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How To Make Ice Cream In A Ninja Blender

Those mouthwatering scoops of ice-cream can taste delicious but if you want to have them every day, chances are, you’ll get from riches to rags shortly. Ice-creams, even though are very tasty, they’re pretty expensive as well, especially when you’ll go for the chocolate and butterscotch mixes.

Why not make the ice-cream all by yourself in your home though? Nah really! It’s pretty simple and it gets simpler and easier once you have a Ninja Blender in your home. This blender can prepare ice-cream for you in no time if you know all the processes.

Want to know how to make ice cream in a ninja blender? Here’s what you need to do.

Every Ninja blender ice cream recipe in this world tastes the way they are supposed to be because of two reasons. One, using the right ingredient and two using them through the right process. So, if you want to see a bowl of ice cream in front of you in no time, we say try following these steps with your Ninja blender.

Step – 1: Bringing the Ingredients Together

First of all, make sure that you’ve got all the right ingredients with the right proportion. For your Ninja blender ice cream, get a cup of heavy whipped cream first. Then grab condensed milk. Make sure that you’re keeping the proportion not more or less than 1/3 cup.

Now comes flavor determinant or what we call the extract. If you’re craving vanilla, then add 1/4 teaspoon vanilla to the equation.

Step – 2: Mixing Up the Ingredients

Take a big bowl and pour the whipped cream in there first. Now add the condensed milk in there and whisk it all a bit till it gets dissolved totally. But don’t make the whisk timing more than 1 minute. Also, keep in mind that overmixing can make the pouring part harder.

Step – 3: Pouring Into the Ninja Blender

Now take the bowl and pour the ingredients into the blender’s jar. Make sure that you’ve dropped every bit of it. In case a bit of them stays back, try using a spoon or spatula to put them back in the jar.

Step – 4: Starting the Blender

Once you’re done vacating the bowl, close the lid of the blender tightly. When you look at the control panel, you’ll see the button written Ice Cream on it. Hit that and it’ll start blending for one minute.

Step – 5: Putting the Mixture in a Bowl

This is the last step of making ice cream with Ninja blender. After finishing off the blending, pour the mixture into a bowl and slip it into the freezer. Keep it there for the next couple of hours and it’ll be ready to be your treat by the end of this time.

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Why is Ninja Blender an ideal tech for making Ice cream?

We bet you’ve already got your answer on can you make ice cream in a ninja blender or not. Now the question is why Ninja blender? Well, here’s your answer –

Easy to Use: Though Ninja blenders are a bit techy, they're still super easy to use. Rather than struggling a ton with the control panel, hitting just one single button is enough to get half of the work done.

Higher Capacity: It’s not that you’ll make ice cream just for yourself all the time. If you’re feeling like you want to give a treat to your whole family or want to make a pile for the whole week, you can go for it. After all, it’s got a huge jar capacity to help you out with that.

Easy Cleaning: Clearly, after making ice cream, you can’t help expecting a mess. But what can be worse is a mess that is hard to clean. Thankfully, you won’t be facing the same in the case of these blenders. They’re easy to maintain and ask for less hassle on the cleaning.

Things You Might Not Like About Ninja Blender While Making Ice Cream

Before you think that like a one-sided lover we’ll just keep praising Ninja blenders, here’s the spoiler or things that you might not like about the blender.

Noisy: These blenders are a bit noisy. Maybe they’re not the noisiest one but still, they might be loud enough to irritate you at times.

Vibration: One of the common features of Ninja blenders is, they come with a powerful motor and higher power means a higher level of vibration. So, you better be ready for a bit of shakiness there.

Final Words

You won’t have to hit Google Maps again to track the nearest ice cream parlor in the middle of the night anymore. After all, now you know how to make ice cream in a ninja blender. So, which flavor are you planning to try this time? Make sure it tastes good.

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