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How To Assemble Oster Blender – Step By Step

It is not surprising that the pioneers of modern blenders Oster and Osterizer are still leading the market today. Over the years they made numerous developments but their parts assembly and designs remain the same for the sake of easy use. It only takes one look to fully grasp how to assemble an Oster blender and take it apart for cleaning.

If you are a blender veteran, a nutrition nut, or an avid home cooker, assembling and disassembling is an integral part of using a blender. So much so that it could potentially increase life span and keep vital parts in shape. And alternatively, ignoring the importance might give you an array of problems.

So, we will be talking about how you can set up your Oster blender like a pro even if it is your first time.

In summary, there are only a couple of parts that you need to assemble. Such as the lid, container, blade, O-ring, blade skirt, and the base. You just screw them one by one in order and finally place them on the base for the operation. To be honest, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

If you are still facing problems assembling an Oster blender, we have a detailed guide below for your reference. We’ll start with the parts that are essential for setting up an Oster blender.

As we said Oster tried to keep the assembly process of their blender as familiar and easy as possible. The parts you will see in your Oster blender are roughly the same in other models as well. So if you know your parts well, chances are you will also know how to set up an Oster blender with a completely different model number.

Lid: This is the topmost component of the blender. It covers the big opening of the container and makes an air-tight seal. Depending on the model, there could also be a feeder opening on the lid to push ingredients safely. In some models, the feeder cap also works as a measuring cup.

Container: The large jug you see is the main container to blend your fruits and vegetables. There could be another small on-the-go smoothie container with one side opening.

O-Ring: A special rubber ring that sits between the container and the blade to prevent leaking and make a perfect seal.

Blade: Standard Oster blade with four sharp fins. Depending on the model your blade fin can be either 2 or 4.

Blade skirt: This is where the blade sits and makes solid contact with the motor drive.

Base: The base is the lower part of the blender including the motor, control panel, and bottom stands.

Common Parts In The Oster Blender

Steps To Assemble Your Oster Blender

We have learned the name of each component and now it’s time to assemble. One thing to remember, your Oster blender will only perform as great as you assemble it. It means the components must assemble the correct way. Any loose fit may result in spilling or leaking. So what’s the correct way to assemble the Oster blender?

The loose components of the Oster blender are the O-ring, blade, and jar nut. If you can fit these all together in an appropriate manner, you have nothing to worry about.

Turn The Jar Upside Down

Installing the O-ring is a pretty simple task. But if you are going to install it from the lower, chances are it won’t be a proper fit. One way to get around this is to turn the blender jar upside down and work from the top.

Place The O-Ring

After you have turned the jar, gently place the O-ring on the opening. The O-ring has a groove that nicely sits on the edge of the jar opening. You don’t need to push or hold down the ring with your hand. It will fall onto the edge without any effort.

Place The Blade

Once you have placed the O-ring, the next component will be the blade. Place it on the rubber ring gently. Make sure you are not derailing the rubber gasket by pushing it. The blade will also fit nicely on the O-ring.

Placing The Oster Blender Blade

Insert The Jar Nut/Skirt

The jar nut or jar skirt is what holds the blade and O-ring with the blender jar. You have to turn the nut clockwise to tighten it. There is one crucial detail to follow. Look for any notches on the threaded nut. If you have one, try to align it with the container’s notch as you tighten it.

Place The Jar On The Blender Base

As you fit all the components together your final step would be to place the whole container onto the blender base. To fit securely, align with the notch on the base and slightly turn clockwise to lock it in place.

Placing The Jar On The Oster Blender Base
And that’s how you assemble an Oster blender properly that doesn’t leak halfway in the blending session.


How to take apart an Oster blender?

Taking apart the Oster blender is a fairly easy process. If you already know how to assemble it, just do the whole process in reverse.

In another word, take the upper portion of the blender off the base. Remove the container from the blade skirt and the O-ring.

Lastly, remove the blade itself from the blade skirt. One thing to keep in mind while taking apart your Oster blender, always remove the cable from the outlet before the disassembly process.

How to lock the container of an Oster blender?

If you look closely, you should be seeing a push tab on the corner of the blade skirt. Just align it with the base notch and gently push on onto the base of the blender. The container will lock itself with the base securely.

How to assemble Oster on the go smoothie cup?

Remove the cap from the smoothie cup and screw it clockwise onto the blade skirt along with the blade and the O-ring. The smoothie cup will make a tight seal and will be ready to make your favorite smoothie.

Wrap Up

In the end, we only hope you have a clear idea of how to assemble Oster blender safely and easily. And remember, most Oster blenders follow the same assembling process.

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