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Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender Review : A Professional Unit

If a blender heats up soup besides preparing savory shakes and smoothies, this should be a must addition to your kitchen. Yes, We are talking about Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender. All the wolf blender reviews will tell you the same story.

Wolf Gourmet blender excels in the four different tasks that include ice crushing, making smoothies, pureeing, and heating up soup. The high-performance blender will accomplish all the tasks that a supreme quality blender meant for. In fact, it will take your blending experience to a new level.

Wolf Gourmet Blender

     Highlighted Features

  • Highly efficient 2.4 peak HP motor
  • Sharp stainless blades
  • Four programmable pre-set modes
  • Modern LCD and countdown feature
  • Airtight lids
  • Dimensions: 7.25″ x 9″ x 17.5″
  • 64-ounce pitcher
  • 4 different colors available
  • Weight: 17.3lb
  • Five years warranty

Let us dig deep into the outstanding features, and this wolf blender review can help us in that direction.

Features and Benefits of Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender


The wolf gourmet blender has the best stainless-steel blades you’ll find in the market. Its hard metal drive body is very crucial in providing the best performance by the blender. Your ingredients will be blended at 210mph speed.

It is worrying that the motor may not support this speed? The blender has 2.4 peaks HP motor to give highest powered blending to you.

This is the perfect combination of sturdy body, robust motor power, and speed that can crush ice into snow within a short while.

Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender Overview

That is why when performance is your primary preference; you should opt for this blender without being least hesitant.

Control panel

You need to adjust many things while blending different ingredients for different types of outcomes in a blender. For that, the blender has the perfect programmable settings. It has four pre-set programmable modes. The modes refer to make soup, puree, smoothie, and crush ice.

The blades perform according to your selected commands. Not only that, but the references and time countdown will also be displayed on an LCD screen as well. Its self-timer setting will ensure the proper and perfect blending of your ingredients.

Isn’t it just a relief for you in a place like a kitchen where you may grow fatigued off and on? Think about it, how it can cut down your kitchen hours and labor with such a versatile control.


Any wolf gourmet blender review will especially mention the robust smashing of the heavy and dense ingredients with its highly powerful motor and sturdy blades. In line with the power, the premium quality blades are strong enough to cut and crush anything coming in their way.

Moreover, their friction can turn a cold soup into a steaming one pretty shortly. The blender gives you so many options to make your desired food. Relevant mention to make would be the 1-12 speed settings that let you customize the blade speed matching the ingredients and intended drinks.

The beaker of the blender is very durable. It can blend the hot soup and cold shakes very convincingly. The glass is absolutely heat resistant, shatterproof, and non-toxic. To add in line, the airtight lid resists the disturbing noise of blending.

Thus how it offers you rare and crucial compatibility for making soothing smoothies, processing food, and heating up the broth.

Convenience and comfort

The wolf gourmet blender is very successful in making your blending very easy and stressless. Thanks to the highly speedy efficient sharp stainless-steel blades. The 64-ounce ultra-sized pitcher is here to contain your ingredients for blending. With that much size, you can combine a lot of things at a time.

The efficient motor adds to the convenience and comfort as it completes any task very quickly. It not only reduces your labor but also saves your time by blending your ingredients rapidly.

The variable silver knob is incredibly responsive to let you blend manually at your preferred speed and expected outcome. What can be more convenient than that?

Multi-purpose and Easy assemble

This high-end wolf gourmet blender is one of the most versatile blenders in the market. From soup to shakes, you can prepare all the things very quickly. Apart from that, any kind of baby food, pet food, masticated food etc. can be made convincingly by the blender.

Are you worried about the setup of this high-performance blender? The wolf gourmet blender is very easy to set up or assemble. You just need to have a bit of knowledge on how to keep set things in proper order.

Compact Size and Intelligent design

It is a superb go-between blender in terms of the design and size. So far the compact size is involved; you can conveniently tuck it in the rake of your kitchen cabinet.

To talk of the design, it is designed to be efficient in blending. The pitcher is medium size, and construction or shape enables the ingredients to stay with the blades.

Even when the blades are revolving in a crazily high 210 speed, the ingredients flung across the pitcher walls roll down to the bottom where the blades are.

Post-purchase Maintenance

The cleaning after use is easy, and you can clean the left-over manually or by a thorough wash. Thus how you can keep it healthy and the pitcher will remain transparent and stainless. One downside is that you cannot put all the body parts for dish-washing.

Some body parts are not dishwasher safe. But that will no way come in your way to keep the unit well-maintained. In this connection, the shatterproof jar with the BPA-free feature will be a big help.


For a long-lasting blending service assurance without any interruption, the wolf gourmet blender has a long warranty of five years. The long guarantee is to give you the maximum assurance regarding the function and quality of the blender.

That speaks volumes for the confidence on the part of the manufacturer about their product quality.

Why Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender is a must-buy?

Wolf Gourmet blender is the best option to go for in the industry. It offers the most powerful motor, sturdy body, sharp and durable blades, handy compact size, and intelligent design. That is a total kitchen solution, and unlike other blenders, it ensures your cold soup to be hot presently.

The high price may give you the impression that you are investing not taking something for your everyday use. But the duration of service, quality of the product, and versatile tasks to be accomplished are the benefits that turn this into the best bargain in the long run. It offers a host of or combination of programs that make any task a breeze.

Having said all that, there are some factors to make improvements in. One factor that must not escape mention is the iconic indication of the function and features. If they have been written in text format, users could have handled it better for improved outcomes. The dials and icons are small enough for users in a hurry to wrongly hit another button than the intended one.

Other than that, it is the best blender for your kitchen and the high price is not at all a deal breaker.

Questions User Also Asked

Q. How can I clean the Wolf Gourmet Blender?

Answer: As said before, the wolf gourmet blender is very easy to assemble and clean. Take ¼ cup of baking soda in the wolf gourmet blender. Add 1 cup of vinegar in it. Once the bubbling of the solutions dissolves, add 2 cups of water and blend in the soup pre-set mode. It will clean the whole blender convincingly. If there remains any dirt on the blender, you can wash it by yourself with water.

Q. Does the wolf blender come with an auger?

Answer: The wolf gourmet blender has only stainless-steel blades in it. And it is the best way to make the perfect blending of the ingredients. Having an auger will disrupt the whole mixing. That's why it has no auger in it.

Q. Is the auto cleaning feature available in the Wolf Gourmet Blender?

Answer: The soup preset of the wolf gourmet blender works as the auto cleaning feature of the blender. Add water and the required supplements, and the preset soup mode will clean the whole blender convincingly.

Q. Can I make baby foods by the Wolf Gourmet blender?

Answer: The wolf gourmet blender can efficiently make the baby foods. Its highly speedy work rate can soften any meal and make it eligible for the baby to take it. The mixer can also make soup, milkshakes, fruit and vegetable smoothies, and what not.

Q. What are the differences between the models of the Wolf Gourmet Blenders?

Answer: There are 4 models of the wolf gourmet blenders i.e., 110s, 110s, 120s, and 200s. They differ in colors, dimensions, and weight. Again, each model has its color, sizes, and weight. The features are more or less the same for all the models.

Wrap Up

All your blending, grinding, and processing requirements can get aptly served when this stand-out blender is at your disposal. Whether it is to buy your first unit or replacing an old one, Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender offers the best potential.

Want to enjoy the best, delicious, nutritious, savory drinks at home and at will? Go through the Wolf Gourmet Blender Review that is one of the most in-depth wolf blender reviews. An informed purchase can enable you to make the best deal.

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