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The 10 Best Blender for Frozen Drinks Reviews In 2022

As a smoothie-addict, you might want to start your day with a glass of fresh, healthy, and tasty smoothie. Especially while the weather seems to be pretty hot, there is no better option than the frozen drink.

It boosts up your overall performance as well as make you feel better and stronger. To make a healthy drink inside your house, you have to buy a perfect piece of blender, of course!

But, which one will you buy since the market has got tons of different options? Don't worry, as we are here with the reviews of the best blender for frozen drinks.

In this write-up, we are going to provide you each and every information concerning blenders, for which you will be able to buy the best one without burning the midnight oil!

"Vitamix 5200 includes a cooling fan to keep the motor cool even after using it for long. Equipped with sharp blades, a powerful motor, and lots of space."

"Blendtec Total Classic Blender includes a 75-ounce pitcher that can blend up to 35 oz. It has included with 10-speed options, six pre-programmed cycles along with a 1560-watts motor."

"Offers 1100 watts-motor, allows you to blend with efficiency. In addition, it provides 2 nutri cups, has got a container with a capacity of 72-ounce."

"Features multiple colors, variable speed options, and stainless steel blades to chop up a couple of ingredients with efficiency."

"Provides 600 watts blending motor, 7 variable speed options, thicker and sharper blades to smash ice cubes with ease."

"Cleanblend 2001 Blender comes with a superior 3 HP motor, massive BPA free jar, and dishwasher safe."

"Comes with a compact shape, 3 eye-popping colors, 64-ounce jar capacity, and many more things."

"Auto-IQ system, made of a combination of plastic, rubber, and metal. The blending capacity is nearly 72-ounce to make adequate amounts of smoothie."

"It shows the duration of blending as well as the time with its LED display. You can also achieve several textures since it has got variable speeds."

"COSORI Blender for Shakes offers a powerful 1500-watts motor, self-cleaning system, BPA free container. Also, it is packed with a lightweight design."

Reviews of The Best Blender for Frozen Drinks

1. Best Overall: Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender

Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender
Key Features:
  • By rotating the point, you can change the speed while you want.
  • Along with smoothies and ice creams, you can have some hot meals as well.
  • It uses thermal protection for which you can say goodbye to overheating issues.

Our write-up regarding the best blender for frozen drinks would stay incomplete without the existence of Vitamix 5200. It features variable speed options that allow users to change the speed while they want.

You can alter the range by rotating the point. In order to handle the hardest ingredients, it features stainless steel blades that are sturdy, sharp, and long-lasting at the same time.

By having this blender, you can make sufficient amounts of drinks for your friends and families. You can also choose between the white, DAA, and black since it offers 3 adorable colors. Additionally, you can make some hot soup without the assistance of a stove.

The cooling fan is designed to keep the motor cool, even if you are using it for long. You don't need to mess with overheating issues, thanks to the thermal protection.

  • Numerous speeds.
  • 64 oz pitcher is pretty enough.
  • Adorable colors.
  • Overpriced!

Bottom-Line: Thanks to the variable speed option, which helps you to control the speed in the way you want. It offers a 64-ounce jar for making some delicious frozen drinks with ease. In addition, the blender uses thermal protection so that it can stay cool even after using it for long.

2. Runner-Up: Blendtec Total Classic Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Blender
Key Features:
  • The 1560-watts motor enhances performance.
  • Blades are 80% thicker than the rest.
  • Numerous speed options to get the maximum benefit.
  • It weighs just 7.28 pounds.

Waiting for something new? Here is our second pick from Blendtec that can meet your needs with ease. If you want to achieve numerous textures by purchasing a single blender, then it could be your ultimate pick.

Blendtec Countertop Blender offers a 1560 watts motor, which allows you to work with efficiency. In addition, it features white, black, and red colors so that you can choose the one that suits your decor. You can also have warm meals within 6 minutes, which is another unique feature that it has got.

The black and white color includes a 75-ounce pitcher with a blending capacity of 35 oz. Besides, the red version offers a bit bigger, a 90-ounce jar that can provide around 36 oz blending capacity. Hopefully, you can make smoothies for 3-6 persons in one go. The blades are 80% thicker than the typical ones, and most importantly, they are made of high-quality stainless steel.

The best part? It has got ten-speed control, pulse, six pre-programmed cycles for which you can achieve several textures. To clean the jar, use soap along with some freshwater.

Compare with similar options, the weight is not too much. It could be a great addition to your countertop if you are a fan of mixed drinks. It has got the ability to mix up a lot of foods in a quick yet efficient way, which makes it the best blender for mixed drinks.

  • Versatile.
  • Able to bear heavy loads.
  • Multiple colors with sizes.
  • Pretty simple to clean.
  • It takes a little space due to the compact shape.
  • It vibrates
  • Not able to chop up frozen foods!

Bottom-Line: Blendtec Countertop Blender is a better combination of versatility and power. Since it features a powerful motor, you can make your blending-task easier. Because of the variable speed option, you can enhance your productivity.

3. Best Budget: Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender
Key Features:
  • It is powered by an 1100-watts motor.
  • The pitcher capacity is up to 72-ounce.
  • Has got 2 nutri cups additionally.
  • The container is compatible with dishwasher as well as BPA free.

We come up with 3rd pick from Ninja, which can easily stand out from the rest when it comes to durability as well as versatility. It has got a powerful motor that can provide you the freedom to crush, slice, or mash any kind of fruits, veggies, and seeds within a snap.

It is made of food-grade plastic that can last up to years with better maintenance. This particular blender is powered by 1100 watts, which is enough to turn ice into the snow; this is why we picked it i our frozen blender list.

Due to the efficiency, you can have some fresh, creamy smoothies, and cold drinks with ease. And the capacity? It is another plus, as it offers a pitcher that is able to hold around 72 oz. As a result, you can serve delicious smoothies to your entire family as well.

Along with the pitcher, it includes 2 nutri cups, which have got the capacity of around 16 ounces. Thankfully, you will get 3 different speed options, including a single-serve and pulse function. To make some delicious drinks, you just have to wait a couple of seconds.

It enhances portability due to the lightweight design. Pitchers are BPA free and dishwasher safe, so you won't have a hard time to rinse it at all. The blades are pretty sharp that can be effective for crushing up a lot of ingredients together.

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Multiple speed options.
  • Pretty strong.
  • Has a large capacity.
  • A bit noisy!
  • Foods could get stuck while blending!

Bottom-Line: Due to its durable base, you can use it up to years for sure. Alongside the facility, it is versatile, which allows you to make numerous items, including smoothies, cold coffees, ice creams, and many more.

4. Best Under $100: Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender
Key Features:
  • Compatible with a dishwasher, for which it will be simple to clean while you want.
  • An efficient 1000-watts motor to blend fruits, seeds, veggies, etc.
  • 72-ounce container can fulfill your needs.

Here is another model of Ninja that we selected for those who are still looking for the best blender for crushing ice. We really like its sleek design, compact shape, as well as the lightweight design, which enhances user comfort even after carrying it for long.

Alongside the look, it features a 1000-watts motor that is not that superior, yet a perfect choice for regular uses. With the blender, you will get a 72 oz jar to make adequate amounts of smoothies and creamy frozen drinks on a daily basis.

Here, you will get 3 different options (low, mid, high) when it comes to speed range. It includes 6 blades that allow you to smash ice in a simple way. The process of cleaning is not much hard, all you need to do is collect a piece of tidy cloth for cleaning the motor base. You can use a dishwasher as well to clean the pitcher with efficiency.

  • Sleek design.
  • 3 variable speed options.
  • Has 6 blades for better chopping.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Leakage Issues!

Bottom-Line: Ninja BL610 can turn ice cubes into the snow by its stainless steel blades, which is really edgy and rigid. Alongside the benefit, it includes a decent capacity that will be an ideal pick for average families.

5. Best for Glass Jar: Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 Reverse Crush Blender

Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 Reverse Crush Blender
Key Features:
  • 600-watts blending motor offers adequate power.
  • Dishwasher safe jar will be easy to clean.
  • Fix your guesswork aside by using its pre-programmed setting.
  • Sharper blades for better cuts.

So, you are hungry for the best blender for ice drinks yet want to consider a different model, right? Well, this is why we picked out this particular blender from Oster that can meet your needs with ease. If you have any doubts related to this product, you can check yourself.

The 600 watts blending motor is pretty powerful and able to take enough loads. With the assistance of it, you can easily make a lot of smoothies in one go. Since it features 7 variable speed option, it will be a piece of cake to make tasty beverages within a short time.

While blending, you can set your guesswork aside by using the unique pre-programmed smart settings. This feature could be pretty useful for those who are very busy in the kitchen.

When it comes to performance, This glass blender stands out from others, as it has got thicker, sharper stainless-steel blades for chopping up a variety of ingredients with ease. The glass jar is dishwasher safe, but you have to maintain it in a proper way as the blender is made of glass.

  • Affordable.
  • 7 different speed options.
  • The 6-cup pitcher is compatible with the dishwasher.
  • Very loud!!

Bottom-Line: With its pre-programmed smart setting, you can set your guesswork far away from you. Luckily, you can change the speed without any hassle since it includes 7 variable speed options.

6. Most Powerful: CleanBlend High Performance Countertop Blender

CleanBlend Commercial Countertop Blender
Key Features:
  • For better functionality, it is equipped with a 3HP, 1800-watts motor.
  • It fits in any décor because of the outstanding appearance.
  • Stainless steel blades chop up a lot of ingredients.

For commercial purposes, there is no better choice than Cleanblend 2001. Aesthetic appearance, large jar capacity, and outstanding performance make it one of the best commercial blenders for frozen drinks.

It offers an 1800 watts, 3 HP motor to take your blending skill into the new level. It can be used for multitasking; including grinding, blending, chopping, crushing, heating, etc. You can use this tool to make some hot soup as well.

For commercial purposes, this could be the best option, as it comes with a massive capacity that is able to fulfil all of your demands. Like our previous choices, blades are built with stainless steel to ensure rigidity.

By purchasing it, you can get a pitcher that is BPA free, no more breaking issues. Plus, the entire construction is pretty sturdy that could last up to years. However, a minimal amount of maintenance is required! You can stay relaxed while using Cleanblend 2001 Blender since it offers less noise and vibration.

  • Massive capacity.
  • Versatile
  • Superior and durable motor.
  • Unbreakable jar.
  • Less vibration and noise.
  • After a couple of months, you may get odors from the container.
  • Blade appears to be dull within a few months!

Bottom-Line: Cleanblend 2001 Blender provides a superior motor to chop up a variety of ingredients like seeds, veggies, fruits, or anything else. If you are sick of noise and vibration, this could be your better option for sure.

7. Best Variable Speed: Vitamix 7500 Low-Profile Professional Blender

Vitamix 7500 Professional Blender
Key Features:
  • 64-ounce container capacity.
  • 3 exquisite colors.
  • Sharper and thicker blades for better chopping.
  • Made of platinum plastic.

Are you someone who is addicted to frozen smoothies? Then you should check out the reviews of the Vitamix 7500. Because of its unique features as well as exquisite colors, you might consider it as the best blender for frozen smoothies.

You can get your desired smoothie without much effort, as it offers multiple speed options that enhance your performance as well. If you are in an average family, then it will be a good pick for you.

The shape is relatively compact, for which you can keep it on any surface with ease. Like our previous model of Vitamix, it includes 3 eye-popping colors, which are red, white, and black.

You don't have to do a lot to struggle to run this tool since it is pretty simple to use. It includes thicker and sharper blades that will make your blending task more effective.

When it comes to the cleaning process, this is pretty easy as well, just ensure to use a drop of dish soap along with some warm water to erase unnecessary stains. Because of the platinum plastic, it could last for long, hopefully!

  • Multiple ranges of speed.
  • Ease of use.
  • Average holding capacity.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Fits on any surface.
  • Weaker motor!
  • It could stop working within a few months.

Bottom-Line: Vitamix 7500 creates the possibility of making sufficient amounts of drinks without much effort. For an average-sized family, the 64-ounce jar is enough, as per our opinion.

8. Best Touchscreen: Ninja Smart Screen CT650 Auto-iQ Blender

Ninja Smart Screen 1000W Base Blender
Key Features:
  • It is constructed with a combination of plastic, rubber, and metal.
  • 72-ounce blending capacity.
  • It features sturdy blades for chopping up with efficiency.

Ninja CT650 is powered by a 1000-watts motor that allows you to prepare smoothies, frozen drinks, and ice creams in a smart way. We like its intuitive touchscreen design, which is easy to clean and long-lasting as well.

It is a better combination of plastic, metal, and rubber to ensure ultimate stiffness. Due to the metal base, there is less chance of breaking down even if it falls from your hands accidentally. Pretty impressive, right?

The capacity is not too bad since it nearly can hold around 72-ounce for offering adequate amounts of drinks to your families. We like the stainless steel blades that are pretty sharp and able to smash ice in a breeze.

If you want to get rid of scratches, you should avoid using abrasive cloths to clean the control panel or motor base. It is equipped with an Auto-IQ system that can move your blending skill into the next level.

  • Auto-IQ system.
  • Durable base.
  • The unique intuitive touchscreen design.
  • Pretty fast and efficient blades.
  • A bit dangerous for beginners!

Bottom-Line: You can get yourself the Ninja CT650 to make a desirable smoothie, how? All credit goes to the Auto-IQ system that enhances productivity. Besides, the construction is rigid rather than the typical one since it is made of solid materials.

9. Best Professional: Blendtec Designer Series Professional Blender

Blendtec Designer Series Professional Blender
Key Features:
  • The BPA free jar includes 36-ounce of blending capacity.
  • Wings-shaped blades are quite sharp to chop up a lot of ingredients.
  • The way of cleaning is another plus, as it is dishwasher-friendly.

Can you spend some extras in order to get a top-quality blender? If yes, then this model from Blendtech could be your only choice. Due to its variable speed option, you can get the opportunity to achieve several textures with ease.

The appearance that it has got will make you go awestruck, which is the best part of it. Alongside it, the blender includes an LED display that shows you the time as well as the duration of blending. Luckily, you don't have to face irritating noise and vibration while blending. The pitcher has the ability to clean itself within a few seconds.

You can chop up the ice cubes with efficiency since it has got wings-shaped blades that are made of stainless steel. Not only smoothie or creamy ice creams, but you can also use it to make some warm meals. The 90-ounce of BPA free container includes 36 oz blending capacity, whether the ingredients are wet or dry. Because of its versatility, most smoothie-lovers consider it as the best frozen drink blender around the marketplace.

  • LED display with numerous speed options.
  • Noise-free.
  • Ideal for a big family.
  • Sharp and thicker blades.
  • User-friendly.
  • Costly!

Bottom-Line: We prefer to choose the Blendtec Designer Series Version for those who can't afford some extras. You can see the blending duration and time through an LED light. Pretty large capacity allows you to make a lot of drinks for your friends or neighbors.

10. Best Self Cleaning: COSORI Blender Heavy Duty Smoothie Maker

COSORI Blender Heavy Duty Smoothie Maker
Key Features:
  • The variable speed option allows you to control in your own way.
  • 1500-watts is pretty efficient.
  • Includes stainless steel blades.
  • It can clean itself within a few seconds by its self-cleaning system.
  • The blender comes with a family-sized pitcher along with a 27-ounce travel bottle.

Still hunting for a blender for frozen drinks? You didn't have this model from COSORI, one of the best blenders for frozen drinks. It is versatile, durable, pretty powerful, as well as spacious.

Blades are quite sturdy and edgy, for which you can cut a variety of ingredients with ease. The variable speed option will help you to control the blender in your own way. It weighs only 7.25 pounds, which allows you to move this blender from one place to another.

The jar is BPA free and can blend sufficient amounts of ingredients. Plus, the accessories are compatible with a dishwasher, thankfully. The best part? It includes a safety feature, for which the blender will shut off while overloading and overheating.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Sturdy base.
  • BPA free container.
  • Includes a safety feature.
  • Not for rough users!

Bottom-Line: COSORI Blender for Shakes has got a powerful motor that can blend a couple of ingredients together, without facing any issues. It has everything to make your smoothie-preparing process rather easy.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Frozen Drink Blender

When it comes to choosing a blender, the market has got numerous options along with the different types of features. This is why it could be very challenging for you to pick out a single one, feeling worried?

You should not be, as we are here to show you the core factors that you should highly consider before buying the best blender for frozen drinks. In that case, you have to collect a pen and note down the following factors concerning a blender for frozen drinks.


We think the motor is the most necessary factor that you should consider before buying a blender.

In that case, your first priority should be the motor, which should be at least 400 watts. You need the most powerful motor if you are going to make some frozen drinks, bear in mind!

The power is the most crucial thing while you are going to smash ice cubes as well as need to chop up veggies, seeds, or any kind of fruits.

Variable Speed Option

With the assistance of this feature, you can alter the range of speed in the way you really want.

Always consider picking out a blender that includes variable speed options, pulse, and other necessary features related to speed.

In order to get the job done within a snap, you definitely have to go with a speedy version. Like, you can pick out the Oster BVCB07-Z that comes with 7 variable speed options.

Blades Quality

You can't smash ice cubes with flimsy blades, never.

If you purchase a blender with dull blades, there is no chance of getting the best result, even if the motor is superior. This is why you have to provide equal priority while buying a blender. Ensure to pick up a model that is loaded with stainless steel blades, so that you can make your blending-task faster, simpler, and better.

Pitcher Capacity

If you are someone who is living in a large family, then you should put this point into your priority list. A small-sized container is unable to provide you the number of drinks that you really need for your entire family. This is why we always recommend picking out a jar that has got the blending capacity of around 72-ounce, or at least 32-36 oz.


As you are going to crush ice cubes, it is simple that you need a blender, which is built with stiff material. You will find a few models around that market that are made of cheaper-quality poly carbonate, stay away from it since it could break within a few days only.


Q1: Is it really a safer choice to put ice cubes into a blender?

Answer: Of course, we have picked up the choices that you can smash with ease through a blender. Ninja (BL660) Blender could be the best option in that case.

Q2: Is a blender is ideal for preparing hand-made protein shake?

Answer: Definitely, even there is no better option than the blender if you want to make some protein shake. In general, a blender doesn't offer any kind of hurt to the main ingredient of a protein shake (protein powder). A few people consider choosing a blender since it is highly able to make a better mixture.

Q3: For crushing ice cubes, what should be the range of wattage in a blender?

Answer: You have to go with the one that includes at least 1000 to 1500 watts to crush frozen ingredients or ice cubes. Also make sure to prefer a blender that is equipped with additional features (e.g. self-cooling system) for which it can cool itself after some heavy uses.

Q4: How many years a blender could last?

Answer: It depends on your use. But if you provide better maintenance, a blender could last for 3-5 years, hopefully.


Keep in mind, size and power should be your top priority if you are in a family or one who wants to use it for commercial purposes. On the other side, it will be a wise decision to pick a compact and mid-powered blender if you stay out more often.

So, our write-up regarding the best blender for frozen drinks was quite helpful to you, hopefully. We tried our heart and soul to provide all necessary pieces of information that are related to blenders for making frozen drinks. Now, the ball is in your court!

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