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Best All Clad Immersion Blender Reviews | KZ750D or KZ800851?

Whether you want to make yourself a glass of smoothie or prepare some mixes and dips, immersion blenders are hands down one of a kind to solve the problem of your kitchen. You can get the mixes like a pro and that too within a few minutes.

However, with good brands over there, you can easily get confused about which blender you should get your hands on. And now that the famous All-Clad blenders are on the loose, you can question yourself on which one you should get.

Well, if you ask us which one is the best all clad immersion blender, we’ll talk about two models from the brand; the KZ750D and the KZ800851. Let’s compare the two.

Things The All-Clad KZ750D Can Prepare

1. Blending Smoothies: Not all immersion blenders can blend smoothies. However, the all-clad KZ750D hand blender can do it like it’s nothing. It can do everything like a pro from chopping apples, nuts, spinach to mixing yogurt and nut butter. It can also handle ice cubes and can help you pulverize frozen blueberry.

2. Puree Soup: Thanks to the 9.25 inches blending shaft, you can blend the soup in the pot quite easily. You can also make the broth effortlessly.

3. Baby Food: Want to make some baby food for your little one? This all clad hand blender can prepare baby food too. All you need to do is puree the precut cooked or fresh veggies and fruits.

4. Bulletproof Coffee: We don’t know any ideal coffee blender other than the All-Clad corded blender to mix hot coffee with butterfat (soft butter). Getting creamy bulletproof coffee is just a few minutes away from now on.

5. Mayonnaise: Making mouthwatering mayo is just a piece of cake from now on. This powerful beast can whip up the mayo for you as well.

6. Mashed Potatoes: Need mashed potatoes? With the extra-wide head joining hands with mind-boggling power, mashing potatoes is just a snap.

7. Omelets: No, it doesn’t come with a whisk attachment. However, the mixing shaft can mix the yolks and the whites for you so that you can get yourself fluffy and delicious omelet recipes.

Features Powerful Motor Unit

Unlike typical motor units, the KZ750D comes with a powerful motor and something that looks stunningly aesthetic. Spill the wow out of your mouth when you’ll see the stainless-steel body completely changes into a rubber grip.

You’ll find two control buttons with the grip and the fact that it’s ergonomic is a cherry on top so that you can hold it easily.

There’s a 600 watts motor inside the motor body, which makes it more powerful compared to the typical blenders you’ll find. Experience 1 minute of powerful oscillation as you blend everything and turn it into a liquid.

However, here’s one thing you need to maintain though. Make sure after each minute you give the blender a break so that it cools down.

Includes Versatile Speed Settings

Mainstream blenders often don't house variable speed dials. That's not the case for our champ right here. The KZ750D from All-Clad comes with variable speed dials. You'll get the turbo button and power buttons on it too.

To use the power button in an easy way, you can find the Pulse Function pretty handy. The turbo settings, variable speed and Pulse Function join hands to give you the flexibility you need while blending.


Blender Shaft: With the blender, you’re getting 9.25 inches blending shaft constructed with solid stainless steel. It’s basically in the extra-large zone. So, you can use it inside a deep pot with ease and convenience. Besides, say goodbye to those days when you used to burn yourself with steam as the blender shaft is there to back you up.

Comes With Optional Accessories

Sometimes one blender shaft isn’t enough. You may want to use some other small accessories with your blender. Well, you can find some accessories compatible with this model, which you can purchase separately.

Mini Chopper: With the mini chopper in your arsenal, you'll get 10 ounces of chopping bowl along with chopping blades and a gearbox. You'll also get an extra lid and it's on the house. Thanks to the lid, you'll be able to use the chopper bowl to store the juice or liquids (hot liquids or Ice liquids).

Balloon Whisk: The whisk attachment has got 2 parts. There's this gearbox that you can use to fix the motor body of the blender. And you'll get a whisker that needs to be connected with the gearbox.


The All-Clad Corded Blender (KZ750D) is a bit larger compared to the mainstream blenders in the market. If you count the total length where the body's connected with the shaft, you'll find it's 17.25 inches with the mixing shaft itself has a length of 9.25 inches.

As for its weight, it’s on the lighter side, weighing 2 pounds. Thanks to the 5-foot power cord it comes with, you’ll find it pretty easy to maneuver.

Good Sides

  • Prepares a wide range of recipes
  • 600-Watt motor gives you powerful operation
  • It comes with versatile speed settings
  • Shows of 9.25 blending shaft made of solid stainless steel
  • You can attach other all clad immersion blender accessories

Bad Sides

  • Needs to be more durable but if you use it with care, the blender will last for a long time.

2. All Clad KZ800851 Cordless Immersion Blender

Things The All Clad KZ800851 Can Prepare

1. Souses: For making perfect souses and dips, the cordless immersion blender is one of the best choices you’ll find.

2. Baby Food: Like the previous model, this one can prepare baby food for you while leaving even textures on it.

3. Desserts: Preparing smooth creams is just a piece of cake from now on. You can add some desserts to your menu with the help of the KZ800851.

4. Smoothies and Shakes: You won't have to worry about serving yourself delicious smoothies at all. This blender has got your back. With the powerful stainless steel blade, it can turn veggies and fruits into amazing smoothies and shakes, and mix hard ingredients easily.

It Features 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

When it’s about going cordless, you’ll probably think of battery backup. And it’s pretty obvious. Well, the typical immersion blenders may disappoint you but the KZ80851 won’t be doing it anytime soon.

Unlike anything else, this son of a gun comes with a 1500 mAh Lithium-ion battery. With this battery in its rig, the blender will provide you outstanding power beyond your thought. It’s long-lasting and most importantly it’s powerful enough to crush all those fruits and veggies once and for all.

Includes Safety Features

From now on, your blending will be more secure and sound with the KZ80851. Now, there are tons of blenders out there in the market that doesn’t have any safety locking mechanism. The ones that do will make you break your bank.

Guess what? Our champ here comes with a safety lock feature and that too at an affordable cost. So, activate it when you’re not using the blender so that it stays safe and fine.

5 Different Speed Settings

You want power and you got it. This beast right here gives you the equal power and efficiency which you could get from the 600-watt plug-in model we’ve just reviewed previously. Thanks to the 5-speed settings, you’ll be able to adjust the speed according to your needs, whether it’s low or max.

From chopping veggies and fruits to pulverizing berries, this blender can keep up with everything.

Features Detachable Steel Shaft

We just loved the steel blender shaft it comes with. You can detach it whenever you feel like washing it and toss it right into the dishwasher. That’s something which will save you from getting a hard time cleaning things. Once you’re done cleaning the shaft, you can store it easily anywhere.

It's Cordless

Being cordless has an advantage. You don’t have to worry about the plug getting unplugged when you’ll move around. Besides, the design is such, it reaches deep inside the bowls, pitchers and pots while giving you precise mixing, blending, pureeing and chopping.

Structure and Shape

Like the previous model we've reviewed, the All-Clad's cordless immersion blender (KZ800851) comes with a solid stainless steel body. It's durable enough to withstand all the beatings. However, what makes it different from the previous one over here is the weight. This model weighs 2.99 pounds, which we think could be a bit heavy for you.

The blender has a slender shape and it’s designed in such a way that you can use it with one hand.

Good Sides

  • Can prepare a number of delicious recipes
  • The 1500 mAh Lithium-ion battery gives powerful backup
  • There’s a safety-lock feature that keeps the blender safe
  • It offers you 5 different speed settings to choose from
  • You can detach the blender shaft for an easy-cleaning experience
  • Since it’s cordless, you can move to places with the blender

Bad Sides

  • The power dial can be a bit complicated to work with, but once you get its hang, it won’t be tough to crack.

All-Clad Corded Vs All-Clad Cordless Comparison - Which is Better?

To be honest, both the immersion blenders have got their uniqueness, and if you use them correctly, you can get the best results out of them both. However, if you want us to take one immersion blender into account, we’ll vote for the KZ750D.

The reason? It’s because the blender is more powerful. The operation gives you is more efficient. Besides, the blender can also prepare a wide range of food and recipes that the latter one can’t.

Besides, you can use the all clad immersion blender attachments with this model right here.


1. Do I need to wash these blenders daily?

Answer: Well, you need to wash it once you’re done preparing something, whether it’s sauce, dips or any type of mix. You don’t want the blades to get jammed, do you?

2. Do these blenders have a warranty offer?

Answer: Both of these blenders have got warranty offers. However, if you want to know their duration, you’ll have to talk to the person you’ll buy the blenders from.

3. Is it tough to clean and maintain the blenders?

Answer: Not at all. You can just use soapy water and put it inside the blender and turn it on. It’ll get cleaned in no time. The detachable parts can be detached for an easy-cleaning experience.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you've read the all clad immersion blender reviews, we think you know by now which is the best. You may have a different opinion, but we just told you our thoughts. However, it's you who needs to choose which one to choose for your kitchen.

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