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The Best Blender for Milkshakes In 2024 | 10 Models Reviewed

From preparing smoothies and shakes to processing multiple food items, modern blenders offer you versatility and high-speed motor power. Some manufacturers have even blurred the thin line between blender and food processor with intelligent design.

Apart from the overall kitchen tasks, you can have several units specially manufactured and designed to prepare shakes and smoothies. With those fast blending units at your disposal, you can challenge the protein sources that require a bulk of your daily time to prepare.

Therefore, to maintain a balanced diet, keep fit, blow in the party, and make your date a success, you just need the best blender for milkshakes and smoothies. While they are unique for shakes and smoothies, they do not compromise the versatility a bit. Even some units offer to make you hot soups and sauces in addition.

The real challenge lies in finding the right blender. But our well-researched rundown of the 10 best milkshake blenders will get you near the blender you are badly in need of. And the buying guide will equip you with all the crucial information to reach the perfect blender that can serve your purpose the best. So, read on to find you, a fitness assistant.

#1. Blendtec Classic 575 - Best Overall
  • 1160-watt of high power motor
  • 4 pre-programmed pulse & 5 speed control
  • LCD display and self-cleaning convenience
  • 3 colors & several jar styles
#2. NutriBullet Rx N17-100 - Best Single-Served
  • Highly efficient 1700-watt motor
  • A 1-litre pitcher and featured with modern and smart
  • automatic start/stop feature
  • Heating cycle to provide hot foods
#3. Calphalon Auto Speed Blender - Best for Auto-Speed
  • Highly efficient 1100-watt motor
  • 10 speed settings for custom select blending
  • 10 years of confident warranty
  • Stainless-steel blades for all-round blending
#4. Waring WDM120 - Best for Commercial Use
  • 1HP peak motor for excellent blending
  • Die-cast housing for convenient clean
  • 3 RPM rates - 16,000, 20,000, & 24,000 RPM
  • Crush cold, hard and soft ice cream
#5. Homgeek 25000 RPM Blender Best for Professional Use
  • 70oz—5-mm thick free Tritan pitcher
  • Highly efficient 1450-watt motor
  • 8 variable speed and 4 preset
  • programmable modes
#6. Breville BSB510XL - Best Handheld
  • A 280-watt motor overall blending
  • 8" long immersion shaft
  • forward and backward blade movement
  • a good and firm base
#7. Margaritaville DM0700-000-000 - Best for Frozen Blending
  • 400-watt motor for proper & quick mixture
  • The automatic shave 'n blend features
  • The 36-ounce shatterproof blending jar
#8. Oster BLSTBC4129 Beehive - Best Versatile Pick
  • Highl power 1000-watt motor
  • Advanced design & stainless-steel blades
  • 5 cup blending glass jar and 3 cup food processing jar
  • 2-ounce filler cap
#9. BLACK+DECKER BL2010BP Crush Master - Best Cheap
  • 550 Watts efficient motor
  • 4-point design & stainless steel blades
  • A full 48-ounce (6 cup) jar for blending
  • Easy-clean feature
#10. Oster Reverse Crush - Best for Glass Jar
  • 6-points stainless steel blades
  • Highly efficient 1000-watt motor & 600-watt for blending
  • One-touch expert feature
  • 6-cup sized pitcher

Top 10 Best Milkshake Blenders Reviews

1. Editor's Choice: Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

For the best blending convenience, the Blendtec Classic 575 has the best features to have. With its one-touch button and four preprogrammed cycle pulse, the blender is one of the best blenders for making milkshakes.

It comes with five different manual speed control to provide variation to your milkshake. For your blending convenience, this blender has an LCD to show the time and countdown of your shake.

The blade of this Blendtec blender offers patented premium quality blade. It is an 80% thicker stainless-steel blade to provide the best blending of fruits, vegetables and other components. The blades are so efficient that you won't need to chop your ingredients before blending it.

It has an electrical rating of 1560 Volts 120Hz 50-60 amp. The self-cleaning feature cleans the blender within a minute. Add soap to the 90-ounce volume jar and blend it usually to experience the top-notch functionality.

  • It has 36 ounce blending jar to hold and blend your shake.
  • The lid is vented gripped.
  • Has the auto-cleaning feature.
  • Can blend hard ingredients smoothly
  • Makes noise while blending

Bottom-Line: To experience a great deal of blending, grinding, and food processing gets the Blendtec Classic 575. Your shakes will retain the flavor and nutrients while blended by it.

2. Best Single-Served. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

With a highly efficient 1700-watt motor, the NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Milkshake Blender is here to give you the best milkshake. For its hand free feature and high profile work rate, it is considered to be one of the best commercial blenders in the market.

The blender contains a 1-litre pitcher. It has a small cup of 30 ounces. It will be a good deal for both the family servings or for your commercial customers.

Not only for blending but also its heating cycle, this bullet blender has gained a lot of praises. Baby foods, soup, hot liquid foods, etc. can be blended and prepared by it.

With modern and smart technology, the blender is a prevalent one in the scene. Its automatic start/stop feature has gained a lot of credits that has caused a hike in use. It can blend, grind, and mix any ingredients – be they fruits, vegetables or other things for your purpose.

  • Highly efficient motor for quality blending
  • Heating cycle provides preparation of hot foods.
  • Modern and smart features to cope up the generation
  • Jar capacity is very tiny for family serving

Bottom-Line: Get yourself the NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Milkshake Blender to have the best milkshake and versatile blending. Never forget to take care of the blender properly after using it.

3. Best for Auto-Speed: Calphalon Auto Speed Stainless Steel 2-Liter Blender

The four preset programs with auto blending features make the Calphalon Auto Speed Stainless Steel 2-Liter Blender a very favourable milkshake and regular blenders at home. The four preset programs are smoothie, dip, salsa and milkshakes. It is one of the best blenders for milkshakes and smoothies that has versatile uses.

Its dual point direction makes the blending very smooth and desirable. The blades of the blender are made up of 6-point stainless steel.

Coming with an 1100-watt motor, the Calphalon auto speed blender provides a robust blending of your ingredients. Just set the preset modes of this best milkshake mixer and get your desirable mixture. It has 10-speed settings to make a firm blending of your elements.

The 2-litre blender contains a 25-Oz smoothie cup for your convenience.

  • Highly efficient motor for quick and quality
  • It has 10-speed settings to make a firm blending of your ingredients
  • 10 years of confident warranty
  • Stainless-steel blades for all-round blending
  • Have to be careful while washing it

Bottom-Line: With high blender come excellent experiences. Get the Calphalon Auto Speed blender to enter a versatile blending world and explore more about blending for milkshakes.

4. Best for Commercial Use: Waring WDM120 Heavy Duty Mixer

Explore your commercial milkshake blending and take it to a new level by adapting the Waring WDM120 Heavy Duty Commercial Drink Mixer. Its high power 1HP peak motor gives the best service so long it works.

It has a single spindle drink mixture that provides an excellent blending to your fruits, vegetables and other components. Its die-cast housing is convenient to clean and has convincing footstep.

The RPM of the blender is beneficial to blend quickly. It has 3 different state of RPM that tends to 16,000, 20,000, and 24,000 RPM.

Not only for milkshakes, but the Waring drink mixer is also handy for preparing ice cream too. It produces them with the desired ingredients you use in its preferred mode.

  • Can prepare cold hard and soft ice cream
  • Has impressive footprints on it
  • Highly efficient motor for the service
  • Consumes a lot of electricity
  • Not suitable for family use

Bottom-Line: Boost your business by adapting the Waring WDM120 Heavy Duty Commercial milkshake blender and drink Mixer. Its efficiency makes the shakes and ice creams very quickly to give a nice boost to your business.

5. Best for Professional Use: Homgeek 25000 RPM High Speed Blender

Coming with 25000 RPM, the Homgeek High-Speed Professional Blender is one of the best blenders for milkshakes. It comes with a high-performance, efficient motor of 1450 watt. The Mixer has reverse crushing features along with its stainless-steel blades. It allows you to break the hardest ice very conveniently.

The blender can break the cell walls of the ingredients very smoothly. It allows you to get more nutrients than the usual ones. Thus, you can make protein shakes and other shakes by this high-speed blender too.

The blender has 8-speed control features. The 4 preprogrammed settings of smoothie, milkshake, salsa and soup provide the best blending experience to you.

The high speedy blender vows to provide the best blending experience to you with its 70oz—5-mm thick free Tritan pitcher. The pitcher is so durable that is will hardly break while using it regularly.

One of the mentionable features of the blender is that it can crush the hardest of the ices. Adjust the right speed and preset program and get the best blending of your milkshakes and smoothies.

  • Highly efficient motor
  • 8 variable speed and 4 preset programmable modes
  • Can extract more nutrient from the ingredients
  • Has large vessel for blending
  • Complicated to clean and wash

Bottom-Line: The Homgeek 25000 RPM High-Speed Professional Blender is a blessing for your regular protein intake. Its quickness and firmness enable you to get the best blender at home for your milkshakes.

6. Best Handheld: Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender

The ergonomic pistol-like control grip makes the Breville BSB510XL one of the highly demandable immersion blender for making milkshake. It comes with a very high compatible feature to blend regularly.

The robust blender has a 280-watt motor to give you a convincing blending experience. for immersion blending, it has an 8" long immersion for the shaft blender for larger pots. The base has a scratch guard ring to protect it from further damages.

The bell shape of the blender allows you to get the best blending by its blades. It will enable a good forward and backward blade movement then.

The blender has adjustable speed buttons to blend at your desired speed. This enables a proper blending for your milkshake and other components too.

  • Has a good and firm base
  • The adjustable speeds are satisfactory.
  • The bell-shaped base for a reasonable control
  • Might face complications in cleaning

Bottom-Line: The Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Blender is here to give you a proper blending for your milkshakes. It allows you to have an appropriate mixture and so has earned the fame to be the best milkshake mixer.

7. Best for Frozen Blending: Margaritaville DM0700-000-000 Blender

The Margaritaville DM0700-000-000 blender is designed to make the party drinks and smoothies very quickly. And it is made to serve the drinks within a short period.

In line with that, the 36-ounce blending jar allows you to have a proper blending of the ingredients. Its 400-watt motor does a proper mixture in a short while.

It allows you to get the right proportion of ice for the right amount of the ingredients. The crushing is done very firmly and allows the maximum blending required for the outcome you want.

The automatic shave 'n blend features allows us to get the best blending with the right amount of ingredients. So the best milkshake maker gets to make a well-chilled milkshake very quickly.

  • The no brainer blending feature
  • The shave 'n blend feature.
  • A good motor for blending
  • The 36-ounce shatterproof blending jar
  • Complicated in terms of cleaning the blender

Bottom-Line: Get the best possible blending at your home with less effort by getting the Margaritaville DM0700-000-000 Frozen Concoction Blender. Your frozen blending will reach a new level with its high upgraded innovations.

8. Best Versatile Pick: Oster BLSTBC4129 Beehive Blender

To experience a swift blending and proper crushing of your ingredients quickly, the Oster BLSTBC4129 Beehive blender is the highly recommended blender for you. It allows you to have a good experience of blending with its 1000 watts motor and 600 blending watts.

The blender provides you to have 3 cup BPA free food processing jar and stainless-steel S- blade. The milkshake blade has 5 cup stainless steel blades and 1 cup mini jar blade.

The blades of the blades have a 4-point design to pulverize all your blending very quickly and sufficiently. It allows us to chop the ingredients very precisely.

The blender has 5 cup boro glass jar which is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. The 2-ounce filler cap has built to make markings very swiftly and accurately to make your blending very convenient.

  • Highly efficient motor for max shakes
  • Advanced stainless-steel blades
  • 5 cup boro glass jar to prepare and serve the max amount
  • Easy to clean up
  • No replacement parts available

Bottom-Line: With the great features and easy compatible, the Oster BLSTBC4129 Beehive blender is a perfect choice blender to have. Get this best milkshake blender and take your blending to a new level.

9. Best Cheap: BLACK+DECKER BL2010BP Crush Master Blender

With 10 speed pulse, the BLACK+DECKER BL2010BP Crush Master Blender is an excellent blender to blend smoothies, milkshakes, and many more ingredients. It comes with 550 watts motor to have an efficient blending to your components.

The 4-point stainless steel blades allow you to get the perfect chopping of your ingredients. No matter how hard and tough the parts are, the modules will enable a satisfactory chopping and processing of the vegetables and leafy greens.

The blender provides the right 6-cup jar for you. Its capacity is extensive to make a proper blending to your ingredients. Moreover, the multi-level stainless steel blades make the crushing more efficient and easier for the blender.

The lid of the blender measures doubles a 1-ounce measuring cup. It gives the perfect iced drinks to blend. The parts of the blender are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. This can offer everything that the best blender for milkshakes meant for.

  • Good efficiency motor for overall blending
  • 4-point stainless steel blades to crush tough ingredients
  • A full 48-ounce jar for blending more ingredients
  • Easy to clean
  • Consumes high electricity

Bottom-Line: Get the BLACK+DECKER BL2010BP Crush Master Blender to experience one of the best-iced blendings at home. An expert crushing and mixing by the blender enables you to get along with the required amount of milkshakes regularly.

10. Best for Glass Jar: Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 Reverse Crush Blender

With the best reverse crushing and chopping features, the Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 Reverse Crush Blender is one of the best blenders to chop hard ingredients and makes shakes and smoothies out of it. It has a 1000-watt motor of 600 blending watts. The length of the cord is 16 inches.

The one-touch expert control allows you to have a good blending experience. The preprogrammed smart technologies provide the best blending options to your desired blending.

The dual blade direction is very swift and efficient for cutting and chopping ingredients like fruit, vegetables, ice, etc. Thanks to the stainless-steel blades that boosts up the overall blending.

The stainless-steel blade has a 6-point design to pulverize and crush all the ingredients in the blending jar. It has 7 different speeds from high to low to get a precise crushing of the parts. The pitcher is of 48 ounces and holds a sufficient number of blended components. 2-ounce filler gap has been designed to pour ingredients during blending.

  • 6-points stainless steel blades
  • Highly efficient motor
  • 7-speed custom blending for desired texture
  • One-touch expert feature
  • 6-cup sized pitcher
  • Very complicated to wash after blending
  • The sound level offers loud blending  

Bottom-Line: Get your blending with this best milkshake machine to get the right touch by introducing the Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 Reverse Crush Blender in your kitchen. It allows you to have a delicious milkshake with its advanced stainless-steel blades and other features.

Factors To Consider While Buying The best Milkshake Blender

Primarily a blender should blend, grind, crush, mix, and shred well. A blend is meant to be an all-rounder. There are task-specific blenders that can serve all the purpose of a blender but it excels in a certain task. Therefore, a milkshake blender must do all but specialize in crushing and shredding ice or frozen fruits. For which it needs a highly powerful motor and sturdy, efficient blades in the first hand.

But if it comes with multi-speed, auto-clean, reverse-rotation blade, and big capacity jar features, it will increase the blending convenience multiple times. Therefore, when you are planning to buy a blender for milkshakes, you must consider the following factors.


The two types of different kinds of blenders available on the market to go for are – i) countertop blender and ii) immersion blender. If your focus is only on the milkshakes and smoothies, the first type will do. But if you want hot soups, sauces, and more along with cold shakes, immersion type is preferable.

Motor Power

Power or motor is the most crucial consideration when the primary consideration is the milkshakes or if you are a fitness freak. To point out clearly, you have to deal will ice cube and frozen fruits to crush them like tissue papers. In that case, you can convincingly do with the 500-watt motor but more power will make your job easier and quicker. And it is very common now to spot motor ranging from 1000-1800 watt at affordable price.

Jar Capacity and Material

The jar capacity is a crucial consideration and 40-50 0z of capacity should well serve any blending purpose but more is better. But there are higher capacity and some brands offer multiple sizes for the same unit. So you can pick from those as per your requirements and the mouths to feed.

So far jar materials are involved; there are two options – glass and plastic. Whereas glass is advisable, BPA-free plastic is also a good option as this is shock-proof and not break easily.

If you want to get a glass jar blender for preparing milkshake, you can select the Oster BLSTBC4129 Beehive blender that is on the 8th of our list, or may check this article where we covered the best quality glass jar blender separately.

Speed Settings

Speed setting is also a critical feature to look for. If you want a unit that starts at slow speed and then shift to higher speed matching ingredients to blend, a blender with multi-speed setting is the one to choose. That type of blending will provide you with the desired texture variety and long life to your unit. Starting from 3-speed setting, you can have up to 10-12 speed setting with the latest blenders.


Size matters whether you have a big, medium, or small kitchen. Milkshake blenders can be bulkier but it is your basic requirements that determine the blender not the dimensions. You need to put so many appliances in the counter and rake. So, compact size is preferable but you should not sacrifice other features for size.


Warranty is the crucial most consideration while buying any electronics. You should not go by the wrong idea that only low-quality appliances offer a lengthy warranty. Rather, it is the quality of the product that the manufacturers boast on and offer a fearless warranty.


Q. What is an immersion blender?

An immersion blender is a blender without a jar or a blender with a stick attaching the blades on one end. In a regular blender, you put the ingredients in the jar whereas the immersion blender comes down on a container and start blending. The operation is the same but the way and scale of operation are different from that of the regular one.

Q. Is cleaning feature a primary consideration?

Cleaning considerations include auto-cleaning process and safe dishwasher parts. While cleaning is not the primary function, it is a primary consideration as a blender is not a one-time tool-kit. If you want longer blending life, cleaning feature is a crucial feature to have.

Q. Does a blender overheats and how to prevent it?

Yes, any electronic appliance overheats. Some appliances heat up for manufacturing error, but a unit without any manufacturing flaw may overheat either. To avoid overheating, you have to blend thick or hard ingredients shorter than 3-4 minutes at one go.

Q. How do these milkshake blenders stand out?

The milkshake blenders reviewed here stand out by dint of offering versatility, advanced features, and accessories. They do it on top of being the robust crusher of ice and frozen fruits backed by high power motor and sturdy blades.

Wrap Up

By now, it has been all clear that blenders are no more that overlooked rickety old kitchen appliance. Rather, modern blenders are so upgraded that they are most often called the total kitchen solution. You have already learnt why and acknowledge that this naming is not the least exaggeration. Take any trendy and latest design blending machine, and it will offer the utmost versatility.

Yes, these blending machines are versatile and powerful too. But they are built with the focus on ensuring the features that can offer you the shakes and smoothies with a variety of textures. This is the reason any blender here is the best blender for milkshakes.