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How To Open Ninja Blender – Steps To Separate All Parts

When it comes to blenders, surely you have the tendency to go with the best. And that’s why you pick the Ninja. After all, you can’t compromise on the equipment you use multiple times a day for morning coffee shakes, afternoon fruit smoothies, and so much more.

But, even the best Ninja blender needs regular maintenance and cleaning. And no, cleaning the pitcher after every use is not enough. You need to disassemble the unit carefully and clean each ninja part to ensure your blender never under-performs.

And in this guide, we are going to show you how to open Ninja blender part by part. Remember, if you don’t do it right, you might void the warranty of the product. So, follow on!

For thorough cleaning, you need to open all the pieces of your Ninja blender, including the pitcher, lid, blades, and gaskets. And the Ninja blender components are dishwasher safe.

So, cleaning them is no big deal, as long as you disassemble them correctly, without harming your favorite blender. Depending on which Ninja product you have, the dissembling technique might vary a little. Always check your user manual for any information. 

Here’s an overall idea of how you can open a Ninja blender.

1. Remove The Pitcher

Here comes the first question about disassembling- how to remove pitcher from ninja blender?

Well, while assembling the blender parts, the pitcher is placed with the handle facing the base front and rotated clockwise.

Removing Ninja Blender Pitcher

So, for removal, you need to rotate it anti-clockwise until you hear a click sound. Then lift the pitcher from the base, and you are done.

If you were using the single-serve cups, then to remove them, rotate its base blade attachment anti-clockwise. Then, lift it and flip it over from its upside-down position.

2. Open The Lid

For Ninja blender lid removal, look for the release button on the lid’s top. Press it and pull the lid upwards; it will come easily.

Opening Ninja Lid

If you have a blended mix inside, look for the pour spout at one corner. Open it and pour the liquid before opening the lid. 

If the mix has a thicker consistency and can’t be poured out completely, then remove the lid first and pour it out next. 

3. Remove The Blades

The stacked blade assemble that goes inside the pitcher requires taking it out by holding the shaft only.

However, if you want to remove the Nutri Ninja pro extractor blade, you need a plier and a spanner. Just hold the rubber disc at the bottom with a plier and rotate the blade shaft clockwise, opposite the conventional loosening direction.

Removing Ninja Blender Blades

And the blade and the rubber disc should come off once loosened. You don’t need to necessarily remove the extractor blades every time you wash the blender. But, whenever the blades have become loose, or there’s a leaking problem, remove them to change the bearings.

4. Opening the Pitcher Handle

Opening the pitcher handle is not always necessary. But whenever you are up for a thorough wash, use the simple steps to remove the handle.

First, use a screwdriver to open the five screws at the pitcher’s bottom. Then, remove the handle’s upper layer by popping it out with a spudger at the bottom end.

Unhook the latches at the top using the spudger and pull out the handle. 

Opening the Pitcher Handle

5. Removing The Gasket

The seal or gasket is there to prevent leakages while blending, and over time it tends to pick dirt and molds. So it needs routine cleaning too.

So, to remove it, you can use a dental pick or needle and carefully pull it out without puncturing it.


Can Ninja Blender Lid Get Stuck?

Yes, indeed! The Ninja lids are designed to keep the pitcher air-tight when running. It also helps in eliminating spillage.

Because of such locking ability, the Ninja blender lid stuck problem is not very uncommon.

Why Does The Lid Get Stuck?

Well, if you store the wet pitcher with the lid closed before drying it properly, it’s highly probable that you can’t open it easily afterward.

Overfilling the pitcher and not using the blender for a long time can cause the lid stuck too.

How To Open A Stuck Lid?

Yes, you already know how to take the lid off a Ninja blender, but if it’s stuck, you can’t simply pull it up. Instead, use a blow dryer or hot water to break the stuck bond and also to expand the glass. Then stabilize the pitcher with a firm grip and pull the lid handle with all the strength you have.

You can also use a degreaser or pam spray that helps to loosen the bond. If you need more help to fix your ninja blender stuck lid see the Karoline Giesbrecht video.


To wrap up, using a Ninja blender is super convenient. It’s easy to assemble, and the parts are dishwasher-free. And now that you know how to open Ninja Blender washing it thoroughly or replacing any damaged part will be easier than ever.

So, follow the steps described, check with the user manual and keep your Ninja blender performing at its best. Meanwhile, savor the hassle-free nutritious Ninja smoothies!

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