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The 13 Best Blenders for Green Smoothies Reviewed In 2024

While it is perfectly fine to chop and mash green vegetables with your own hands, it is both time and energy-consuming. Therefore, it is better to use a machine that exists to blend your vegetables. It is essential to know what to stack together in your blend, and how to get the best of those fibrous veggies.

However, it is also crucial to know the right tools to make the best of the materials that you have; therefore, figuring out the best blender for green smoothies is big.

After days and months of research, we finally bring you a list and guide about the best green smoothie blender. However, you have to know that while there are blenders that have stats higher than others, it is necessarily the best. Let's see the quick summary for the top 13 green smoothie blender at a glance.

2. Best high performance: Wolf Gourmet WGBL100S

3. Best vegetable smoothie blender: Nutri Ninja BL642

4. Best professional: Blendtec Total Classic

5. Best Affordable: Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Blender

6. Best personal: NutriBullet Rx N17-1001

9. Best for kale smoothies: Dash Chef Series 64

10. Best manual: Vitamix E310 Explorian

13. Best for automatic blending: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Heritage

In-Depth Reviews of 13 Best Green Smoothie Blenders

1. Best Overall: Ninja Professional Blender BL660 

Key Features:
  • The BL660 has a large and powerful 1100-watt motor that crushes hard ingredients with ease and will do all your jobs seamlessly.
  • It has a massive 72oz total crushing pitcher.
  • You get three different speed settings including pulse.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • You get four different settings for crushing, grinding, puree, and more.

For most people, if you have the money and are looking for an allrounder, then this is it. Ninja blenders are always the best, and the BL660 shows why the statement stands true.

If you are looking for the best blender for green smoothies, then this is one of the best choices you can get.

Good Sides:

  • It can easily crush powerful hard ingredients because of the powerful motor.
  • The large pitcher is BPA free.
  • The different speeds increase versatility.
  • There are an additional two 16oz cups for extra benefits.
  • You get a good guide book; however, you do not even need that since the product is very easy to use.
  • Since it is dishwasher safe, and it takes you a matter of minutes to clean the blender.
  • It has a good 1-year warranty.


  • The blades are sharper, and you need to be extremely careful during assembly.
  • Since the blender is 17 inches tall, it might not fit under your countertop.
  • While you can easily process tough ingredients, it takes a while longer than you usually need in premium blenders.

Our Verdict: Now, this green smoothie blender is definitely worth taking a look for health experts and smoothie lovers. It has all the features you need in a good blender, and the cons are definitely not significant enough to turn around.

2. Best High Performance: Wolf Gourmet WGBL100S Blender

Key Features:
  • It has a powerful 2.5HP (1790 watt) motor that can cut through hard ingredients like butter.
  • You can an impressive speed dial setting with infinite variability.
  • It has four good pre-programmed options – Smoothie, Puree, Soup, and Crush Ice.
  • You get a 64 oz shatterproof Tritan jar that is also BPA-free.
  • You get a durable aluminum build.
  • You get a warranty period of 5 years!

The Wolf Gourmet WGBL100S ranks high on the list of the best green smoothie blender for a reason. It has a powerful motor, a good range of options to choose from, and more than that, it has multiple styles and colors you can choose to your liking.

Apart from all of these, it also has a durable body and a good warranty period. To find out why this is the best blender for green juice, find out more below.

Good Sides:

  • You can reach peak speeds like 210 mph, and moreover, the speed system is infinitely variable!
  • You have four different settings for versatility.
  • It has a detailed LCD control panel to show all your options.
  • Even though this is a powerful blender, it is very quiet during work.
  • The entire blender is very durable.
  • It will easily fit under cabinets.


  • You will need to pre-chop large ingredients like carrots and banana to prevent jamming.

Our Verdict: If you are looking for one of the most powerful blenders for green smoothies, then look no further than the WGBL100S. The blender has a lot of great options, and it has a good warranty period; therefore, you can rest assured that is will last you at least 5-years! This is probably the best vegetable blender you will find on the market.

3. Best Vegetable Smoothie Blender: Nutri Ninja BL642

Key Features:
  • It has a powerful 1200 watts (2HP) motor that can cut through the hardest of ingredients.
  • It has a big XL 72.
  • You get Auto-IQ technology that will allow you to move around the kitchen while the blender intelligently blends your smoothies.
  • You get 9 different presets that increases versatility.
  • You get 9 different cups and lids apart from the main pitcher itself.

Nutri Ninja is a very well-known brand, and you can call any one of their blenders the best vegetable smoothie blender. Particularly, the BL642 from them is noteworthy since it has great power, along with a number of different options and Auto-IQ technology.

To find out more about the Nutri Ninja BL642 green smoothie blender, take a look at the great features below.

Good Sides:

  • It has an Auto-IQ technology that will skillfully blend all your ingredients without any inputs from you.
  • It has a big XL 72 jar to blender big ingredients without jamming.
  • The blender comes with different guidebooks and cookbooks.
  • It has a lot of different cups and lids included.
  • It offers great value for money.
  • Nutri Ninja has good customer service.


  • It makes a lot of sounds when working.
  • You cannot handle hot liquids with the blender.
  • It is bulky.

Our Verdict: The BL642 is a mighty machine that can efficiently do all your blending for you, and you can easily work with hard ingredients. However, if you have problems with large and noisy equipment, then this is not for you. If these problems are not your concern, then this just might be your best option.

4. Best Professional: Blendtec Total Classic Blender

Key Features:
  • It has a powerful 1560-watt motor with a long 3-feet cord!
  • It has a 10-speed variable speed dial and six pre-programmed cycles!
  • You get a 75oz jar that is BPA free, and it is enough to produce a large serving.
  • You get 6 different presets including the ability to make coffee with the blender
  • You also get to work with cold desserts; therefore, extreme temperatures are easy to work with.

If you are new to the world of blending, then the chances of hearing Blendtec's name is near to zero. Therefore, it is common to wonder why one of its blenders are fourth on the list.

While it is surprising, the Blendtec Total Classic is a blender that can directly compete with the best out there at a meager price; therefore, it gives more value to your money. Find out more about why this is one of the best blenders for green smoothies below.

Good Sides:

  • You can start your work with just one touch of a button.
  • It is straightforward to clean and fast as well.
  • The blender has a patented blade that is stronger than most other blades on the market.
  • It has a massive 8-year warranty period.
  • You can work with high-temperature liquids, which is uncommon for ordinary blenders.


  • The blender is discontinued.

Our Verdict: While not new to the market and with a low reputation, it has features that more than make it qualified enough to stand with the best in the market. On can even go as far as to say that the Blendtec blender is the best Professional blender for green smoothies.

5. Best Affordable: Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Blender

Key Features:
  • It has the old 1500-watt motor that previous Ninja blenders had, but it is still powerful enough to do all your jobs correctly.
  • It has a large 72oz jar to help with large family servings.
  • This is dishwasher safe and is BPA free.
  • You get five different speed settings including the ability to pulse.
  • You get an excellent 8 cup food processing bowl.
  • You have 5 preprogrammed options for like puree, smoothie, crushing, and grinding.
  • You get two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with leads and all the parts are easy to wash.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly blender, then this is the best inexpensive blender for green smoothies in the market right now.

It is rare to see a Ninja blender that has all the positives features of the brand but then has such a small price. The BL770 is a relatively old model that still dominates the market due to the Auto-IQ technology, speed, and robust motor.

Good Sides:

  • The large 72 oz total crushing pitcher that will pulverize ice to snow is in a matter of seconds!
  • You get the Auto-IQ technology that makes your life easy, but more than that, you also get five different manual settings!
  • The 8 cup bowl makes it remarkable as the top quality blender food processor combo.
  • Cleaning it is very easy because it is dishwasher safe.


  • It is noisy.
  • It only has a 1-year warranty period.

Our Verdict: While this is not the best blender out there in terms of power and options alone, its minimal price more than makes up for it. If you have a tight budget, but still want a premium blender, then this is all you need to make the perfect smoothie with good texture.

6. Best Personal: NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

Key Features:
  • It has a mighty 1700-watt motor that works brilliantly well with hard ingredients like carrots.
  • It comes with 40 oz pitcher, and it is good enough for medium to small-sized servings.
  • While the blender does not have many presets, it covers it up with the pulse and infinite-variable speed dial for versatility.
  • Due to the powerful motor and blades, you can cook soup and make coffee with the blender.

Coming 6th on the list is NutriBullet’s Rx N17-1001, and while it is surprising to see such a brand so low, it is not without reason. While NutriBullet themselves produce excellent products, the list just contains blenders that are better for green smoothies.

However, that is to say; the Rx N17-1001 is an excellent blender otherwise. Even so, the fact that this comes from NutriBullet alone makes it one of the best bullet blenders for smoothies.

Good Sides:

  • It has a patented hands-free SMART technology to allow you to relax while your smoothie prepares with the best possible speed and options.
  • It is excellent for both single-servings and family-sized servings.
  • You have dedicated heating cycles for preparing soup and sauces.
  • It also has a smart technology with auto Start/Stop functions.


  • It is very noisy.
  • It has no pulse feature, nor does it have milling and grinding capabilities.
  • The blade loosens occasionally.

Our Verdict: This is a compact blender, and many consider this the best single serve blender for green smoothies. Even though this is from NutriBullet, this is incredibly cheap, and you can even say that since this has no grinding capabilities, it exists precisely for making green smoothies.

7. Best All Rounder: Vitamix 64 oz. Container Standard Blender

Key Features:
  • It has a 1380-watt motor that is powerful enough to make smoothies but also make soup. The motor is also powerful enough to moderately work with hard ingredients like a carrot.
  • Since this has a variable speed control setting, you have great versatility, and you can refine the texture of your ingredients with high culinary precision.
  • You can choose from three beautiful models – red, grey, and black!
  • It has a large 64 oz container that you can utilize significantly to make large batches of smoothies or purees.

The Vitamix 64oz. Standard blender is a moderate power blender through and though. Aside from the fact that it can complete all your blending smoothly, it can also do things like making soup.

Because of its price, this is the best blender for green smoothies. Since Vitamix is a relatively small brand when you consider blenders, the price is lower, but the product is excellent.

Good Sides:

  • It has a long, 6-feet cord.
  • With just a drop of soap and the right amount of water, the blender will wash in a minute.
  • You can fine-tune the Hi/Lo settings to get the best out of your smoothies.
  • It has an excellent cooling system inside.
  • It has a long 7-year warranty period!


  • This is a big blender and will not fit under most cabinets.

Our Verdict: Aside from making green smoothies alone, this blender is also excellent for making various other meals such as ice cream, frozen desserts, soups, nut butter, and many more. While this is one of the best blenders for making green smoothies, this is also the best all-rounder when you consider all the other aspects of the machine.

8. Best Premium: Vitamix 5200 Self-Cleaning Blender

Key Features:
  • Just like the standard Vitamix blender, this too has an impressive 1380-watt motor that is powerful enough for not only vegetables but also hard ingredients like ice.
  • The large 64oz jar is good enough to produce large batches of culinary delicacies.
  • It has 10 different speed settings as well as the pulse option.
  • You have five different presets including self-clean, grind, crush, puree, and smoothies.

Since the Vitamix 5200 is a premium blender, its price is a bit higher than the average line of Vitamix products; however, when you compare it to top-tier brands like Ninja and NutriBullet, the price is commendable.

Find out more about why this is the best blender for veggie smoothies in the description below.

Good Sides:

  • It has a self-cleaning jar that you only need to put soap and water in to wash.
  • It has a very durable aircraft-grade stainless steel blade.
  • 7-year warranty period!
  • You can work with hot ingredients and can make soup.
  • It comes in three different attractive colors – red, white, black!


  • It is a noisy blender to work with.
  • If you leave the blades at slow speed, it damages the motor in the long term.

Our Verdict: It has done a fantastic job of making a premium blender that people can depend on even though it is not the best out there, and it requires thorough maintenance. However, if you want a premium product at a lower price than those from Ninja, then this is the way to go.

9. Best For Kale Smoothies: Dash Chef Series 64 oz Blender

Key Features:
  • You get seven different colors to choose from – Red, Aqua, Black, Champagne, Matte Black, Rose Gold, and White.
  • You get a powerful 1400-watt motor with commercial-grade 6-point blades.
  • You have a choice of 8 different presets – Rinse, Soup, Smoothie, Crush, Frozen, Manual, Pulse!
  • You have a variable speed setting for greater efficiency.

If options are what you are looking for, then look no further than Dash Chef’s Series blenders. A series line is a number of mixers that are technically the same, except their colors.

They have seven different colors, and all of them are good, therefore, if you find at least one that suits your environment. But that is not all, find out below why this is the best blender for vegetables.

Good Sides:

  • It has a large pitcher and a powerful motor; therefore, you can dish out large servings in a short amount of time.
  • Cleaning is very easy due to rinsing preset.
  • You can use the blender at extreme temperatures; therefore, you can make both cold desserts, and hot cuisines like soup, and coffee.
  • The blender is incredibly versatile because of its 8 different presets.
  • The Rinse preset makes your life incredibly easy since all you need to do to wash the blender is pour in soap and water, and the blender will take care of the rest.


  • It only has a one-year warranty.
  • It has vague instructions on the control panel, and you might need to use the guide book first.

Our Verdict: All the different options and the eight different preprograms make the blender incredibly worth every penny you pay for it. However, more than that, because of all the presets, this is the best blender for kale smoothies in the market. As you know, kale smoothies are hard to come by, and therefore, finding one at such a price is definitely worth it.

10. Best Value: Cuisinart CBT-150 Hurricane Blender

Key Features:
  • It has a powerful 1678-watt or 2.25HP motor that allows you to work with the hardest possible ingredients for your smoothies, including ice and carrot.
    It has a large 60 oz. Tritan plastic jar that is BPA free.
  • You have preprogrammed options for “ice-crush” and making smoothies.
  • You have 3 speed settings including the pulse option to increase versatility.
  • You only have two different presets unlike most other blenders.

If you are looking for the best inexpensive blender for green smoothies, then look no further than the Cuisinart CBT-1500 blender.

The mixer is incredibly cheap; however, it still holds great value because of its powerful motor and a variation of useful options. All in all, this is a must-have if you are on a tight budget.

Good Sides:

  • The blender comes with automatic load-sensing technology.
  • You have the Hi/Lo and pulse for speed options.
  • You get a good LCD display with a programmable countdown timer.
  • You have two color variations – gunmetal white and gunmetal grey.
  • It has a good 3-year warranty.


  • It is a loud blender.

Our Verdict: While this is not the best blender to make green smoothies, it is still one of the best solely because of its price and how much it can do. You have limited options, and speed, however, the end result is a good smoothie with a found texture.

11. Best Manual: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Key Features:
  • It has a powerful 1380-watt motor like all premium blenders, and you can easily blend hard ingredients like ice.
  • You can use a speed dial knob to change between 10-speed settings.
  • It comes in three beautiful colors – red, black, and slate.
  • You get three different presets including pulse.

While the Vitamix E310 is older than the previous two models on the list, it's better in its way that it has more speed settings than the others. The E310 is also quite inexpensive if you consider the fact that it is a premium blender.

However, with all the options, and the powerful motor, this stands as Vitamix’s best blender for vegetable smoothies.

Good Sides:

  • The jar has a good design so that you do not need to scrape the sides for wastage.
  • The precise container design helps to perfect your smoothie with a good texture.
  • It has durable stainless-steel blades.
  • You can heat up cold ingredients in minutes.
  • It has a self-cleaning feature.
  • You get the pulse control settings.
  • It has a 5-year long warranty period.


  • Noise level is a bit higher than others

Our Verdict: The Vitamix is far from being the best on the list, however, if you consider its price and the quality of its blending, this surely stands as one of the best blenders for green smoothies on the market.

12. Best Commercial: Cleanblend 64 Oz Commercial Blender

Key Features:
  • It has a powerful 1800-watt motor that is even more powerful than some of the most premium blenders in the market.
  • This is a versatile blender since you can crush, blend, grind, heat, chop, liquefy, process, and puree.
  • It has a large 64 oz blending jar for large servings.
  • You get a variable speed dial for further efficiency.

Cleanblend is the underdog of the blender's list; however, it is far from weak. The Cleanblend commercial blender has a powerful motor that is backed up by a variable speed setting and a resulting tasty smoothie at the end. 

While this is far from being the best blender for vegetable smoothies, this is at least noteworthy because of who much value it offers for the price that is set.

Good Sides:

  • Since it has a powerful motor, very few blenders can crush ice as the Cleanblend commercial blender.
  • Due to the variety of different presets, the blender is very versatile.
  • It has a BPA-free jar that is very sturdy.
  • The 5-year warranty period is quite good
  • It has 8-point durable blades for maximum efficiency.


  • Its lowest speed is 10,000 RPM, which is not suitable for chopping.

Our Verdict: The power of the blender alone justifies the price of the blender, which is already very low. With the insane speed backed up by a variety of different options to choose from, this is one monster of a deal you get in your hands.

13. Best For Automatic Blending: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Heritage

Key Features:
  • It houses a powerful 1640-watt motor, and excellent combination of the blade, speed, and power to produce fantastic results.
  • You get a variable speed control and pulse option to fin-tune your smoothie to however you want it.
  • You get a large 64oz pitcher for large servings. However, since it is low-profile, you can have more space around the kitchen, and the new design helps reduce noise.
  • You have five different presets to increase performance and versatility.

Coming last on the list is Vitamix’s flagship blender that combines power with dexterity and added finesse. While the blender is expensive, it makes up for the price with amazing culinary results. 

The smoothies you get from the Series 750 are top of the line. Vitamix highly recommends this machine, and they say that you do not need a powerful horse when you have a trained one!

Good Sides:

  • It has an aircraft-grade stainless steel blade for durability and precision.
  • It has a self-cleaning feature. Just put soap and water in it, and it will wash in 60 seconds.
  • Since it has a low-profile 64 oz jar that is large in volume but low enough that you can store it in cabinets!
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a long 7-year warranty period.


  • It is costly.
  • There is no measuring cup in the lid.

Our Verdict: Now, this is one blender where you get everything in one place. Even though this is an expensive blender, it is well worth the price you pay for it. If you ignore the budget, then there is no question that this is the best blender for green smoothies out there. Therefore, if money is not an issue for you, then try aiming for this blender since you will surely not regret it.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Green Smoothie Blender

It is not easy to buy blenders when you specifically want to work with vegetables since it requires both power and finesse. Therefore, it is mandatory to know the features of blenders before buying them. These are some of the most important features that you have to know if you want to buy a blender for your kitchen –


The first thing people consider when buying a blender is its power, and it is rightly so since power directly translates to how well you can blend hard ingredients. However, it is essential to note that slow speed and time are essential if when are blending soft elements and those with fiber.

Therefore, power, along with a wide range of speed is essential to find the right balance for your blender.


Blades are the hands and legs of a blender, and it is crucial to find one with maximum blade points and durability. The more blades you have in your blender, the faster and more accurately the blender can work. At the same time, durability is essential when working with hard ingredients like ice.

However, razor sharp blades are not necessarily always the best. Consider yogurt and mushy fruits, and even green vegetables – you need something blunt to make a smoothie out of them. Therefore, dull blades are as important as razor-sharp blades.


Most premium blenders have a self-cleaning ability these days; therefore, all you need to do is pour in soup and water for them to clean themselves in sixty seconds. However, in case your blender does not have this ability, you have to do so yourself, and cleaning relates to the longevity of your machine.

Make sure to thoroughly wash your pitcher and blades since liquids tend to go to every nook and crannies of your blender.


It is essential to look for capacity when buying a blender since if you want a large serving blender, finding one with a pitcher size of 72oz or 64oz is mandatory. Also, the bigger the size of your pitcher, the less noise your blender will produce, so you can have the best of both worlds.


While the features above are very important, all of them are useless if you do not set a budget, or if you fail to meet the budget you set. Therefore, preplanning is extremely important, and you need to find what you are looking for since unwanted features will just increase the price of your blender.

Homemade Green Smoothies By best green smoothie blender


1. Why is blending greens hard?

Green vegetables are very hard to blend since they are high on fiber. You have high fiber in both the stalk and content; therefore, the blades tend to get stuck on cases, and you have a smoothie with a rough texture. The best way to avoid this is to boil them before putting them in the blender since it tenderizes the ingredients.

2. What blenders make real smooth smoothies?

Many blenders can make smooth smoothies, even if you throw in kale or spinach. Some of those blenders are – Vitamix Professional Series, Nutri Ninja BL770, and even Ninja Professional BL660.

3. Can I put hot, almost boiling liquid or soup into the container? What units are suitable for hot drinks?

No, some blenders are very bad at high temperatures, and you will risk damaging your blender. However, there are premium blenders are can make high-temperature foods like soup and coffee. The Vitamix E310 is one example of a blender that is good at high temperatures.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right blender for green smoothies can be a daunting task since the task of blending green fibrous ingredients itself is hard. However, if you find the right balance between power and speed, then finding that ideal blender is a breeze. Our guide here exists so that you can find that right balance.

Therefore, if you are looking to find the best blender for green smoothies, then you are in the right place as you will surely find both the information our features as well as the best blenders in the market right now.

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