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How To Find Oster Blender Model Number

It’s very common to forget the model number of your favorite blender when you need it for a replacement part or suggest it to a friend. Alternatively, the label on the blender can also wear off due to long usage and leave you in despair. Thereafter, if you are interested in how to find Oster blender model number quickly and effortlessly, this is the right guide for you.

If you want a short answer, the next few sentences will be very crucial for you. The first thing you need to do if you are searching for the model number is to check the bottom of your Oster blender. If that doesn’t yield any results, check the manual assuming you still have that. The last thing you can do is scour the internet for the exact Oster blender image.

We have composed this step-by-step guide to inform you how to find model numbers on the Oster blender below. If you want to learn more about finding the Oster blender model number, you should read it till the end. But before we move on to that let’s see why we need the blender model number first.

There are numerous reasons you might need the exact model number of your Oster blender. Here are some examples of such instances.

Getting Support: Whenever you call the customer support of Oster or any blender company, the first thing they will ask is the model number. Because the problem you are having might have a model-specific solution. So they will need the exact model number to give you a proper solution.

Ordering parts: There are times when after long use or due to accidental damage you may need to order replacement parts for your Oster blender. In the case of Osterizer blender models, they have different series having completely different parts for each blender. That means you must know your Oster blender model for the right replacement parts.

Comparing with other models: The model number is also helpful when comparing two different blenders. That way it will be easy for you to choose the best possible option for you.

Referring to a friend: You like your Oster blender very much. So much so that you want your friends and family to have the same benefits as you. If you are trying to refer to the exact model, you need the model number.

Finding online resources: Oster has numerous blender iterations having different internal components and operation methods. If you like to find the latest findings on your specific blender, model numbers are the key to getting access to proper information.

Model-specific recipe: Due to features and mechanical limitations, not all Oster blenders are the same. Some recipes require specific rpm operation which may be available to only a certain Oster blender. Not knowing your blender model number here can put you in a disadvantageous position.

Ways To Find Oster Blender Model Number

It’s been so long since you bought your Oster blender and have been using it since without any issue. But now after years, you are having an issue and you want to inform a support executive to get a possible solution. Here is how you locate your Oster blender model number.

Checking The Bottom

In most cases, if you just look at the bottom of your Oster blender base, you can see a label listing the model number and other information.

Reading Manual

Another way you can find the model number is by reading through the blender manual. This is also helpful if the bottom label wore off due to rough use.

Internet Image Search

So you lost both the bottom label and the user manual for the blender. What now? Well, Oster usually puts their entire blender lineup under the Osterizer series. If you can scan all the images of Osterizer blender models, you might identify yours by visual traits.

Checking Purchase Receipt

If you bought this blender online, you might have the purchase receipt having blender information in your shopping account. The same goes for offline purchases. Find the receipt and you will have your model number.

Looking at the Packaging

This is more of a long shot. If you still have the blender package in your storeroom or somewhere, it can help you identify the model number.

Quick Overview for Top 5 Oster Blender Models

Model Number



Dimension (inches)


1. Oster BLSTMB-CBF-000 1200 Pro



7.2 X 8 X 14.2 

2. Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 Reverse Crush



10.2 x 8.5 x 13.8

3. Oster BLSTTS-CB2-000 Pro



11.2 x 13.6 x 10.35

4. Oster Versa Pro Series



12.1 x 16.8 x 11.6

5. Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa



9 x 8 x 17.5

Final thoughts

After reading the article, we hope you have realized finding your Oster Blender model is not that hard. Just follow our guide and you will know how to find Oster blender model number easily and with less effort.

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