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How Many Ounces In A Blender Bottle?

When looking for shaker bottles that will be your go-to companion from home to the gym to the workplace, you surely think about all the factors. And Blender Bottle has you covered in every way with its expansive product line.

But what about the size? Does the right size matter? Well, yes, indeed! Getting a bottle that’s way bigger for you to carry along or a small one that’s insufficient for your daily protein shake intake is not something worth spending money on.

So, how many ounces in a blender bottle? We are here to elaborate on that. And you’ll find a chart that includes different series of blender bottles with their sizes at the end of the article.

Whether you are a pro athlete or a regular workout kind of guy, a bottle blender makes a great addition to your everyday use appliances. It’s convenient, fast, and portable.

And among the factors that contribute to making the suitable shaker bottle purchase, size is indeed an important one. The popular shaker bottle brand Blender Bottles manufactures products in a wide range of sizes.

And they vary from 20 to 45 ounces. The 20-oz and 28-oz are typically considered standard-sized ones that you can use to make protein shakes, hydrated fruit juice, smoothies, pancake batter, scrambled eggs, and so much more.

If you need more of the protein shake to keep you go through the day, feel free to go with the larger 32 or 45-ounce bottles.

Different Series Of Blender Bottles

Blender Bottles has divided its vast array of products into four core series, each with a set of features tailored to a specific range of users.

Let’s have a quick look at them.

Different Series Of Blender Bottles

1. The Classics

This series represents a line of products suitable for people buying shaker bottles for the first time. With a simple design, these bottles are affordable and serve you everything that you would expect from a shaker bottle.

They come primarily come in 3 different sizes, 20, 28, and 32 ounces.

2. The SportMixers

SportMixers include 2 different bottle sizes, 20 and 28 ounces. With order-free material, these bottles make excellent companions for any stylish sportsman or fashion-conscious fitness freak.

The bottles are available in two styles: grip and sleek. While the sleek ones are comfortable to use and carry, grips are better suited for hyperactive personas.

3. The Pro Series

With exclusive features like leakage-free lids, odor-resistant material, and a protective spout gaurd, this series is most suited for pro athletes. It includes sizes like 22, 32, and 45 ounces.

You can also find one with added stacks to store protein powder, pills, and snacks.

4. The Radian Series

The Radian series includes bottles of sizes 26, 28, and 32 ounces and has a slightly different spout design as well.

Also, the materials differ. While the 26-oz bottle is of stainless steel, the other two are of glass and Tritan, respectively.

Table for The Different Series Of Blender Bottles with Their Uses



Purpose To Use For


Classic & SportMixer

  • Drinking only a cup shake
  • Carrying it around



  • For stacking snakes along with shake



  • Keeping your drink insulated


Classic, Radian, & SportMixer

  • Using as water bottles
  • Drinking more shakes
  • Carrying outdoors


Classic, Radian, & Pro 

  • Fulfilling your serious thirst
  • Carrying to the gym
  • If you are an athlete



  • If you are an athlete
  • If you need more shakes per day

What Size Blender Bottle Should I Get?

While choosing the right size blender bottle depends on your personal preference, there are other factors to consider as well. And asking yourself some questions like how much shake you need to drink in a day and how big of a bottle you are comfortable carrying around would help in choosing the right fit.

A 20-oz classic bottle will do if you don’t drink more than a small cup of shake a day. It’s also a convenient size to choose if you are buying for the first time. Or if you wanna have one to use as a water bottle, too, go with the 28-oz SportMixer one.

For stacking snakes and supplements along with your shake, you can have the 22-oz Pro. And if you are more comfortable drinking from glass containers, feel free to have to 28-oz glass one. 

Wrap Up

To wrap up, choosing a blender bottle size comes down to your preference and need. But how many ounces in a blender bottle? Well, they have a wide range of sizes that are sorted into various categories to serve different purposes for different people.

Hope our detailed discussion on the blender bottle size helps you find the one suited for your purpose.

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