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The 10 Best Blenders for Protein Shakes – Top Models Reviewed

If you are a diet freak or just want to keep your daily intake in perfect balance, the protein shake mixture is the most effective option. Yes, the best blender for protein shakes can prove pretty instrumental in this connection.

However, any blender can do the job and even the high powered and large capacity combo is super able to provide you with the desired mix. But a blender meant for protein shakes should be of compact design, sturdy and sharp blades, and medium or minimal power.

To go up in terms of power will no way hamper your protein preparation but can significantly siphon off your wallet. And an extra large jar is efficient to do for the whole family protein serving. But a small jar makes it portable and you can conveniently stow in your backpack or daypack. A person who keeps on-the-go and rush-out-of-home is a daily routine that needs the compact design and size blender.

To your utter amazement, you need not waste your crucial hours browsing across the net or visiting physical stores. We have singled out top 10 blenders for protein shake that can work as the perfect diet drink mixer. Moreover, they can efficiently help you in slicing, grinding, and mixing dough in the kitchen. So keep reading on this article to reach your blender for protein shakes.

Our buying guide will give you in-depth exposure to the crucial considerations that separate a protein shake blender from the general blender and combo kitchen solution units.

"Offers 600 watts powerful motor to blend perfectly and work for hours on end. Included one milling blade, one handled cup, two cups, 1 cup ring, 1 cup ring with handle and 2 re-sealable lids."

"It Offers a huge jar capacity of 64oz amounting to 8 glasses. It features sharp blades, heat resistant tempered glass and a fantastic self-cleaning trait for protein shake blender."

3. Best Budget Pick: Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

"The Ninja BL660 Professional Blender makes the best and stationary crushing of the ingredients to offer you an excellent nutritious protein shake."

4. Best For Custom Blending: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

"With 10 variable speed buttons and steel blades to provide you with your desired shakes and smoothies. A large container of 48oz is equivalent to at least 6 glasses at a time."

"The mixer pretty efficient in all works – blending, shaking, and grinding - is Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Base Blender backed by 1500-watt power motor. 72 oz. of pitcher capacity is extra large."

"The Ninja BL456 is a very swift and fast blender suitable for all kinds of blending. For faster delivery, you can for this 900-watt powerful motor blender."

"This is the ideal protein shake blender that can efficiently blend solid ingredients too. 700 watts peak blending and 12 blending functions to maneuver with 5 simple buttons is just above the average."

8. Best For Capacity: Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender

"It can solve other crucial kitchen tasks with ease. It is a breeze with sturdy blades sped by 1000-watt power motor."

"It is there to replace slow and under performer backed by robust motor of 2.5 horsepower. A 60oz. large pitcher, advanced LCD and digital countdown timer, and automatic load sensing technology are something not to miss at any cost."

"Breville BBL620 blender with its sharp and sturdy blade blends anything coming in its way. Moreover the highly efficient 1100-watt motor and 1 touch versatility button to makes it stand out taller."

10 Best Protein Shake Blenders - Comprehensive Reviews

1. Best Overall: NutriBullet NBR-1201 High Speed Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • Has 600 watts powerful motor that can work for a long time steadily.
  • Nutrient-extraction blades that can blend any fruits into a delicious shake.
  • 600W motor base, one extractor blade, one milling blade, one handled cup, one 24oz cup, one 18oz cup, 1 cup ring, 1 cup ring with handle and 2 Stay-Fresh re-sealable lids.
  • You can clean the blender by twisting the blade, raising it, clean it, and keeping it safe.

After warm jogging in the morning, you become exhausted. At that particular moment, a drink, be it juice or water, can be very gratifying. How to make that drink quickly? We recommend using the NutriBullet NBR-1201, one of the best protein shake blenders in the market.

You can make a protein shake quickly by NutriBullet NBR-1201. It is one of the best protein blenders enable you to enjoy the fresh shake.

Moreover, the powerful motor and the sturdy blades are so efficient and workable that they can blend hard ingredients. That means you can mix any desired fruit you want for your drinks.

Not only making the shake and enjoying it, you can clean the blender easily as it has parts removable features.

   What we liked
  • The efficiency of the motor
  • The cleaning of the blender is compatible
  • The blades are sharp.
   What we didn't like
  • The capacity of the pitcher is not much.

Final Verdict: For having a delicious and fresh protein shake or smoothie, the NutriBullet NBR-1201 is the best alternative. You can make the most desirable shakes quickly and convincingly to enjoy every fiber and nutrition of the fruits.

2. Best Premium Pick: Vitamix 5200 Self-Cleaning Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • It has the rate controlling button.
  • Has a 64oz. Large container equivalent to 8 glasses.
  • Can prepare hot food too for its heat resistant tempered glass.
  • The self-cleaning feature is a fantastic trait of this protein shake blender.

You did a gym and now you want to have a protein shake that you need too. You have to prepare food for the family. Also, you have to crush coffee beans for your guest. Having all the scenarios in consideration, the Vitamix 5200 Self-Cleaning Blender is the best blender for protein shakes to have.

Any kind of mixing can be done fast by putting the ingredients in the Vitamix 5200 Self-Cleaning Blender. Its motor is so powerful that it can work for a more extended period.

Its container is of huge capacity and can serve a lot of people altogether. The cleaning of the blender is also very swift and convenient.

Pour water and liquid soap in it, and it'll clean within 30-60 seconds. The speed of the blender can be controlled accordingly making you kitchen hours a fun time.

   What we liked
  • The speed can be controlled.
  • The container is more significant.
  • Can be self-cleaned
   What we didn't like
  • Creates a lot of noise

Final Verdict: The Vitamix 5200 Self-Cleaning Blender can make your blending works more efficient and will save your time. It can prepare most of the mixture of the home. If you are having problems with your home mixings or want to take a new one, get yourself a Vitamix 5200 Self-Cleaning Blender.

3. Best Budget Pick: Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • It has 1100 watts of a powerful motor that can run efficiently for an extended period.
  • The capacity of the pitcher is 72oz, which is equivalent to 9 glasses.
  • The speed of the blender can be controlled with 3 power buttons and makes the shake according to your desire.

From crushing ice to snow to crushing coffee beans to coffee, you may have to break a lot of things by a blender. We have the Ninja BL660 Professional Blender, which makes the best and stationary crushing of the ingredients and an excellent nutritious protein shake.

The Ninja BL660 Professional Blender is another best shake blender in the market. Starting from crushing the hard fruits to solid ice, you can break anything quite convincingly. That clearly says how efficient the blades are.

The pitcher is also spacious to make the mixture very convenient and smooth. Cleaning the Ninja BL660 Professional Blender is also very easy.

   What we liked
  • The powerful motor is handy
  • 3 button easy control
  • The huge capacity of the container
   What we didn't like
  • The blender might give overheating symptoms.

Final Verdict: If you are to crush the coffee beans in the morning to enjoy a fresh, chilled protein shake after workouts, the Ninja BL660 Professional Blender can be a blessing. The features are so convenient that your protein shake is a matter of wish and have now. And so boosting your body and fill it with nutritious intake is easy.

4. Best For Custom Blending: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • The blender has 10 variable speed buttons. It enables you to make the mixture according to your desired speed.
  • The container is of 48oz, which is equivalent to 6 glasses at a time.
  • The steel blades are very much hardened. You can blend any kind of fruits or ingredients you want by it.
  • The blender has a radial cooling fan and also a thermal protective glass.

After making a lot of shakes, cleaning the blender can sometimes be very messy and complicated. It might ruin the thrill you get after enjoying your delicious protein shakes. But the Vitamix E310 Explorian can be so efficient that your chilling mode will keep on. It has the self-cleaning features where you have to give no effort to clean it.

This best blender to make protein shakes is very reliable in making any shakes smooth the hot soup for dinner. It can be used for many works according to your desire. Now, let us go for the wow features it comes equipped with.

   What we liked
  • The thermal protection
  • The variable speed of the blades
  • The quality and dishwasher safe container
   What we didn't like
  • It can be very noisy for the environment.

Final Verdict: The Vitamix E310 Explorian is highly recommended for all kinds of blending. From morning tonight, it will keep you filled up with all the required and desired mixings. To make a regular and swift impression to your blending, get yourself a Vitamix E310 Explorian.

5. Best Combo: Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Base Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • The pitcher of the blender is 72oz. That can hold ingredients up to 9 glasses.
  • Two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups are provided to make your personalized nutritious shakes. A food processing bowl is also offered by it.
  • The motor includes on 1500 power base, which is arguably the best motor base in the present market.

From making various desserts to making a delicious shake, sometimes making the blender does a hot soup. The mixer that can be very effective for all these works is Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Base Blender.

The Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Base Blender is a very workable and useful blender for blending all types of mixes. It gives you an extra priority if you are to do all your home mixtures by it. The motor is highly powerful, efficient, and long-lasting.

If you are to get a blender for an extended period for regular work, the Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Base Blender can be beneficial.

   What we liked
  • The capacity of the pitcher
  • The motor base power
  • The extra components provided alongside the blender
   What we didn't like
  • Cleaning is a bit tricky

Final Verdict: The Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Base Blender is beneficial if you are to do your regular blending at home. All types of mixings can be done by it. The ingredients don't lose their fiber and nutrients during the mixture. To make a desirable nutritious shake, grab a Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Base Blender today.

6. Best Portable: Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 Personal Compact Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • The blender has a 900-watt workable blending motor. It can work very swiftly for a more extended version of time.
  • Potent vitamin and nutrient extraction enables you to ensure the fibers in your smoothie or shake.
  • Can crush hard ingredients like ice, seeds, etc.
  • The parts are absolutely dishwasher safe. You can wash it without having any problems.

You must ensure the proteins and fibers of the fruits when you mix it in a blender. Losing them will have no impact on your nutrition diet. The Ninja BL456 is one of the best protein shake blenders that ensures those fibers.

The Ninja BL456 is a very swift and fast blender that can be used for all kinds of blending. You can make your smoothies very fast and enjoy the best. The cleaning of the Ninja BL456 is also very convenient unlike the ordinary blenders. The motor of the protein shake blender is efficient enough to work for all your kitchen needs.

   What we liked
  • The crushing features
  • The power of the motor
  • Washing feasibility of the blender
   What we didn't like
  • Might cause very noise while blending

Final Verdict: The Ninja BL456 can be a useful protein shake blender if you want to ensure all the nutritional values in your shake. This best protein blender makes your shakes tastier as well as healthier to drink. You can use it for a lot of purposes. Grab it right now for having the best and nutritious protein shake.

7. Best Cheap: Hamilton Beach 58148A Elite Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • 700 watts peak blending power to crush all the harsh ingredients firmly. The blade works so smoothly that it makes the shake really.
  • It has 12 blending functions. You can control them with 5 simple buttons on the blender.
  • The blades and other parts of the blender can be removed easily. It makes your cleaning much.

You want to treat yourself with a chocolate milkshake on your cheat day of the week. But you are worried whether the blender can mix the frozen bar of chocolates firmly. The Hamilton Beach 58148A Elite Blender is the best blender for herbalife shakes and ideal to blend solid ingredients.

The Hamilton Beach 58148A Elite Blender has such efficient and sharp blades that it can crush any solid ingredients. The shakes prepared in the blender tend to remain very tasty and delicious.

The protein shake blender has a very efficient motor that can run swiftly and long enough to crush the harsh ingredients. Cleaning the mixer after the work is also is just a breeze.

   What we liked
  • The efficiency of the motor
  • The blending functions
  • The natural cleaning system of the blender
   What we didn't like
  • Might give symptoms of overheating

Final Verdict: The Hamilton Beach 58148A Elite Blender is the best if you want to enjoy the best and delicious smoothie for your body. You can make the whole shake, clean the blender quickly, and comfortably drink your shake using this blender. It is recommended as one of the best quick protein shake blenders in the market.

8. Best For Capacity: Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a big 72oz. pitcher which is equivalent to 9 glasses.
  • 1000 watts professional-grade motor that can make a considerable number of shakes easily.
  • It has an ultimate ice crushing feature that can break any hard ingredients in the blender firmly.
  • Has 6-ninja blade technology to prepare the shakes firmly.

You have to serve a lot of drinks for your guest. Is your blender swift and spacious enough to make the drinks for all of them? We have the Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender as one of the best protein shake blenders for you.

The Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender has one of the tremendous blender pitchers with it. It makes the shakes so quickly than you can imagine. The motor of the protein shake blender is very efficient to blend such a considerable amount of shake. The Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender is a very feasible protein shake blender to use in our everyday life.

   What we liked
  • Has a big pitcher
  • The motor is highly efficient.
  • The blade technology is highly rated.
   What we didn't like
  • The cleaning of the blender can be a little complicated.

Final Verdict: The Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender is very crucial when it comes to blending a large number of ingredients. The Ninja NJ600 can give you the best pleasure in making the protein shake. You can also create and store your protein shake or smoothies for the future. So, you don't have to worry about making it again.

9. Most Powerful: Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a high 2.5 HP power peak motor. You can imagine how efficient the motor is.
  • Has a 60oz. large pitcher with it. You can do many things in it.
  • The blender has a high advanced LCD with a digital countdown timer.
  • It has an automatic load sensing technology that gives alert in case of overweight of the ingredients.

Your blender is pretty slow. It blends the ingredients for a long time, but the result is not satisfactory to you. Replace those kinds of mixers and get yourself a Cuisinart CBT-1500 blender with the best motor and speed of the blades.

The Cuisinart CBT-1500 blender has an outstanding motor. It makes the blending quick. Crushing of dense and harsh ingredients within a short time is an ideal characteristic of it. The best blender can hold a lot of components at a time. So, you won't have to worry about making a lot of things within a short period.

   What we liked
  • Highly efficient motor
  • Large pitcher
  • The technology is very crucial.
   What we didn't like
  • The blender often heats quickly. You have to be careful about that.

Final Verdict: The Cuisinart CBT-1500 blender has the best motor you can get in the present market with the service it provides. It will make your daily work more productive. To have the best protein shake out of a powerful motor, get the Cuisinart CBT-1500 blender today.

10. Best Quiet: Breville BBL620 Furious Blender

Highlighted Features:

  • The blades are so sharp and intense that it can turn the ice into snow. The overall blending gets enhanced by the blade.
  • The blender produces less sound and does more work. Thanks to the 1100-watt motor of it.
  • An LCD of the time countdown is a feature in the Breville BBL620 blender. It has a 1 touch versatility button to make all the work fast.
  • Pour water and liquid soap, and it will auto clean itself with its blade rotating feature.

Is your protein shake getting the nutrition it should have by mixing? Does the shake you drank yesterday had all the nutrients and fibers of the fruits you mixed? You are not sure because you didn't have the Breville BBL620 blender, one of the best blenders for protein shakes.

The Breville BBL620 blender enables you to make the best mixing of your ingredients. Its mixture ensures you to get the maximum fibers and vitamins in the shake. The blade is so sharp and fast that all the ingredients get firmly blended within a short while.

The highly efficient motor enables it to make more mixtures. The pitcher tends to hold a lot of ingredients. A perfect course protein shake can be made and stored for the future by the Breville BBL620 blender.

   What we liked
  • The highly efficient motor is very useful.
  • Has a touch with modern technology
  • The auto-clean feature is enabled.
   What we didn't like
  • The motor might show symptoms of overheating.

Final Verdict: The Breville BBL620 blender is a highly recommended protein shake blender for you to relief from blending your hard-tough ingredients. It'll ensure the best nutrition and the taste of your protein shake. If you are a health-conscious person, get a Breville BBL620 blender and take your health drinks to the next level.

How to buy the right blender for protein shakes

Buying a blender for protein shake is not that different from buying a blender in general. You can have shakes matching your desired diet with any blender unit. Blender units that are considered to be the overall kitchen solution can provide you with the desired item you want. For that kind of unit, you can our Buying Guide on the best blender food processor combo.

But if you are a diet freak and want to keep your protein intake properly in place, you should go for a compact design, handy size, medium power blender machine equipped with the supreme quality blades. Why so? Let's go a bit elaborated.

High-quality Blades

Yes, I think blades should be the foremost consideration when you are going to buy a blending machine to have healthy and balanced shakes. It is because shakes are something to get done by any medium power blender. Even the lowest of power motor can serve the best shaking, mixing, and blending if the blades are of stainless steel and sturdy material.

If the blades are low quality and go dull after a few days, the most powerful motor cannot blend the shake or anything you are after. And thus you can have the high-end blender for your diet solution at affordable price. When you will go a bit low on power, the price will significantly decrease.

Only sharp and sturdy blades can serve you the half. And to get the best out of it, the blades should be properly attached with the machine. I mean the blades must be set in a way that ingredients settled at the bottom of the blender come to the rotating circle of the blades. To your utter shock, you might end up with the wrong blade set up if you are not careful of that.

Container Shape

For diet smoothie or savory drinks, you better go for rounded-rectangle jars so that ingredients are funneled towards the blades. On the other hand, the circular style or perfectly-round containers sling ingredients across the edges while blending. To avoid cleaning hassle, you must keep aloof from the squarish container featuring weird angles.


So far pitcher material is involved; you have two options to choose from. Both the materials have their upsides and downsides when your target is preparing protein shakes. Whereas the glass jar is the preferred one because it does not cause stench over more extended use, it is costlier and may break at dropping. On the contrary, plastic as a blender pitcher material is lightweight, less-breakable, and cheaper but it cause scratch at simple friction and the transparency decreases over time. But if your keep on-the-go frequently, the plastic jar should be your preferred option.

Whatever the glass material you choose, the measuring mark-ups should read clearly. Otherwise, the purpose of a balanced diet will be hampered.


Power determines the efficiency and performance of a blender and so more power is more convenient and satisfactory. But when you are trying out a blender for protein shake any power motor will do. Blenders with a 500-watt motor can serve to solve all your kitchen solution – blending, grinding, and shaking. You can go as low as 350-watt to prepare shakes, but that power will create issues while crushing ice.

If you keep these three said factors in your mind while shopping for a protein shake blender, you should reach the best one in its category. So far other features are concerned, if they come within your price range; better. Otherwise, single button shakers will do for your job. You can and should go up with the advanced features if you want a total solution that will serve you the best protein shake too.


Can blender be used for preparing protein shakes?

Yes, you can and you should use a blender. Blending doesn't hurt the main ingredient - protein powder. People prefer using both a shaker and a blender. But blender is more popular while mixing fruit and the powder for the smoothie and shakes type of products.

What is the right blender for a protein shake?

Ultimately, the NutriBullet NBR-1201 is the go-to blenders for max nutrient-extraction for your balanced diet protein smoothies. The users of the NutriBullet NBR-1201 appreciate that the ingredients get fully broken blended. Moreover, it allows the grinding of tougher ingredients which most other blenders can't do.

What is a good blender for protein shakes?

The best blender for protein shakes features sturdy and sharp blades, powerful motor, and a quality jar with clearly visible measuring mark-ups.

How to prepare the perfect protein shake?

  • Take the protein shaker or blender and remove the lid.
  • Pour nearly 200ml of water/milk inside your blender at first.
  • Add now the recommended amount of your protein powder
  • Now put the lid again
  • Give now the robust shake to the shake
  • When shaken up to the fullest, consume without delay

Wrap Up

Go for any one of the units reviewed above, you will get your diet drinks perfectly prepared, stored, and mixed. But still you need to decide which one will suit your purpose the best. Be careful to choose the unit that will serve you as per your needs. For family, you can go up with power and size. Conversely, you should go for the compact size and medium power if you are alone and go or stay out frequently.

And the most crucial protein shake blending component – the sharp and sturdy blades- is a common feature in the best blender for protein shakes. Therefore, you can go for anyone of the 10 industry-leading diet drink shakers.

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