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How To Blend Without A Blender | 5 Easy Ways

Imagine a morning you’re just want to have fresh juice but the next thing you know your blender stops working. No need to pull your hair. You can still blend those fruits without using a blender.

Yep, that’s what we’re going to discuss today. You’re about to find out how to blend without a blender for the first time. If you stock a few tricks for good in your mind, you can still manage to get yourself a glass of fresh juice.

Our dependability on blenders has gone so much higher than most of us have literally forgotten how to blend food without a blender.

But who said you can’t think of an alternative way when you’re stuck with a broken blender or have no blender at all. Well, try the following ways and we bet you’ll get what you need.

Using Chef’s Knife

It might take a little time but trust us, this one can get the job done. What does a blender do? It turns the vegetables into pieces and allows them to mix up with the recipe properly. You can do the same with a chef’s knife as well.

Just cut the vegetable into small pieces and make them smaller by rocking the knife back and forth on them. Once you reach the desired size, use them in your recipe. So, when you’ve got a chef’s knife and the right skill, you don’t need to worry twice about how to blend without blender.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife

Using Meat Grinder

For blended ingredients, we've been looking forward to the blenders for years. But there’s one more tool out there doing the same thing for decades in a bit different way. Yes, we’re talking about the meat mincer or meat grinder.

Whether it’s meat or vegetables, it can grind any of them easily. And in case you’re in need of controlling the size of the grind, that’s possible as well with the hole plates.

Manual Meat Grinder

One of the best things about this tool is its level of convenience in operation. All you need to do is just load the top compartment and cranking the handle. The result will deliver is another answer to your question - how to blend things without a blender? By the way, if you like, you can try the electric one too.

Using Mortar and Pestle

If you’re planning to get the ancient vibe back while blending without a blender, then we’d say you better pull the job off with the mortar and pestle. They were mostly used for making medicine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little help from them in your cooking.

We’d suggest you use these for harder items like spices and nuts. Just drop them in there and turn them into paste or power as that part is totally up to you. The good thing about this way is you can control the amount of force and blend the way you want.

ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle Set

Using Potato Masher

This one functions a bit similar to the previous option we’ve told you about. Choosing ingredients to crush is totally up to you. Actually, it’s comparably an easier and more available solution. After all, not everyone keeps mortar and pestle in their house. Besides, it’s cheaper as well.

Using Box Graters

When you’re asking for an alternative that has to be good enough to do the job of a blender but has to be versatile at the same time, then we’d say go for box graters. As they come with four sides, you’ve got the total freedom of controlling the size of the outcome whether it’s fine or coarse.

Some of them even come with blades where you can shave thin slices. Just make sure that you’re being careful while grating. Otherwise, you might hurt your knuckles.

Professional Box Grater

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Alternative Blenders


  • The options we’ve told you about don’t need any power or electricity to do their job.
  • These options are comparatively less pricey than a blender.
  • None of these need any major skill level for getting the work done.
  • They are all just too easy to clean, at least easier than cleaning an entire blender.


  • All of these alternatives are time-consuming. You might be able to do things faster but not as fast as a blender.
  • You need to put some physical effort to get things done

Final Words

We’ve been letting ourselves slip into technology so much that we’ve forgotten a ton of manual things including how to blend without a blender.

But you’re never too late to learn new things. We hope you’ve figured out now after reading this article what to do if your blender goes rogue on you and you still need blending.

Note: If the above methods can't satisfy you to do your blending task properly without a blender, There is no way to avoid getting a blender. You can check the following reviews based on your purpose of use.

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