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Is It Safe To Use A Mason Jar On A Blender?

It is not uncommon to have a few mason jars in your kitchen laying around that fits perfectly with your favorite blender. Interestingly, if the blades are not touching the glass, you can easily blend some smoothies and take the whole jar with you. But is it safe to use a mason jar on a blender?

In short, you can use a mason jar to substitute your blender pitcher as long as you are sure this is a tempered glass jar. In addition to that, It should not leak any liquid once it’s on the blender base. And finally, there should be ample space between the glass wall and the blade. 

Tempered glass is one of the strongest and most durable forms of glass. It’s a type of safety glass that resists pressure and heat more efficiently compared to typical glass. The main strength of this type of glass comes from the controlled heat treatment and other chemical processing.

As a result, tempered glass appliances like oven trays, bowls, and mugs withstand extreme heat, pressure, and shock.

One quick way to tell if you have tempered glass is by looking at the characteristics of the glass. Usually, tempered glass is relatively thicker and heavier. Another way to find out is to simply look at the specs/description of the jar either online or on the packaging. 

Which Blenders Fit Mason Jars Perfectly

Well, if you already own a blender that doesn't have a square opening at the bottom of the pitcher, chances are it will likely fit a mason jar nicely. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a round pitcher bottom or blade skirt that houses a mason jar adequately. Here are some blender brands that offer compatibility with the mason jars.

These are the most common blender brand that offers mason jar compatibility for their users.

How To Use A Mason Jar On A Blender

Once you have the compatible mason jar for your blender, there's not much there except following general blending rules. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to using a mason jar on a blender.

Step 1: Clean the mason jar thoroughly to wash off any off-smell and residue from the previous canning.

Step 2: Put all the ingredients in the jar. Remember never to fill the whole jar. It should have a few inches of space in between.

putting ingredients into mason jar

Step 3: Insert the blade skirt from the top of the mason jar and twist slowly so you don't miss the thread on the jar.

Step 5: Place it on the blender base and start with the lowest speed settings on the blender.

Step 6: once everything you have finished blending, remove the blade skirt along with the jar. Then remove the blade portion from the top. Now you can drink directly from the jar or add garnish and straw to your liking.

blending properly

Safety Tips For Using a Mason Jar on a Blender

  • Never fill the jar to the lid
  • Do not put hot water or ingredients in the jar
  • Always start with the slowest speed
  • Unplug the power cable before fitting blades or jar
  • Please check for leakage before blending

Ending Note

In the end, mason jars are not unbreakable. Always use your best discretion to avoid any unforeseen incident. As for the question, is it safe to use a mason jar on a blender? Tempered mason jar are the safest.

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