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What Does Acai Taste Like?

Pronounced as “ah-sah-yee”, the Brazilian fruit Acai has been taking the nutrition world by storm. This super-food berry is packed with minerals and vitamins while being low on calories at the same time.

However, most people are unfamiliar with this strange and new named berry. So, what does acai taste like anyway? Is it sweet like strawberries or slightly tangy like their black counterparts?

Well, it’s neither. Unlike other fatty fruits, Acai has a highly rich and very subtle taste. Let us talk about the flavor in depth below.

Imagine a cross between your favorite dark chocolate, and earthy figs. The combination would create a mouthwatering flavor for your taste buds. That is exactly what acai tastes like.

The earthiness of acai hits afterward, so your palate leaves with a slightly burnt chocolate taste. But, do you know why such a berry gives off cocoa hints?

That could precisely be due to the polyphenols present in the fruit. Most Brazilian grown fruits and berries tend to have a high percentage of the compound. This could either be due to the quality of the soil they are cultivated on, or environmental reasons.

Other than the slightly chocolatey and fig-like taste, daily consumers tend to have other descriptions of the fruit as well. For example, a large number of people find the acai berry taste to be grainy, whilst others find it refreshing but kind of bitter at the same time.

However, we think it all depends on how you use acai in your diet. As a result, the taste can change with the other item you are combining it with. We will get to this later on in another section.

The Texture of Acai Berries

Now that you know what acai tastes like, let us talk about the texture for a bit. For some, it can be a really strange and unknown consistency, which resembles soft, grainy ice cream to some point. 

Texture of Acai Berries

How Is Acai Beneficial For The Body?

Due to its slightly bitter taste (the dark chocolate hints), many people regularly consume acai in sweet smoothie bowls. It is really low on calories too. For example, every 100 grams of berry only consists of 70 calories!

Here is a detailed table with nutrient information for better understanding –


% of Per 100g







Vitamin A

15% of RDI


2% of RDI





Saturated Fat


  • RDI stands for “References Daily Intake” usually prescribed by dieticians.

What Can You Eat With Acai?

Most people crush the dried berries into a fine powder, later on turning into a smooth paste. Afterward, you can add in a bunch of other berries and even healthy nuts to turn the entire dish into a smoothie bowl!

And, what does acai bowl taste like anyway? Well, it is generally an acquired taste, since the rest of the elements to add will be completely up to you! 

Strawberry acai bowl


1. What does acai berry juice taste like?

Similar to smoothie bowls, acai berry juice can taste like whatever you add in the majority as well. For example, adding extra lemon drops can give it a tangy flavor. On the other hand, coffee liquor can make it taste like an Americano with a hint of earthiness from the acai itself!

2. Can green tea be combined with acai?

Yes, you can add the two elements in one glass. It would definitely give you a boost in mood and overall drink flavor.

Final Words

So, what does acai taste like after all? Well, it can be sweet if you combine it with strawberries and cherries, but also remain earthy if you eat it as it is! The fruit is highly versatile and healthy, so give it your own twist for an acquired taste.

Our recommendation for first-timers would be to crush the dried berries and turn them into a paste. It will be easier to combine with other elements in your diet. 

Popular Acai Recipes:

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