a low-quality product, you can call home those weird scratches, chips and smell.

Oh, don’t forget the bad smell though. It’s going to be totally on the house!

Besides, blenders with plastic jars contain BPA. So while buying it, make sure you go for the one that comes with a BPA-free attribute. If you go for some high-quality jars, you’ll be able to find the ones that will save you all the trouble.

Plastic Jar Blender
The reason you might want to choose plastic jars over the glass and metal jars (which I’ll be talking about soon), is because they’re pretty light in weight. You can lift them easily. Plus, the good-quality ones don’t shatter that easily when you drip them.

3. Metal Jar Blender

Jars that are made out of metal are pretty famous these days, especially when you’re going all commercial. The reason you won’t be seeing these blenders in home kitchens is that it’s pretty hard to afford them.

However, the reason you might want to pick this type is because of their durability.

They last the longest and show off robust construction which makes them pretty dominating over the glass and plastic jar blenders.

Metal Jar Blender
Do keep in mind that you can always get fooled by low-quality junks. If you drop them, the blender may not break but you may welcome a big dent. This is why, even if it takes you a little extra buck to buy a high-quality blender, you should go for it.

Wrapping Up!

That was everything on the types of blenders and their uses. With all that being said, I think you won’t have a hard time choosing which blender type you need to go for, right?

Just make sure you know your priorities. I wouldn’t invest much if it’s just for daily home use though. On the other hand, a fast blender is always recommended if you’re serving juice and smoothies in a café. You might want to shift to something portable if you want to drink some juice while you’re out.

So, do your math and choose which one suits you the best.

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