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The 6 Best Bella Blender Reviews In 2024

Yes, you can limit your search for the top quality blenders to the bella blender reviews. They can make you rest assured of a total kitchen solution by dint of their power grinding, versatile applications, and durable premium quality blades. You will undoubtedly have blenders of other brands performing the same but all the big names will dig the deepest into your pocket.

On the contrary, bella rocket blenders will provide you with the best service but claim not more than a budget price in return. Any of the rocket blenders will excel in chopping herbs, blending whole fruits, smashing spices, and mixing dough. On its top, grinding tough ingredients like nuts, coffee beans, and tough ice cubes is super easy for them as well.

Offered by a particular brand, reaching the right blender is simple as you don't have to ransack the stores or browse for hours that may require extensive leg works and spending valuable time. And we with our expert team have narrowed the choices down to 6 bella blender reviews so that you can reach the right one at wish.

"The most versatile blender backed by robust power to efficiently blend, grind, and process food. The highly recommended to ease your kitchen weariness."

2. Best For Overall Efficiency: BELLA Personal Size 12 Piece Set Blender

"This unit is easy to operate, dissemble, and take away with you. Best on-the-go blender equipped with premium quality blades to slice, crush, and pulverize efficiently."

"Bella BLA13586 rocket blender is above-the-average blending appliance. This is a time-saver against a hectic daily routine with four different types of cup for custom serving and two amazing blades to crush, blend, grind, and mixing."

4. Best On-the-go Blender: BELLA 13959 Rocket Sport Blender

"This bella blender features the supreme quality blades and the cross blades meant for grinding and smashing anything. The compact size, the travel lid, and the carrying hook have added to the portability."

5. Best All-rounder Bella Blender: BELLA Hand Immersion Blender

"This hand immersion Bella blender features the powerful motor with the extra-long blending shaft. The detachable blades excel in blending, whipping, purreing, and chopping fruits, herbs, and dough."

6. Best Bella Blender for Custom Blending: Bella - Pro Series 7-Speed Blender

"This 7-speed Bella blender is a total kitchen solution. To ensure healthy living, the power motor crushes ice and frozen fruits, grind solid substance efficiently, blend fresh fruits, chop green herbs and mix dough the easiest and fastest way possible."

Top 6 Bella Blender Reviews

1. Editor’s Pick: BELLA BLA13984 Rocket Extract PRO Blender

Root Features At A Glance:
  • 15-pice blender for every purpose grinding, mixing up, and blending
  • 700-watt power motor to answer your desired item in quickest possible time
  • 5 blending tumblers fit the blades superbly to provide different items with the nominal cleanup
  • Stainless steel blades to cut through anything coming in its way
  • Programmable and multi-functional design and sturdy construction

One blender can make your day by eliminating your kitchen fatigue. If the appliance is powerful, versatile, and designed to increase user comfort, the kitchen hours are total fun. Bella Rocket Pro blender features power motor, stainless steel blade, impressive design, and vibrant color.

On top having a versatile kitchen assistant, this multi-colour Bella kitchen appliance can add to the kitchen aesthetic to a significant instant.

All the tumblers can be attached to the blade and you can make different items with the same cup without much cleaning up. Isn't it superb?

The outstanding kitchen machine can serve you with everything ranging from fancy smoothie to delicious food and drinks. And the durable and compact blenders can withstand all such heavy use and abuse.

With simple and quick kitchen solutions, your otherwise hectic kitchen time is now pretty enjoyable.

  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Powerful to deliver quickly
  • Versatile kitchen help
  • Durable to the last longer
  • Blades reported to wear down over the years

Bottom-Line: This is a versatile bella kitchen rocket blender with robust power to deliver quickly and ease your kitchen weariness.

2. Best For Overall Efficiency: BELLA Personal Size 12 Piece Set Blender

Root Features At A Glance:
  • Earth-friendly accessories include blending cup, shaker pot, lid, and lip each 2 in number and exception in 1 drinking cup
  • 240-watt of power suffice to serve the purposes meant for and cut blending noise down
  • Stainless steel blades cut through nuts, coffee beans, and frozen fruits along with green leaves
  • The compact size occupies less countertop and storage space
  • Rubberized base feet bite the sitting space tightly not to slip while operating
  • Specialized lids to tackle blending and shaking efficiently on the go

Now, this is time to welcome a personal-size blender which is fun to have and blend with. Why fun to have? Because, it is easy to operate, disassemble, and take away with you. Think of having desired smoothies and savory mix-up on the go.

It is low on power compared to the industry-trend but can serve your purpose the best. And the premium quality blending blades will slice through the toughest ice and seeds. The vegetables will get the fiercest chopping to get processed within no time. Pulverizing dry foods and mixing up spices are now a breeze.

The compact size is a perfect match for the rubber-grip feet so that heavy grinding or blending may not slide it aside. To your utter amazement, the space saver offers specialized lids to tackle any task thrown at.

It comes equipped with all the dishwasher-safe and BPA-free accessories that ensure safe intake of liquid and processed food.

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Meant for on-the-go smoothies and other drinks
  • Compact and lightweight to take out to office and gym
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories and material
  • Motor not so strong to serve all kitchen purposes

Bottom-Line: Meant for personal use, serve all the purposes, and lasts long. The orange color adds to the kitchen look.

3. Best Budget Blender: Bella BLA13586 12 Piece Rocket Blender

Root Features At A Glance:
  • Dishwasher-safe body parts ensure easy cleaning up
  • 240-watt motor for able blending and grinding
  • Stainless Steel blades for blending
  • Stainless Steel blades for grinding
  • 2 large 13.5oz cups
  • 1 small 8oz cup
  • 2 lids storage
  • 2 lip lids
  • 2 fine shaker lids

Bella BLA13586 rocket blender is a matchless blending appliance with its fastest response. So if you lead a hectic daily routine and are rushing out of the house is your daily routine, you can go for this Bella rocket 12-piece blender set.

Coming with four different types of cup, it can serve smoothies personalized with the need of everyone. And the two blades are amazing- one meant for crushing ice and frozen fruits and the other one is for grinding tougher substances like nuts, chopping herbs, and mixing spices.

To go in tune with your kitchen aesthetics, you can pick and choose from four available colors- orange, green, purple, and red.

  • Exceptional for making smoothies
  • Goof for grinding beans and nuts
  • Compact design to occupy minimal space
  • Convenient blade assembly
  • Easy to place jars
  • Quieter than the rivals
  • Not that good at blending frozen fruits or ice cube

Bottom-Line: Perfect for blending and chopping but a bit weaker at grinding. But the high power base has made it a go-to option.

4. Best On-the-go Blender: BELLA 13959 Rocket Blender Sport

Root Features At A Glance:
  • Premium stainless steel blades for either jobs
    20 oz. a huge capacity
  • BPA-free tumbler is a peace of mind
  • Easy carrying Travel lid with an advanced on the go feature
  • Delicious recipes included
  • 2-year long confident warranty

Bella sport rocket blender features the premium quality stainless steel that can ably tackle both blending and grinding. The cross blades meant for grinding can smash anything that come its way.

The compact size and design have made it the perfect on-the-go smoothies and sauce producer. The travel lid along with the carrying hook has added to the portability.

20oz cup capacity is enough to serve you with the main meal replacement or an additional guilt-free intake of the mouth-watering mix-up.

The BPA-free tumbler is a comfort as you can have savory drinks and delicious recipes processed without any health concern. The warranty statement is evidence of the confidence about the product quality on the part of the manufacturer.

  • Great both at blending, grinding, and dough mixing
  • Very handy for added comfort
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Do not show tomato stain
  • A take-away lightweight and compact appliance
  • Very loud and may leak over extended use

Bottom-Line: Blend, grind, and mix the best. Worth the price as it is pretty handy, fast, and fun to clean.

5. Best All-rounder Bella Blender: BELLA Hand Immersion Blender

Root Features At A Glance:
  • Two-speed blender with a handheld immersion
  • 250-watt motor to enable power grinding and blending
  • 6-inch long blending shaft to make the task easier and faster
  • Detachable and durable stainless steel blades system
  • Advanced features like ergonomic grip and whisk attachment
  • Tall pots, pans, and more for high capacity

Your kitchen should be a fun spot of your home with any Bella kitchen appliance. This hand immersion Bella blender is not different and can ease you cooking fatigue to a significant extent. The powerful motor in combination with the extra-long blending shaft excels in blending, whipping, pureeing, and chopping fruits, herbs, and dough.

The detachable stainless steel blades are sufficient to serve your purpose to their fullest. Thanks to the whisk attachment that just adds to turning your kitchen into a sweet spot of your home. Your small kitchen earns perfection with this ergonomic grip and comfortable to use a blender.

The smaller size is a stand-out convenience as it occupies minimal countertop and storage space. While it is a preferable option for baking, most other servings like soups, smoothies, dips, meringues, baby food, salsa, and more are super fun to prepare at wish.
Want a quick and convenient kitchen assistant? Go for it.

  • Versatile and powerful
  • Easy and simple cleanup
  • Wide range of recipes
  • Comfortable to use and operate
  • Compact size to stow in the drawer
  • Works great but tend to underperform at regular use

Bottom-Line: You get what you pay for. So tell simply, it is more than worth the money. You can enjoy a fatigue-free kitchen solution at least over year not sure about longer than that.

6. Best Bella Blender for Custom Blending: Bella - Pro Series 7-Speed Blender

Root Features At A Glance:
  • 7-function pre-programmed and manual control for convenient handling
  • Heat-treated Bella-exclusive technology for a powerful and stronger blade
  • A perfect match for a party with 50 oz capacity
  • 1 horsepower motor makes crushing, grinding, and food processing a breeze
  • Auto clean technology for fatigue-free cleaning with the touch of a button
  • Suction tight lid

An awesome kitchen solution is Bella 7-speed pro series blender. Your healthy living is now much more insured with this blender available in the kitchen. The powerful motor base crushes ice, frozen fruits, and other solid substances to its high. And blending fresh fruits, green herbs, and mixing dough are super comfortable and fastest.

The 7-speed panel enables seven functions among which 4 are pre-programmed and 3 are manuals. Now, you can liquefy, smooth, and puree with ease.

And the auto-clean function is the stand-out feature that makes cleaning quicker and easier than usual. Thanks to the detachable blade system for safe and full cleaning as you can reach the tight spaces inside with the blade removed.

This is a blender made keeping family and massive party hangout in mind. The giant capacity, durable, and a still lightweight jar will arrange large protein mix and milkshakes without hassle.

  • Great performance at affordable price
  • Great and advanced features
  • Lightweight to put away and pull out easily at need
  • Pitcher Sits firmly in place
  • Never cause smell for auto-clean system
  • No mentionable con

Bottom-Line: Ideal for smoothies and dips without ice chunks. This is versatile, powerful, and offers utmost control. You can remain highly satisfied with this kitchen solution.

Why will you buy Bella rocket Blender?

Power, user-friendly design, and convenient advanced features should be the primary considerations when finally considering a blender for your kitchen. So far the secondary factors involved, huge capacity, multiple functions, different cups, and lids should come under your cross-check. Combination of all the said points above in a single kitchen blender can turn your cooking place into heaven for the smoothie, dips, soups, sauce, and savory dishes.

All the Bella rocket blender reviews will witness that this particular brand offers all those. Therefore, Bella rocket blenders can be your ideal choice. And you don't have to compromise anything to avail one at an affordable price and within your budget. Let's brief shortly on the strong points of the said blender brand for your better exposure.

High-power Base :

Bella rocket blenders come with a high power motor to grind, blend, chop, and liquefy fast and easily. The high power base works great especially on hard ingredients like frozen ice, nuts, and seeds. Therefore, dealing with greens, spice, and dough is water easy for this tool.

Stainless Steel Blades :

Bella blenders feature extra sharp and durable stainless steel blades that cut through pulp and hard foods. The blades in these blenders are detachable making cleanup easier.

Different Cups :

All the cups are dishwasher safe and come in different sizes to serve varied servings. That enables you to drink on the go without affecting your comfort and adding convenience. Just screwing up the lip ring ensures the beverage ready to pass through your food channel.

Shaker Lids :

Rocket kitchen blenders offer two lids – one with large holes to serve grated chocolate, favored sugar, cheese, and more. The other is with small holes suitable for scattering spices to ensure food with fine texture.

User manual & Recipes :

Any Bella rocket blender appears with user manual and recipes. The user manual will inform you on how to use it and how to avoid abuse as well. And you will have the Bella rocket recipes for delicious intake to be prepared by the blender.

Thus Bella rocket brings you maximum kitchen comfort but availing one will not break your bank.


What Are The Best Sides of Bella Rocket Blenders?

The best sides of the reviewed blenders include the power base, premium quality blades, different capacity cups, auto clean system, and more. But the most amazing thing is that you are having all the high-end service at a budget or medium price. Some of the models offer multi-speed programs. All bella 12 piece rocket blender reviews here tell you of these upsides.

What are not so good or if not bad about it?

Though the rule of "You get what you pay for" is not applicable in this connection, Bella blenders do suffer from the low build quality. The plastic motor base cannot withstand the extra powerful motor for long and wears down at consistent use. Some users report it to be a louder one but it can be dealt with addition liquid while the machine is in action.

Is Bella rocket blender best for ice crush?

The Bella Rocket Blenders are decent buy and mainly popular for its blending ability. If you want ice or frozen fruits to crush or to blend hard food ingredients, some of the Bella blenders may not turn out to be the best option. But for smoothies, dips, shakes, and dough mixing, they are a great option.

Can you put ice in the Bella rocket blender?

Yes, you can. But you better check the user manual of your particular model before putting ice in the pitcher. If you have the Bella Rocket blender Extract Pro's, you can emulsify anything put to be crushed. The 700 W motor of this model can even smash those bulky and rocky ice cubes.


You have reached this part of the article is evident that you know what benefits you can derive by using Bella kitchen rocket blender kitchen appliance. Despite this, if we want to simplify and you demand an expert opinion; we will suggest the reviewed blenders to be a high-end product at a budget price. Most of the top 6 bella blender reviews will tell that they are great at blending and suffice to grind tough substance ingredients.

Therefore, if you are in a budget constraint but still you need a kitchen solution for heavyweight uses, find one from the bella blender reviews. All of them will make delicious drinks and savory dishes come in but none of them will require a high amount go out of your pocket.

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