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10 Best Blender Food Processor Combos 2023 – Top Models Reviewed

Yes, it is practical. You can have nutritious drinks and get your foods to cook processed with the same appliance. You just need the best blender food processor combo to enjoy your preferred beverages, dips, and relishing food. See the fantastic kitchen appliance that combines a blending machine with a food processor in your next visit to the local store. There are plenty of products in the market and this fact is evidence of the spiralling popularity of the appliance under discussion.

But this is a challenge to reach the right blender food processor given the overwhelming number of the products and models trying to reach out to you. That requires you to be knowledgeable on the target product or seek expert opinion on that.

This article will serve the latter purpose the best. We have conducted thorough research and cross-check what the users tell after using a particular unit. These 10 blender food processor combo reviews are the ultimate rundown of hours spent on browsing blog articles, Youtube videos and ransacking physical stores.

Therefore, you can rely on any one of the reviewed units here. But you must know the primary factors to make a flawless match between what you need and which specifications can answer your need. Our buying guide covering the crucial considerations for a successful purchase of the said unit will prove to be an effective deal maker in this regard.

Those who run a very hectic daily routine can have an overview of the top 10 blender food processor combos from the comparison table below.

2. Best Affordable Pick: Oster Pro 1200 Blender Combo

3. Best for Professional Use: Ninja Mega Kitchen BL771 Blender

4. Best High Performance Pick: Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa

10. Lifetime Guaranteed Pick: Oster BLSTVB-104-000 Versa Pro

In-Depth Reviews of 10 Best Food Processor Blender Combos

1. Best Overall: Ninja BL770 Blender/Food Processor

Technical Specs:
  • 1500 Watts motor 
  • 5 program settings
  • 72oz crushing Jar, 64oz Food Processing bowl, & two16oz cups
  • 9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 dimensions
  •  9.2 Pounds weight
Ninja BL770 Auto-iQ Base Blender

This Ninja Blender is entirely in line with the design and performance the top quality combo should be. The Ninja BL770 blender processor is what can satisfy you with mixing, processing, and blending of what you want.

The best blender food processor stands unbeatable for mixing dough to shaking smoothing in a short while. And thus shortens your kitchen time and cut down your cooking fatigue.

It will be perfect to call it a high-powered blender as it comes backed by a 1500-Watt motor. This much power is just robust for a blender food processor and verifies the rapid result it gives you. The giant motor shaves your kitchen hours and labor by blending smoothies and processing vegetables and dough way faster than the rivals.

So you can invest your saved food preparation time elsewhere necessary. For a matching bowl capacity, the giant food processor bowl of 64 oz is what ably challenges a large amount of food processing without hassle.

Multiple blades cater to various types and categories of food processing. The magic blender and food processor combo accomplishes high-frequency blending jobs with the 4-blade/6-blade option for dessert/bread making dough blades. And for having personal or single-serving drinks with the regular blade option is also there. And shifting from one blade option to another is more convenient than it seems. You cannot miss the family size jar while describing it.

Why Are We Impressed?

  • Suitable for all cooking needs
  • Robust motor for high-power food processing
  • Plastic jar very easy to clean and a space saver
  • Perfect for both single and family use
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free food processing

What Could Be Better?

  • Noisy when operating in high speed
  • The warranty period is comparatively shorter

Our Verdict: Ninja (BJ770) Mega Kitchen System is the perfect blender processor combo for ultimate satisfaction in kitchen chores. Nobody can ignore the cutting prowess and capacity offered by this kitchen appliance.

2. Affordable Pick: Oster Pro 1200 Blender Processor Combo 

Technical Specs:
  • 1200W motor
  • 7 speed settings
  • 3 program settings
  • 6 cup glass jar, 5 cup processing bowl, and 24oz smoothie cup.
  • 7.25 x 8 x 14.25 inches dimension 
  • 13.4 pounds weight
Oster 1200 Pro Glass Jar Blender

Are you looking for the blender processor machine that can prepare delicious smoothies and freshening sorbets? Then, the Oster Pro 1200W blender is the right choice and pulverizing greens, blending frozen fruits, and crushing ices are just breeze with this robust juicer.

Oster BLSTMB-CBF-000 glass jar blender offers dual direction cutting technology and so the reverse kick frees the glass jar from jam-up. This kitchen blender food processor combo of power and innovative feature eases your food processing fatigue.

And the extra-large 6-point blades ensure to blend fruits and mince vegetables into the desired thickness. You will feel no air pocket in the mix.

The seven different speed settings allow you to prepare various types of foods. With a finger tap control, you may have salsa, milkshakes, smoothies, and beverages that you relish most. The pre-programmed speed settings backed by 1200 W blend things at the speed you need and keep consistent with your savor.

The on-the-go cup offers 24 oz capacity that can carry the processed item to the gym or work. A perfect match, the processor bowl that is pretty convenient to chop, slice, and shred food items with ease and quickness.

Not to ignore the confident 10-year warranty and the non-toxic BPA-free bowl to give you earth-friendly food processing.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • 3 pre-programmed setting and seven speeds
  • Non-toxic bowl and Smart Technology
  • Precision Blending with robust power and Dual Direction Blade System
  • Extra-wide 3.5" blades for smoother and quicker processing
  • Dishwasher safe glass jar with 6 cup capacity

What Could Be Better?

  • Left-out in unreachable tighter space causes rusting
  • Too loud noise while running at high speed

Our Verdict: This is a go-to blender food processor combination for the considerable power, innovative technology, lengthy warranty, and multi-speed setting. You can enjoy wide varieties of textures in your food and drinks.

3. Best for Professional Use: Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 Combo

Technical Specs:
  • 1500W motor
  • 3 speed settings
  • 5 program settings
  • 72oz pitcher, 64oz processing bowl, & 3 extra cups bowl
  • 9.5 x 8.25x 17.75 inches dimension 
  • 9.2 pounds weight
Ninja BL771 Mega Kitchen Blender

Any Ninja Kitchen system is perfectly able to replace at least many kitchen appliances – blender, food processor and additional bowl. And the BL771 Ninja Blender combo is not the difference in terms of power, performance, and convenience. Instead, this model provides you with an extra 3-cup bowl.

1500 watt of motor power enables this mega kitchen system to handle numerous tasks in a matter of seconds. Saving your food processing time and labor, you can be attentive elsewhere in the kitchen – to cook, serve, and savor delicious dishes. 

Crushing frozen fruits and blending ice is now a breeze with Ninja BL771 combo at your disposal. Thanks to the Total Crushing technology that has made this best blender and food processor combo an unbeatable professional-grade powerhouse.

The blades are powered to pulverize whole fruits, vegetables, and thick ice. And you get mouth-watering sauces, smoothies, and dips the moment you feel them.

Huge capacity is to process food without other container eases the fatigue in chopping and dough prep.

How can you ignore the Nutri Ninja Technology that ensures beverages enriched with vitamins, fibre, and other food values? The innovative technology offers you cool and smooth cups with the texture of fruits, greens, and ice cubes.

What Pros Did We Find?

  • High-power and professional quality kitchen system
  • 72oz huge-capacity blender featured with Total crushing Technology
  • Extra-large bowl for chopping and dough creation
  • Professional Nutri Ninja cups for vitamin and nutrient extraction
  • 1-year long warranty

What Cons Did We Find?

  • Not great for blending fibrous foods
  • Smoothie cup stays stuck to the bottom

Our Verdict: A great performer, time saver, and robust food processor in your kitchen. The combo is as admirable as advertised and so an excellent replacement for the old or used one.

4. High Performance Pick: Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa Blender

Technical Specs:
  • 1100W motor
  • 7 years extended warranty
  • 64oz tritan jar, 5 cup FP bowl, & two 20oz cups
  • 9 x 8 x 17.5 inches dimension
  • 13 lb weight
Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa Blender

Let's first blow out the confusion between the two nearly identical models – Oster Versa BLSTVB_103-000 and Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-RV0. The latter is more powerful to offer the users a quick vitamin intake. But the former has the edge of being a combo of blender and food processor.

Moreover, the single-serving attachment makes this kitchen appliance an unavoidable versatile food processing machine.

However, 1100 watt of power is not something to undermine and empowers to perform a wide variety of tasks. And the 64 oz jar is always busy to prepare smoothies, juice, and desserts to its fill.

The best multi purpose blender food processor can ably crush and pulverize through hard, soft, frozen, and hot ingredients without showing a sign of weakness. Rather, the S-blades mash potatoes and puree baby food to churn out hummus and prestos without any chunk left. Not to go longer, Oster 1100-watt performance blender excels in chopping greens, making nut butter, kneading dough, and nut milk mixture.

Oster BLSTVB-103-000 comes with 3-speed settings and 2 pre-programmed features. By regulating dialling knob, you can blend ingredients and process food at what speed you require - low, medium, and high speed. The On/Off button is there to activate or switch off the machine. Moreover, you can stop it at your will even before the preset time.

The two secondary upsides you will prefer are the smooth operation and the easy-clean jar and bowls. You can clean those conveniently with a dishwasher.

Positive Sides

  • Supreme quality blade assembly and stainless steel blades
  • Three premium quality containers with to-go lids
  • Compatible and replaceable accessories and attachments
  • Decent performance and versatile functionality
  • Well-built body and parts
  • 7-year long confident warranty statement

Negative Sides

  • Too many accessories to store conveniently
  • Noisy enough but an underlay rubber mat may reduce the intensity

Our Verdict: Excellent blending, decent food processing, and making quick smoothies are the rewards from Oster 1100-watt kitchen assistant. Moreover, it is well-built and powerful to serve longer and work faster.

5. Best Premium Pick: Nutri Ninja NN102 Blender Food Processor

Technical Specs:
  • 1200W motor
  •  7 program settings
  • Two 24oz tritan cups, FP Bowl & 2 sprout lids
  • 2 manual programs 
  • 5 Auto IQ Programs
Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo Auto-iQ Blender

With Nutri ninja in the scene, the buying considerations go narrower. You already know the quality, power, and performance the brand is known for. Ninja Nutri nn102 duo blender is exceptional to the manufacturer-inspired trend of getting bigger day by day. 

The blender and food processor introduced by this brand are prominent for their versatility, numerous options, and preferable colors.

Therefore, if you are after a great Ninja Kitchen system deal, this Nutri Ninja Bowl Duo NN102 should be a prime consideration. Far away from being a gimmick, this exceptional kitchen appliance is a worthy combo of a blender and an actual food processor.

Speak of the blender side; you will be preparing single-serving smoothies in the 24-ounce cup. And able functionality of Chopping, pureeing, mixing dough, and more makes the NN102 blender food processor combo a go-to food processor. There comes the high-power 1200 Watt motor to make all the said functions possible.

The preset controls are the result of the Nutrininja-exclusive Auto IQ Technology. And you can watch it start, stop, and start again automatically so long recipes like frozen dessert and mixing dough are being processed. Your job is to select from the preset function and after that, you are hands-free to engage elsewhere. Not to miss, the compact bowls are a cleaning and maintenance comfort.

Positive Sides We Found

  • Bigger, sturdier, and thicker blades of a quality food processor
  • Deeper seal into the lid to avoid minimal leak
  • Powerful motor to match a 2-in-1 kitchen appliance
  • Compact and easy-to-clean smoothie cups
  • 1-year warranty

Drawbacks We Found

  • Too small to be an ideal family size kitchen system

Our Verdict: This is a go-to option for the powerful motor, versatile machine, compact design, and innovative technology.

6. Best Versatile Pick: Hamilton Beach 58149 Power Elite Blender

Technical Specs:
  • 12 blending option
  • 3 years warranty period
  • 700W motor
  • 2 program settings
  • Multiple colors option available
Hamilton Beach 58149 Power Elite Blender

Hamilton beach elite blender has arrived to throw your worries far away. Now chunk and runny texture in the food is a gone matter. This is a blender with sharp blades that processes your meals to ensure a more natural life. Therefore, the consistency in food is guaranteed when this glass jar blender-come-processor assists you.

As many as 12 blending options allow you to decide for your chosen and required types of blender. You will find very few blenders to offer such a wide range. 

Therefore, Hamilton 58149 Power elite blender gives a competitive advantage, the right texture, while keeping consistent about the ingredients.

The speed variant kitchen aid is featured with wave-action technology. While you can have chunky fruit mixing and properly textured smoothies with the speed variations, you can pull down any tough ingredient by turning the wave-action technology on. Adjustment of speeds are a breeze thanks to the two-speed pulse operation mode that helps you adjust the settings accurately.

The premium quality stainless steel blades match the sturdy construction. You just need to be careful of water being wiped after use to bar staining and rusting. To ease your tension, the BPA-free non-toxic material is to eliminate the scope of both the staining and rusting.

Good Sides

  • Several color options to match your kitchen aesthetics
  • Able to maintain food consistency and produce even mixture
  • 12 blending options
  • Speed variations and Wave-Action Technology
  • 3-year long confident warranty
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free product


  • Moving and readjusting the lid is a bit tough
  • Exposure to water may rust and stain

Our Verdict: You can go for this best food processor blender combo right away if you want a kitchen appliance to shave cooking time and save money. The low price does for the mediocre quality.

7. Best for Smoothies: Cuisinart BFP-650GM Velocity Ultra Trio Blender

Technical Specs:
  • 1 horsepower(750W) motor
  • 4 speed settings
  • 56oz plastic jar, 2 in 1 Food Processor bowl, & 2 extra lids
  • 3 colors option available 
  • 3 years warranty
Cuisinart BFP-650GM Velocity Ultra Trio Blender

When you want a full-fledged blender for overall performance, the Cuisinart BPF-650 blender can be a typical consideration. If you just keep aside the low-power (compared with the fellow models reviewed here) motor, the other features will stand an excellent chance to compete with the leading blender products.

You have removable blades that you can detach when not in use and clean easily and conveniently. The seven cup capacity is something the premium-grade food processor offers to chop, mix the dough, and cutting greens in a hassle-free manner. To add, 16 oz jar is a complementary capacity.

The four-speed setting let you prepare different textures in the blended mix. The preferable or required speed selection ensures proper use of the machine. The pulse is just to make things even more convenient.

Touch button controls are great to maneuver the functionality and get your desired action done at your will. What makes this best blender processor combo stands out is the stainless steel jar. You can maintain it with ease and another big upside is that it will not scratch or break at fall or drop.

Yes, the 1 horsepower (750 watts) motor is weaker compared to rival the high-end products but enough to serve the kitchen services a blender is meant for. And the 3-year warranty is evident in the product quality.

What Set It Apart?

  • Touch button operation for more controls
  • Blending tasks made easy by the 4-speed settings
  • Additional accessories – food processor and 16oz jar
  • Huge capacity and personal attachment
  • 3-year long warranty

What Is Not Ideal About It?

  • Reported to be to noise and left chunks of vegetables

Our Verdict: This unit is super convenient to clean with detachable blades and excellent for smoothies and crushing icy chunks. An Overall good kitchen system to go for.

8. Best Cheap: Oster BCCG08-RFP-NP9 8-Speed Blender

Technical Specs:
  • 450 Watts motor
  • 8 speed settings
  • 6 cups glass jar 
  • 3 cups food processor jar
  • 9 x 13.6 x 14.5 inches dimension
  • 9.45 pounds
  • 10 years extended warranty
Oster BCCG08-RFP-NP9 8-Speed Blender

A kitchen system that is a combination of a blender and food processor provides you with endless possibilities. Oster rapid blend 8-speed blender is meant to be a perfect combo of the both. This blender is simple and impressive red color adds to the overall kitchen look.

The 450 watt of motor power works great to prepare any recipe you want. And making any of them is fun as the power meets the push-button controls. 

The 8-speed settings let you match the operating speeds with what you want to process or blend. Therefore, your choice can be as varied as mix, Smoothie, and milkshake. Not to limit here, Chopping and pureeing are a matter of custom speed selection.

The all in one mixer blender food processor wins over the rivals by dint of the Duralast All-Metal Drive. Now, your kitchen system can outlast worthy competitors in terms of not only lasting quality but its performance as well. Backed by a super confident 10-year warranty, Oster BCCG08-RFP-NP9 can blend 10,000 smoothie servings.

The stainless-steel sharp blades give the stiffest ice cubes the fiercest crushing along with chopping vegetables and pulverizing other tough substance food like peanut, almonds, pecans, and coffee beans. Therefore, to savor your desired juice mix is a thing to just wish for it.

What We Liked

  • Dishwasher safe, scratch-resistant, and Huge-capacity glass jar
  • Thermal-shock tested food processor to withstand both steam and frost
  • Durable All-metal machine body
  • 8 speed-settings and dual-direction blade speed
  • 10-year long warranty testifies the product quality

What We Didn’t Like

  • Noisy but a powerful performer

Our Verdict: This Oster 6-cup blender means business on top of an eye-catching look, beautiful and vibrant red color. It will work in your kitchen party after party and year after year.

9. Most Versatile Blender: Cuisinart BFP-10CH Duet Blender Food Processor

Technical Specs:
  • 500 Watts motor
  • 7 speed settings
  • 56oz glass jar
  • 3 cups food processing bowl
  • 8.45 x 6.75 x 15.5 inches dimension 
  • 2 pounds
  • LED indicators and 3 years warranty
Cuisinart BFP-10CH Duet Blender Food Processor

This 500-watt Cuisinart Blender food processor combo is a versatile and powerful kitchen system. The motor is powered enough to grind tough substances and blend fruits and greens along with mixing dough.

On top of the 56-ounce jar made of premium glass, the additional 3-cup food-processor has made chopping vegetables, onions, and peppers more convenient.

Therefore, you can go for it as a total blending and food-processing solution besides recommending it to friends.

The LED indicators increase operating control and comfort. More to add, there is a big On/Off button and 7 preset speeds for the versatile jobs and desired performance. Construction and design are just to increase your kitchen comfort and aesthetics.

In line with the factors said above, the feed tube, pusher, shredding disc, and the blades will make blending, Chopping, and grinding a fun. The 3-cup work bowl is at your service when the food processor mode is on.

To speak of cleaning and maintenance convenience, you cannot but mention the dishwasher compatible body parts that make maintenance easier. And the chord storage will let you connect to the power source at will and won't act as an attachment hassle.

Why Are We Impressed?

  • Long-lasting and easy to use
  • LED indicators to run at a finger-tip tap
  • 7 speeds for versatility
  • Easy-to-clean body parts
  • Built to North American standard
  • 3-year long warranty boasts

What Could Be Better?

  • Motor reported to go dead in 6 months, but there is a review that it lasts a good ten years.

Our Verdict: This is a great food processor offering exceptional conveniences. So many speed settings will turn your mode on when you think of the versatile job it can perform. Unique in crushing ice cubes to its perfection.

10. Lifetime Guaranteed Pick: Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Blender Food Processor

Technical Specs:
  • 1100 Watts motor
  • 7 speed settings
  • 8 cups & 4 cups 2 BPA free jar, two 20oz lids, and one food processing bowl
  • 14.2 x 11.2 x 17.7 inches dimension
  • 14.8 lbs weight
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Oster BLSTVB-104-000 Versa Pro Blender

Let's conclude our review with this Oster Versa BLSTVB-104-000 mini jar food processor. That blender food processor combo will be a genuine favor to yourself, if you buy this combo of blender and food processor machine.

Making smoothies, milkshakes, and whole juices are quite easy now as the 1100-watt power input powers this blender. The power gets the complementary cutting prowess – the sharp blades.

Moreover, the technology known to be Dual Direction Blade performs wonder. The revolving blades can alternate both clockwise and anti-clockwise to draw objects towards them.

You can manually set the function for what you want the blender to do for you. But the pre-programmed settings are ready to work at your selected command. So try varieties of items at just a push on the button set for a particular recipe.

And you don't need to worry about how long it will serve you. The All-metal Drives is guaranteed satisfaction for a lifetime. And you can rest assured with peace of mind. The huge capacity 8-cup jar is dishwasher safe and made of BPA-free durable plastic.

Control, durability, versatility, and power are the fruits you will reap with the Oster Versa Pro deal. What more do you want from your kitchen system?

Mentionable Pros

  • Durable, non-toxic plastic, and dishwasher-safe jar
  • Powerful enough to crush objects to its perfection
  • Dual direction blade for optimum blending
  • Huge capacity and versatile food processing
  • Full operating control with manual and auto-mated program setting
  • Lengthy connecting cord for added operating convenience
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Mentionable Flaws

  • Plastic parts reported failing after short use

Our Verdict: This is a smart buy for great power, performance, and control. Some customer reviews can discourage you but most others have rated it to be a great one. Overall, a nice combo of blender and processor.

Considerations While Buying A Blender Food Processor Combo

Given that all the kitchen units of blender food processor combos are the top quality products, buying any one of them will do for your job. Now, the point is that budget, Size/capacity, speed-setting, motor power, material, accessories, and warranty matter a lot.

Knowing about all the considerations is crucial to reach the right product that will best answer your requirement. Let's brief all the mentioned factors so that you can make an informed decision. How much should you go out from your wallet to get the best intake in your stomach?


Blender food processor is a powerful appliance in need of a powerful motor that serves the purpose best. If the motor is not powerful enough, you may have to gobble smoothies with chunk left in it or vegetables and others not properly chopped or minced. Worst enough, a weaker motor can damage your blades beyond repair. 

Conversely, if the blending and food processing requirement is medium; you don't need the most robust motor. A go-between option is 700 Watt that will serve both blending and processing purposes the best. Nearly all the blender food processor combo reviews, except one, offer a motor wattage much higher than the suggested minimum.

Jar Size

Size refers to the main blending jar. A higher volume jar will let you prepare more servings of the smoothies, lemonades, and other items at one go. The high capacity jars in this article are recommended for those who will take an all in one mixer blender food processor for a family.

So far the food processing involves, you need a high capacity extra bowl to chop and mince vegetables and other things. All the units discussed here offer extra food processing bowl.


Speed-setting is innovative engineering on the part of the manufacturer. It is a popular feature that will allow the user to select the blending or processing speed as per the task you are up to. Say, you never need the same speed in crushing ice cubes, pulverizing frozen fruits and chopping vegetables.

The units here are featured with up 6, 7, and 8 speed-setting so that users may operate at the speed your target task requires. Multi-speed settings will save your utility bill and increase appliance life as you don't have to run at the max speed for anything and everything.

But when you go for units featured with speed-settings, try to select the unit offering at least 4 settings. And the rule of thumb, in this case, is, "the more, the better."


The best multi purpose blender food processor is the one if the machine body made of All-metal Drive and almost all our blender processor combos are so. So far jar/pitcher is involved; you may select steel, glass, or plastic. Everyone comes with their respective upside and downside.

A steel pitcher is the sturdiest one and will not break at sudden drop or fall. But it will increase the overall weight of the unit, making shifting a bit tougher. The glass jar is easy to clean but will break at a simple drop or fall. And the plastic jar may not break at the slide and is dishwasher-safe but tends to crack easily.

Advanced Features/Accessories

The most advanced feature is the dual-direction blade technology. This is very effective in drawing the objects within the range of the moving blades. Otherwise, it takes time or occasional manual jerks for the fruits, vegetables, and other to go inside the cutting circle. Objects with tough substances tend to remain in their place, but when reverse direction happens, they can't help enter the crushing or mincing range.

Many consider that the safety feature is a secondary consideration. According to us, you should put it in line with the basic features because a careless move may slice your finger open. But a unit featured locking facility will save you from the unwanted mishap. You may think that carefulness may do for the absence of the locking, but what about the ever-curious children.

Yes, accessories are a secondary preference but may prove very useful. Additional processing bowl, extra set blades, and cord storage option fall to this category.

Warranty & Budget

The frequent tasks to deal with this kitchen system will determine the power, capacity, and features of your target blender processor combo. And they will determine the budget. While you should not go for exclusive features you may not need, you should not go for too essential thinking that any product with blades will serve the purpose. Don't forget that it is cutting prowess and crushing ability you should be after. And you don't want smoothies with chunk left in it and veggies not appropriately minced.

Yes, the longer warranty does not always stand for the better quality of the product. But it certainly encourages you to go for a product you know little or zero about. It guarantees that you can replace or reject depending on your user experience.

Best Overall Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender and food processor


How to use any blender food processor safely?

Using a blender is not that tough. Even kids can efficiently use mixers if trained adequately on safety hazards. Follow these three instructions and you are pretty safe.

  • Plug/unplug the blender in dry hands
  • Turn off it before you start stirring up
  • Never insert anything inside the blender while running
  • Put the safety lock on

Why do you need a blender food processor combo in your kitchen?

Blenders find it essential in either place – i) home or ii) commercial kitchens. We use it for varieties of tasks like making smooth purées, milkshakes, and mixing cocktails. And the circle is full when you can use the same blender for chopping vegetables, fruits, and peppers.

Are a blender and a food processor the same?

A blender is meant for liquid drinks and unbeatable to prepare things such as smoothies, soups, and sauces. A food processor also works in the kitchen for tasks that require more time and labor but the function is the same.

For example, mixing dough, slicing vegetables, grinding almonds, and more are the kitchen chores done by the food processor. With blenders becoming more capable equipped with more power, they can do much more than blending. If they are not exactly the same but they are identical.

Wrapping Up

You have reached the concluding part of this article is evident that you have already come across the top 10 blender food processor combos in the industry. They are the perfect answers to all your concern about smoothies without chunks and delicious food with savoring texture. 

You just have to be a bit subjective by picking the unit that can serve your specific menus and tastes. That will be the right and best blender food processor combo for you. And with the right one, you can have a happy kitchen time, healthy life, and high values for your money.

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