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How To Make A Protein Shake With A Blender

We all know protein shake is a fast and nutrition-packed drink for almost all ages. No matter the occasion, there’s no such instance that you can’t have a refreshing protein shake/smoothie at day or night. The best thing about any shake is that you are in charge of what goes in there and how much of it.

On the other hand, making a protein shake requires some mixing work unless you have a blender to emulsify every ingredient in one click. Yes! You guessed it right! Now we are discussing how to make a protein shake with a blender in step by step process.

Read till the end to find more helpful insights about protein shakes and to use the blender more efficiently.

The main reason a blender is very important in making protein shakes is for emulsifying ingredients. If you are using a powder-based protein shake, you hardly need a blender for that. But when it's time to blend multiple solid ingredients you need a blender.

As we said before, homemade protein shakes have the advantage that no other store-bought protein shakes offer. That means you get to decide what ingredients you want in your protein shake. It could be a refreshingly fruity, nutty, or comforting chocolaty flavor your heart desires.

And to mix all these ingredients, you can’t just use a shaker to make it a creamy or smooth drink. No, that’s not happening with dense ingredients like nuts, fruits, and vegetables. That’s why you will need a high-speed blender.

Ingredients for Making A Protein Shake With A Blender

In general, protein shakes are high in protein and low in fat. Most people drink a protein shake to gain muscle from this beneficial shake. Alternatively, it could also work as a meal substitute if you are in a hurry and don’t have that much time to prep a meal for the day.

So depending on your consumption and purpose, these ingredients may vary. But no worries we will be listing amazing protein shake ingredients that will be great for both substitute meals and pre-workout smoothies.

The followings are some sample of protein shake ingredients-

  • Frozen fruits (strawberry, banana, peaches, avocado)
  • Protein powder (you can also use peanut butter, yogurt, milk, nuts, various seeds, & so on.)
  • Vanilla extract (you can also use other flavors like chocolate, cinnamon powder, coffee, etc.)
  • Ice cubes and water
  • Preferred Toppings (Chocolate Chips, Caramel, Blueberries, and many more)

Steps To Make Protein Shake In A Blender

Before you make any shake, clean your favorite blender first. Even though it may look clean, there might be a lingering smell of the previous shake. You don’t want that in your next blending session. So rinse your blender thoroughly.

Step 1: Put all the ingredients

Once your trusty blender is clean and ready, put all the ingredients in the blender. Here you should not put anything that will be your topping at the end. We will add those once the protein shake is ready.

Step 2: Add milk or water

In the next step, you will be adding one or two cups of water to make the blending easy. If you have already added ice cubes, instead of water you could add milk. It will decrease the Belding time and add a smoothie-like texture to the shake.

Step 3: Blend! Blend! Blend!

Now comes the fun part. Blend everything for 20- 30 sec depending on how firm the ingredients are. One good tip to blend solid ingredients like ice and nuts is to tap the quick blend button a couple of times. This way ingredients will break down into smaller pieces and will be ready for continuous blending.

Step 4: Check and ensure consistency

This step is very crucial for any protein smoothie or shakes that hit the right consistency mark. This consistency usually varies from person to person. If you are someone that likes to have a thick and creamy shake, don’t add any liquid in this stage. But if it is already too runny, add some protein powder.

Likewise, add water or milk to get the perfect runny consistency in your protein shake. One thing to keep in mind, if you add too much water, the taste will be bland. So be very gentle when adding more water to the mix.

Step 5: Strain any unwanted partials

This is an optional step and not compulsory to have great protein shakes. But if you prefer to remove any chunky particles, you are welcome to do that. Just use any moderate strainer that has fairly large gaps in between so you don’t miss out much on the good stuff.

Step 6: Serve with toppings

The last step on how to make a protein shake in a blender ends with sprinkling some toppings of your desire on the protein shake. If you are in a hurry, you could through them in the container and drink straight from there. But if you feel fancy, bring out your best smoothie jar and serve accordingly.

Frequently Asked Question

How to get rid of bad smells in a blender?

It’s not uncommon to smell your blender like the last shake you made. This mostly happens with yogurt-based shakes and ingredients that have a strong smell. You easily avoid this issue by thoroughly cleaning the blender with water. If that doesn’t help, pour 2 or 3 cups of hot soapy water into the jar and blend for 20-30 sec for good measure. After that, your blender will smell as good as new.

What ingredients are essential for a protein shake?

In any protein shake, the main emphasis lies in the protein content. It means the majority portion of the nutrition will be protein, around 25- 30 grams minimum. Other nutrition like carbs and fat levels in the protein shake is significantly lower. Most people consume protein shake for muscle building, fat burning, and as a meal substitute hence the increased protein content.

What type of blender is best for a protein shake?

The best blender for protein shake and any kind of smoothie would be a high-speed blender with a great motor. The faster the blade runs, the smoother the shake will be. On top of that, a high-quality motor heats up less than an average quality motor. So be sure to buy from a reputable brand with good specs.

Can you lose weight by drinking protein shakes?

Losing weight and sipping protein shakes isn’t a straight forward process as it seems. If you think drinking an only-protein shake is going to make you thin, you are not wrong. But it happens because you cut down on carbs which reduces the total calorie intake. If you don’t exercise and maintain a proper diet, your weight will come back after a while.

Is it Possible to make a protein shakes without a blender?

Yes! It's possible to make some protein shakes without using a blender just using your hand. You can go though this article where you will see some protein shakes recipes that you can make without a blender and their making process. 

Wrap Up

In our busy lives, it’s getting really hard to prepare a meal that keeps us fit and cooking time to a minimum at the same time. That leaves us with the amazing protein shake recipes anyone can make with a few ingredients and a blender. Hope this article about how to make a protein shake with a blender gave you actionable steps to implement in your life.

Some Protein Shakes Recipes You Can Try To Make At Home:

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