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How To Turn On Ninja Blender

The Ninja Blender is one of the leading kitchen appliances in the market right now; there is no doubt about that. However, unlike the traditional ones, you need to set up the blender properly if you want it to work!

Therefore, many first time users keep asking, how to turn on Ninja blender? Well, it is no rocket science, but the process is a bit tricky, to be honest!

Well, you don't have to worry about this issue from now on, as we've prepared this ultimate guide. Once you finish reading it, operating the Ninja blender will be a child's play for you!

After getting your brand new Ninja blender, you may feel a little overwhelmed. And that's quite natural, As we revealed before, this appliance is not going to work like the regular ones.

If you don't know the proper method, your Ninja blender won't turn on, and you don't want that. Furthermore, some other issues might be limiting the appliance from providing the best possible service.

Here are some of the most common reasons that might be causing this annoyance when you are trying to utilize your blender.

Wrong Assembly

Whenever someone complaints that "my Ninja blender won't turn on me", we directly thinks that something is wrong with the assembly. Yes, even if you did a tiny mistake, the thing won't work, which is pretty irritating.

First of all, you need to check the power supply. If there's nothing wrong, you should check that the components are assembled in the right order or not.

Here are the alignments that need to be inspected.

  • Firstly, take a look at the pitcher lid with the locking handle. It should be matching with an arrow.
  • After that, check the stacked blade assembly. This part has to be positioned through the gasket.
  • When you place the pitcher on the motor base, you will hear a "click" sound. If not, try to place the component again for the perfect fit.

For a better experience, follow the instruction manual from the beginning to the end.


Just like every other kitchen appliance, your Nutri Ninja won't turn on if it gets overheated. This gadget comes with a thermal switch that will stop the machine when the temperature increases. But once it is cool, you can operate it again without any trouble.

Loose Lid

When the pitcher's lid is loose, the blender won't start working. This appliance is equipped with this mechanism to prevent spills. Hence, make sure that the lid is tightly secured before you start making your smoothies.

3 Steps To Turn on Ninja Blender

Well, now it's time to tell you about how to turn on a Ninja blender. So without wasting much time, let's get to that part right away.

Step One: Place the Pitcher

Firstly, you need to place the pitcher on the motor base correctly. While positioning, make sure that the corners form a diamond and then twist the jug clockwise. You will hear a click when it is placed appropriately.

Moreover, the handle will be in the front left or front right position; that's another way to ensure a perfect fitting.

Place the ninja blender pitcher

Step Two: Place the Blade

During this step, you have to be extra cautious as the blade is razor sharp! Pick the stacked blade by the top of the shaft and place it directly into the pitcher on the high point of the blade gear.

Place the Ninja blenders blade

Final Step: Close the Lid

Now it is time for you to secure the lid of your blender. While closing the lid, the arrow on it should be aligned with the arrow of the handle. Otherwise, it won't be closed accurately, and the appliance won't power up either.

After positioning this cover, lower down the lid handle and you will hear a click. If the setup is done correctly, the red light on the power button will stay still; it won't blink.

close the ninja blenders lid

What To Do When Your Ninja Blender Stops Working?

Sometimes your Ninja blender will not start or work at all after a few uses. So what to do when Ninja blender stopped working?

To solve this issue, you need to identify the reasons first. Here are some common causes and troubleshoot tips that you try.

Power Issue

If your power outlet is working fine, but the blender won't start at all, the problem might be in the power cord or motor base. If so, you need to consult a professional who is specialized in fixing Ninja blenders.

Overheating Issue

If the gadget stops working due to overheating, you can simply unplug the blender and try to turn it on after 15-25 minutes. Hopefully, you don't have to face this issue once the motor base has cool down.

Placement Issues

Once again, the blender will not work properly if the parts aren't placed accurately. For instance, if the pitcher isn't positioned tightly, there will be some complications while rotating it.

Therefore, always position every component carefully to avoid this annoyance while working in the kitchen.

The Bottom Line

Finally, we are at the end of our guide, and we know you have got all your information on how to turn on Ninja blender to make delicious drinks. Though it is a little complicated in the beginning, you will become an expert over time.

And if you feel any hitch, you can always look at this article for the perfect solution. Isn't that fantastic?

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