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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee without Using Blender

Bulletproof coffee is a unique style of coffee with tons of health benefits such as increased effectiveness of the keto diet. You may have seen people making bulletproof coffee with a blender but that’s not the only way. Here we will show you how to make bulletproof coffee without blender in easy steps.

If you don't have a blender or you are somewhere where a blender is not accessible, this easy method will help you overcome that problem. Apart from the main ingredients coffee, unsalted butter, and MCT oil, you could use a frother or a shaker bottle to make the bulletproof coffee.

Below you will find the complete guide on the bulletproof coffee recipe without blender and other helpful tips. Without further ado, let's jump in.

Bulletproof coffee is a combination of freshly brewed coffee and blends of other ingredients like grass-fed butter/ghee and MCT oil. When you drink it while on the Keto diet or doing intermittent fasting, the nutrition in the coffee helps you go longer without eating. The fat in the recipe is the main ingredient that makes you feel full and active without a meal.

Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur, started the trend inspired by the Tibetan yak-butter tea. The process is pretty simple and similar to Tibetan tea. But instead of tea, you will use coffee and add a dash of MCT oil or brain octane oil. 

Do You Have to Blend Bulletproof Coffee?

In general, a blender acts as a good mixing machine whenever you have to blend multiple ingredients. But in the case of the Bulletproof coffee recipe, all the ingredients are in some sort of liquid form. So why need a blender for that?

If you know how butter reacts with water, it’s pretty hard to mix butter or any oil for that matter. Even if you use warm water the butter tends to float on top. If you take a sip from that cup you will only taste the butter which is not a pleasant taste.

So to mix everything consistently and for better taste, you will need a good bulletproof coffee blender. Don't worry, blender isn't the only option to mix these ingredients completely. There are other methods like using an electric frother, or a simple flask/jar with a whisker.

Ingredients To Make Bulletproof Coffee without Using Blender

  • Freshly brewed Coffee ( 8.5 ounces or 250 ml)
  • Unsalted Butter/Grass-fed butter/Ghee (1 tablespoon)
  • MCT oil (1 teaspoon)

Optional Ingredients:

  • 100% cacao unsweetened
  • Sugar Free maple syrup
  • Xylitol for sweetness without adding too much carb

Making Bulletproof Coffee Without A Blender in 3 Steps

Although Blender is a very common appliance in most households, there could be a time when you can not use one. You could be in a hotel with access to a blender, or your blender has issues. In any of these cases, you could still make bulletproof coffee; no blender is needed.

Step 1: Preparing the coffee

No matter what coffee type you are into, black coffee or espresso is just fine for the recipe. If your coffee has ground in them, it's best to strain them before you move on to the next step.

Preparing the coffee

Step 2: Putting ingredients

Once you have brewed your fresh coffee you are ready to put the rest of the ingredients. For convenience, pour the coffee into a bigger jar/bottle that has tight seal lids. Now put the rest of the ingredients(unsalted butter, MCT oil & flavors) in the jar and seal the lead.

Step 3: Mixing 

After you pull all the ingredients into the jar, it’s time to shake it well. As you are mixing these ingredients manually, you have to be very patient and do the work. That means shaking the jar for a couple of minutes.

Alternate Method (Frother):

If shaking manually seems too much work, there is another method you can try.

Have you seen electrical frother in action? That little frothing machine is more than handy when you have to mix various drinks, especially coffee.

Mixing the bulletproof coffee

So, If you don't have a blender or shaking manually isn't your thing, then the frother is the next best thing for you. You just put everything in the jar and use the frother for a minute or so. Viola! Your foamy bulletproof coffee is ready.

Pro Tips for Making Bulletproof Coffee

For a simple recipe like this you don't need a lot of tips to make a perfect cup of bulletproof coffee.

Then again, if you are new to making bulletproof coffee, these will help you better understand the process and avoid mistakes.

Here are the pro tips for making bulletproof coffee without the blender.

Tips for Making Bulletproof Coffee
  • Always strain your coffee before mixing butter and MCT oil.
  • Do not wait or take too much time to make bulletproof coffee as it will significantly reduce the final temperature. One way to avoid that is to brew your coffee in high heat without burning the flavor.
  • Go easy on the butter/ghee. In most cases 1 tbsp is enough for single serving coffee.
  • This also goes with the MCT oil. Adding extra MCT oil may cause digestion problems.
  • Be Careful if you pour hot coffee in a mason jar. Tempered jars are usually best for handling hot liquids.
  • Although bulletproof coffee possesses a lot of nutritional benefits, you should start your day with water regardless.
  • Do not add any ingredients that have too much carbs like sweetener if you want to get the full benefits.
  • Add a spring whisker in the jar to mix everything efficiently and quickly.
  • Add 100% cacao in the mix that doesn't have sugar in it to increase the strength of your bulletproof coffee.

Nutritional value of Bulletproof Coffee

The bulletproof coffee is popular for boosting energy, focus, mood, and making you feel full for an extended period of time. If you are on a keto diet the fat, minerals and vitamins in the drink provide tremendous nutritional value and put you in a weight losing state.

Below you will find a rough estimation of the overall nutritional value of 1 cup Bulletproof coffee.

Calorie count:

  • 1 cup coffee: 1-2 calories
  • 1 tbsp Butter/ghee: 100-150 calories
  • 1 tsp MCT oil: 100-130 calories
  • 1 tsp 100% cacao: 6 calories
  • 1 tsp xylitol : 5 calories

Tolat calorie count: 250- 280 calories

  • Fat : 25- 35 g
  • Sugar: <5 g


Is bulletproof coffee good for weight loss?

The MCT oil and ghee/butter in the bulletproof coffee increase metabolic activity. The healthy fat in the blend also provides enough energy and stamina to go without food for a longer time. In result, you will lose weight significantly without much strain on your health.

Can you fast with bulletproof coffee?

Fasting with bulletproof coffee is an effective way to increase your endurance and maintain insulin level. The fat and other nutrition in the coffee also helps retain vital function without the need to break your fast.

Can you drink bulletproof coffee if you are on a keto diet?

Bulletproof coffee is an ideal drink for individuals on a keto diet. People usually drink this coffee in the morning and start the day with full energy and no carbs without a meal. And the best part is you won't feel you need a meal for a long time.

Final Thoughts

While bulletproof coffee possesses great health benefits, know that drinking it more won't give you enhanced effect. It's best to know your limit and drink responsibly. Hope our guide will help you how to make bulletproof coffee without blender and take advantage of this wonderful drink.

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