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How To Clean Ninja Blender – Step By Step Guide

It's just not us; pick any recommendation or ask any cook; they will tell you everything about the Ninja blenders supremacy! They are heavy-duty, durable, crushes everything in seconds and is energy-efficient. What else do we need?

But the problem occurs when you don't keep the blender clean. If you don't do the proper maintenance, your blending tasks will be time-consuming and you won’t get the desired texture. And trust us; you don't want that kind of annoyance in your life.

So, how to clean Ninja blender, you ask? That's what we will discuss today!

To ensure the optimal condition, cleaning the Ninja blender is the most essential thing you can do. Otherwise, the blades will get dull, your blended food will have a foul odor, and it won't be mashed the way you want.

We know it is quite normal to feel a little overwhelmed in the beginning. But don't worry, We are about to share two different Ninja blender cleaning instructions so you can keep your blender pristine all the time. 

Without wasting much time, let's get into that part right away!

Things You Will Need:

  • A soft cleaning sponge
  • A mild dishwashing soap cleanser

Clean Your Ninja Blender Using Self-cleaning Method

Step One – Fill the Pitcher

First of all, fill up the pitcher of your blender with lukewarm water. You don't need to pour all the way; just half of the jar will do the job. However, make sure that water isn't too hot; otherwise, you may end up damaging the whole thing.

Step Two – Blend the Dish Soap

Now, put a few drops of your mild dishwashing soap into the pitcher and secure the lid tightly. After that, blend the solution for a minute or two until the water becomes foamy.

When you are done blending, get rid of the soapy water, pour some clean water, and turn on the blender again. Then give it a good rinse on the sink and let it dry properly.

Well, to every user, this is the best way to clean a blender regularly.

Clean Your Ninja Blender Using Self-cleaning Method

How To Clean Your Ninja Blender Manually

Even if you are cleaning the blender every day by blending the dish soap mixture, you may need to clean the whole this manually once in a while.

And here is how you do it.

Step One – Dismantle Everything

Firstly, dismantle every part of your blender, including the blades. Turn off the power supply, then remove the lid and jar. While taking off the blade, you should use a cloth to grab it as this component is razor-sharp and can injure you pretty badly!

Step Two – Give Them A Scrub

Now take every part individually and scour everything with a cleaning sponge and mild dishwashing soap. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub the sharp edges of the blades.

Final Step – Rinse the Components

When you are done scrubbing, just rinse all the parts with lukewarm water and let them dry properly. Cleaning Ninja blender with this method will prevent bacterial infestation, which is good news!

Clean Your Ninja Blender Manually

How To Clean Ninja Blender Handle?

With regular use, the handle of your Ninja blender can easily get dirty. Therefore, you need to know how to clean Ninja blender handle to make everything sparkly!

Well, this task isn't complicated at all, to be honest! All you have to do is to rinse the handle after every use under runny water. Then you can pat the handle dry with a clean cloth.

If the handle gets a bit greasy, you can rib a drop of dishwashing soap on it or put it inside the dishwasher. Yes, this part is dishwasher-safe, which makes things effortless than ever!

Clean Ninja Blender Handle

How To Clean A Ninja Blender Lid?

So, how to clean Ninja blender lid, you ask? It is pretty simple! Here are the steps you need to follow to complete this task.

  • First of all, soak the lid in a soapy water solution for a minute or two.
  • Now take an old toothbrush or soft sponge to scrub the lid properly. After that, rinse the whole thing with clean water.
  • When you are done with rinsing, take a clean cloth and pat the cover dry. You can also keep it under a fan to make the drying process faster.

How To Clean The Ninja Blender Power Base?

Well, cleaning the power base is a bit tricky as it contains electrical parts. You make one mistake, and you will have to face dangerous consequences. Here is the safest way to clean the power base.

  • Before you start cleaning, you need to turn off the power source, and then you can proceed further.
  • Take a washcloth and dampen it with warm water. Then wipe the whole base with this damp cloth. And you need to ensure that the washcloth isn't too wet; otherwise, you may get into trouble.
  • Let the base dry properly before you start using it again.

Well, if you were wondering how to clean ninja blender base, this is the most appreciated method!

Are Ninja Blenders Dishwasher Safe?

While looking for tips on how to clean a Ninja blender, people often ask, is this appliance dishwasher safe?

Yes, some part of the Ninja blenders is dishwasher-safe. However, you can never put the power base as it has an electric motor inside the casing. But you can put the lid, handle, jar and even the blades inside the machine.

Well, before you turn on your dishwasher to clean the blender components, you should keep one thing in mind. If you frequently wash the blades using the machine, it will lose its shine in no time.
Hence, to maintain the appliance's longevity, washing it by hand sounds like the wisest choice.

The Bottom Line

So here was our quick guide on how to clean Ninja blender. We have tried to cover all the experts’ tricks you need to learn to maintain your appliance's optimal maintenance. 

When you take care of things, it may feel like an extra responsibility, to be honest. But if you invest a little more time and energy, the gadget will bring greater value for the money. And that's a pretty sweet deal!

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