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V1 vs V2 Blender Bottle – Which Type Is Better?

Among all the ways you can mix water-soluble protein power, the Blender Bottle reigns supreme. With over 15 years of market domination in the shaker industry, there are hardly any good choices over Blender Bottle shaker these days.

Then again in 15 years, there have been numerous iterations of Blender Bottles that people just can’t get enough. And sometimes it’s even harder to choose between just two like the classic v1 vs v2 blender bottle.

If this scenario looks too familiar to you, know that we understand your pain. And today we will be putting an end to this dilemma once it for all. So join us and read through the strapline so you too can pick up your next Blender Bottle with confidence.

In order to understand the main difference between blender bottle v1 and v2, we need to go through the features first. This is also true for any other product comparison so you can have the best according to your preference.

That said, here are the key changes you will see in these two popular blender bottles.

Rounded Base: If you look closely at the bottom of each bottle, you will see they are a bit different. The V1 bottle has a flat surface and the V2 has a round bottom. This is a very important change in the V2 blender bottle.

Available Size: Another significant change you will notice is the available bottle size. In the previous classic V1 blender bottle, the largest one was the 32-oz. On the other hand, the largest bottle you can get with the V2 is 45-oz.

Color Option: The blender bottle V2 has the most color options you can choose from. The previous V1 already has a wide range of colors but the V2 offers a more vibrant color profile to go with your style.

Those are the primary differences between v1 and v2 blender bottles. Other than that, you should know both the V1 and the V2 use the same food-grade plastic material, leak-proof Lid, flip cap style, and measuring scale on the side. Apart from that, the whisk you will find in both versions is the same surgical-grade stainless steel Blenderball.

Benefits and Drawbacks of V1 Blender Bottle

Benefits of Using V1 Blender Bottle

We have already gone through the features that differentiate the V2 Blender Bottle from the V1. Now it’s time to elaborate on the benefits. Here are some benefits we thought of mentioning.

  • Mix any soluble powder-based ingredients like protein powder, yogurt, cream, syrup, and so on with just a couple minutes of shake.
  • The tight spiral lid makes the perfect seal around the large opening so the liquid doesn’t spill accidentally.
  • The quick flip-style cap is very handy to drink at any time and close it securely when you are ready.
  • The base of the V1 blender bottle is significantly narrower which gives the advantage to fit in the most cup holder.

Drawbacks of Using V1 Blender Bottle

The blender bottle V1 has some drawbacks despite all the benefits. Though these are not something that drives you to buy another brand. Such as-

  • The stainless steel whisk is not enough to break solid fruits, seeds, and nuts. You will need a blender for that.
  • Powdered ingredients tend to stick on the bottom edge.
  • The material of the blender bottle V1 is not that great for keeping your drinks cool. If you want to keep the liquid cool, through some ice.

Benefits and Drawbacks of V2 Blender Bottle

Benefits of Using V2 Blender Bottle

Compared to V1, the V2 blender bottle is a much better choice overall. Here are a few notable advantages you will get with a blender bottle.

  • The round shape at the base provides a smooth circulation of ingredients that will help you mix everything much faster and mess-free.
  • Comes with a measurement scale on the side.
  • The wide range of bottle capacity allows you to carry more in time of your need.
  • The numerous color options also give you the freedom to choose the perfect shade that matches your vibe.

Drawbacks of using V2 Blender Bottle

Like the blender bottle V1, the V1 variant also comes with disadvantages. Such as-

  • Unable to keep drinks cool for a longer period.
  • Same as the V1, blender bottle V2 is unable to emulsify firm foods.

So, V1 vs V2 Blender Bottle: Which One Is The Topper?

We have talked about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of both blender bottles. Both are very capable shake bottles for any occasion and situation as long as you are using water-soluble ingredients.

But for the sake of comparison if you have to choose any one of them, go for the V2 blender bottle. As it's more feature-packed and roughly the same price.

Wrapping Up!

In the end, we hope this comprehensive comparison gives you rare insight into the v1 vs v2 blender bottle. And it goes to show that Blender Bottle truly made a versatile solution for all shake-loving individuals.

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