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9 Best Quiet Range Hoods Of 2022 – Top Models Reviewed

While a range hood is a must-have appliance for your kitchen, some of the hoods can be extremely loud! All those nerve-wracking squealing and rattling can drive anyone up the wall. So, if you're spending your hard-earned money, invest them well and get yourself a quiet yet powerful range hood.

A quiet range hood should be less noisy, powerful, efficient, and cost-effective. There are hundreds of brands available in the market, and choosing the best quiet range hood is difficult.

But you don't have to worry about that as we did the homework for you and narrowed down the top products here in this article.

Let's dive straight into it.

"This range hood is our all-rounder pick because of its amazing fusion of advanced design and technology. With its decently powerful motor, the hood delivers an impressively silent performance. The hood also provides maximum flexibility during installation."

"This durable hood is made from strong heavy-duty material to provide lifetime service. It features an ultimate powerful blower that delivers enhanced efficiency and allows deep frying and cooking exotic dishes."

"This product comes from a reliable best-seller brand with eye-catching looks. It features conveniently placed lights and a soft-touch control panel for ease of use. A high-quality silent motor eliminates fumes and keeps your environment healthy."

"With a super-strong construction and incredibly silent blower, the hood is one of the best from the brand. The compact hood is very flexible when it comes to price and size."

"When it comes to looks, no other range hood can beat this one. It has a sleek design that adds elegance to any kitchen. It features a decent motor that efficiently removes smoke and pollutants while creating less noise."

"This beast boasts the most powerful blower to eliminate the thickest steam and smoke within moments. With a sturdy body and high-end look, the hood blends in any kitchen. It also features a blue highlighted control panel to control speed and lighting easily."

"From looks to features, the hood has everything to meet your once-in-a-while needs. The moderately powerful blower creates the lowest noise while in action. You can also enjoy a modern service with the auto shut-off and digital timer features."

8. Best for Durability: FIREGAS Island 450 CFM Range Hood

"If you want a lifetime service from a hood, this is the one. As it is constructed from rich material, the hood offers increased longevity and resistance to corrosion. It's also easy to clean, and the installation process will be a breeze for you."

"Enjoy outstanding functionality and excellent features in a single range hood. With a powerful yet silent blower, the hood is perfect for everyday use. The hood also offers a user-friendly design and improved filtration for a healthy environment inside your kitchen."

In-Depth Reviews of 9 Best Quietest Range Hoods

Now, it is time to tell you about all these products in detail. So, without further ado, let's get into that part right away!

1. Best Overall: BROAN NuTone BCDF130SS Glacier Range Hood

BROAN NuTone BCDF130SS Glacier Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Product Dimension: 6" H x 30" W x 19.625" D
  • Product Size: 30"
  • Weight: 18.4 lbs
  • Duct Size: Diameter 7"
  • Air Flow: 375 CFM
  • Filter Type: Micro Mesh
  • Sound Level (Sones): 1.5-5.5

For our first pick, we have chosen an absolute all-rounder under the cabinet range hood for you. The BCDF130SS model Glacier Range Hood by BroanNuTone is a quiet, efficient, smart range hood that will do its job peacefully. In every quiet range hood review, you will see this product on the top.

Thanks to the impressive BroanCaptur™ system that blends advanced blower design and filter technology to keep the air inside your kitchen odor-free and healthy. The 375 CFM Max Blower hood also features smooth flow technology that ensures a steady and quick airflow without creating any loud noise.

At normal speed, the hood produces only 2.0 sones, whereas it's 5.5 sones at max speed, which is impressively quiet. This 30" range hood will easily fit under your cabinet, and the manufacture also offers you 36" and 42" hoods to meet a variety of needs.

The EZ1® system makes the hood easy to install even for one person and takes half the time compared to traditional modes.

The hood features micro-mesh easily removable filters with clean reminders to make the cleaning job easier for you. The filters are dishwasher-safe, and not to mention that the stainless steel body surface is very easy to clean.

And it has a stainless steel body that is also very durable and brings a classy look to your kitchen.

Need more convincing? Here's the best part, the versatility of this hood. With this convertible hood, you can opt for ducted and ductless installation options. So, when seeking the quietest ductless range hood, you can take a look at this one.

The hood can also be hardwired or simply plugged into a socket. Moreover, the 2-level LED lighting system, and 3 fan speeds are just like the cherry on the top.

Good Sides We Found:

  • The 375 CFM Max Blower with 2.0 sones sound rating makes the hood functional and quiet
  • Installation process is quick and easy, even for a single person
  • Extremely versatile with ducted and ductless installation options
  • Comes with a hard-wearing stainless steel body to ensure a durable service

Bad Sides We Found

  • The instruction manual isn't the best

2. Best Heavy-duty: CAVALIERE ‎CAV-B02-30B Wall Mounted Range Hood

CAVALIERE CAV-B02-30B Wall Mounted Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Product Dimension: 33" H x 29.5" W x 19.25" D
  • Product Size: 30"
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Duct Size: 6"
  • Air Flow: 860 CFM
  • Filter Type: Baffle Filters
  • Sound Level (Sones): 0.4-7.0

If you're used to cooking fancy dishes frequently, you'll need a professional hood that silently vanishes all the fumes within minutes. So, this time we picked the heavy-duty CAV-B02-30B model Wall Mounted Range Hood from CAVALIERE.

Without a doubt, the most remarkable feature of this hood is the 4-speed 860 CFM centrifugal blower. You can fry and cook all the exotic Asian dishes to your heart's content as the hood will quickly cease the unwanted odors and toxic fumes.

The hood is pretty quiet for such a powerful blower with only a maximum sound level of 7.0 sones. Therefore, when it comes to the quiet powerful range hood, you can easily pick this one.

To provide you with ample lighting while cooking, the hood features two long-lasting LED lights. The electric control panel is touch-sensitive so that you can easily regulate the 6-speed levels. You can choose any speed level according to your needs as the 6" duct will reduce air friction and noise while in operation.

As for the construction design, the hood is made of top-grade stainless steel, including the replaceable baffle filters. The baffle filters are easily the best filters for a range hood as they have maintained their shiny look and high performance for many years.

Plus, the filters are leaned towards the back of the hood so that the collective grease will be trapped at the back without troubling the cooktop.

With an extension, you can easily fit this 30-inch hood up to 12 ft. tall ceilings. If you own a small kitchen, this hood will be a perfect space-saving option for you. Also, the hood is very easy to install. All in all, this powerful, quiet, and minimalistic hood will be a pretty good addition to your kitchen.

Good Sides We Found:

  • Features a powerful 860 CFM centrifugal blower that effectively removes unwanted odor and fume
  • With a maximum of 7.0 sones sound level, the hood remains quiet while in action
  • Features two LED lights for lighting and 6-speed levels for diverse usage
  • Stainless steel body is durable, and the baffle filters are easy to clean

Bad Sides We Found

  • The hood isn't convertible

3. Best for Reliability: AKDY ‎RH0405 Island Mount Range Hood

AKDY RH0405 Island Mount Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimension: 47.83" H x 29.53" W x 23.62" D
  • Product Size: 36"
  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • Duct Size: 6"
  • Air Flow: 343 CFM
  • Filter Type: Aluminum Mesh Filters
  • Sound Level (Decibels): <60 dB (max)

When it comes to your kitchen, the overall look expresses so much about your personality. And so, here we have this rangehood by AKDY that can effortlessly make a statement with its elegance.

This hood's black stainless steel body is stunning from an aesthetic point and adds a contemporary style to your kitchen. Stainless steel is also a heavy-duty material with a longer life span and immunity against rust and corrosion. The hood will provide you with years of unconditional service while maintaining a sleek look.

Thanks to its powerful 194W motor, the hood produces an airflow of 343 CFM, which effectively eliminates the smoke, pollutant, and food debris from your kitchen.

The generated sound level of this hood is less than 60 decibels which are pretty quiet for such a powerful motor. You can also control the air suction of the hood with the featured 3-speed levels.

Now, the most useful feature of this hood has to be the premium touch control panel. Besides governing the speed levels, you can also control the 4 amazingly distributed LED lights with the panel.

More impressively, you can easily set a clock to the fan so that you don't have to come back to turn it off. The hood also features a useful 9-minute delay timer.

Another amazing aspect of the hood is that it's flexible. The hood offers you a convertible establishment choice which means you can install it without ventilation work. You can also choose from 2 different sizes, 30 inches, and 36 inches.

The three aluminum mesh filters of the hood efficiently collect oil and grease, and you can toss them into the dishwasher for cleaning. From looks to functionality, this hood surely deserves all the praises.

Good Sides We Found:

  • The black stainless steel body is long-lasting and stunning to look at
  • Produces a maximum of 343 CFM airflow and less than 60 dB noise
  • Features a premium touch panel that controls speed and light settings
  • Offers convertible establishment choices

Bad Sides We Found

  • The aluminum mesh filters lose color after a few years of use

4. Best Affordable: Cosmo COS-5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo COS-5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimension: 5.5″ H x 29.75″ W x 19.75″ D
  • Product Size: 30"
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Duct Size: 5"
  • Air Flow: 200 CFM
  • Filter Type: Aluminum Mesh Filters
  • Sound Level (Decibels): 56 dB (max)

As you went through our previous reviews, have you wondered if you could get all the great features in one affordable range hood? Then, meet the COS-5MU30 30 Under

Cabinet Range Hood by Cosmo. No matter how many quiet range hood reviews you go through, you will see this product on that list.

Let's talk about the construction design first. As the hood is constructed from 430-grade industrial stainless steel with a 20-gauge thickness, you can be assured that it will survive for ages even after enduring intensive abuses.

This 30-inch compact hood is space-saving and perfect for condos and small apartments. The hood is also available in a 36" size.

At a maximum speed, the hood reaches a noise level of only 56 dB. While the maximum noise level is impressive, the motor with a maximum of 200 CFM airflow is a primary drawback of this hood. Thus, if we say it is one of the quietest under cabinet range hood options, we won't be saying anything wrong!

However, the suction power of the motor is decent for smaller kitchens. The moment you turn the hood on, it will quickly suck the steam and unwanted odor from your kitchen.

For improved efficiency, the hood features multi-layered aluminum mesh filters. The filters trap airborne pollutants, oil, and grease to clean the air inside your kitchen. The convertible hood also features a pushbutton control panel for regulating 3 fan speed settings, and 2 energy-efficient LED lamps.

Want to know the best part? The affordable price. Compared to its other counterparts, the price of this hood is reasonable for everyone. With all its amazing features, this minimalist hood will be a bang for your bucks.

So, when looking for the best quiet under cabinet range hood within a pocket-friendly budget, you should definitely consider getting this one.

Good Sides We Found:

  • Made with a standard stainless steel body that is solid and durable
  • The slim profile of the hood makes it ideal for smaller living spaces
  • Comes with energy-efficient lamps to save bill
  • Noise level is only 56 decibels at maximum speed

Bad Sides We Found

  • 200 CFM airflow isn't sufficient for heavy usage

5. Best for Aesthetics: Perfetto Kitchen and Bath RH0279 Range Hood

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath RH0279 Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimension: 41.5" H x 29.3" W x 18.5" D
  • Product Size: 30"
  • Weight: 43.5 lbs
  • Duct Size: 6"
  • Air Flow: 217 CFM
  • Filter Type: Baffle Filters
  • Sound Level (Decibels): <60 dB

At number 5, we have another stunning-looking range hood for you. The RH0279 model Wall Mount Range Hood from Perfetto will surely pull on your heartstrings with its European style. Let's have a look at its best features.

The hood is pretty hard to ignore with the black painted T-shaped stainless steel body. The glamorous tempered glass canopy will add a European tone to your kitchen.

Moreover, it has two LED light bulbs, pushbuttons, and filters conveniently placed on the hood to increase its beauty and functionality.

The five pushbuttons control the light bulbs and the 3-speed fan. You can set the speed on low, medium, or high according to the environmental needs of your kitchen. You'll receive an airflow of 217 CFM and a sound level of 60 decibels at high speed.

For superior filtration, the hood features two amazing baffle filters. These filters are reusable and made of the same stainless steel material as the range hood. The filters collect oil and grease at the back of the hood so that you can collect and dispose of the dirt without any hassle.

Although the installation process is very simple, you'll need some extra help because of the hood's weight. The hood is convertible, which means you can go for a recirculation installation with a carbon filter kit.

Good Sides We Found:

  • Stainless steel body, elegant black color, and clear glass canopy add a European vibe to the kitchen
  • Features 2 LED light bulbs for energy efficiency and 3-speed settings for calculated airflow
  • The hood is quiet, with the highest noise level of 60 decibels
  • Baffle filters are provided to collect oil and grease

Bad Sides We Found

  • The 217 CFM maximum airflow isn't suitable for a busy kitchen

6. Best for Power: Awoco Super Quiet Split Insert Range Hood

Awoco Super Quiet Split Insert Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimension: 3-7/8" H x 35-3/8" W x 14-1/2" D
  • Product Size: 36"
  • Weight: n/a
  • Duct Size: 8"
  • Air Flow: 1000 CFM
  • Filter Type: Baffle Filters
  • Sound Level (Sones): 2.5 - 5.5

Want a powerful yet super quiet and highly efficient hood for your kitchen? Allow me to introduce you to the ultimate powerful beast. The Super Quiet Split Insert Range Hood by Awoco has the highest CFM rating on this list.

At maximum speed, the hood boasts a powerful airflow of 1000 CFM, more than twice the capacity of a decent range hood. Once you turn the hood on, even the densest smoke of your kitchen will vanish in the blink of your eyes.

But don't let the power confuse you, as the hood will remain super silent. It produces 2.5 sones at a normal speed and merely 5.5 sones at maximum speed. How amazing is that?

When it comes to design, Awoco has hit the ball out of the park. And the hood is made with a split insert design; thus, you can easily install the hood unit under your cabinet or mount it on the wall while mounting the blower unit in the attic.

This way, your kitchen remains cleaner and quieter as the blower is placed between the hood unit and exhaust vent.

The stainless steel hood body is 1mm thick and super strong. And thanks to the high-end look of the brushed steel, it effortlessly blends with other appliances in your kitchen.

As the hood has no cutting edge, your skin is saved from accidental scratches while installing it. The two baffle filters collect residual oil and are also made of the same steel.

You’ll love the electronic buttons of the control panel. They are blue highlighted so that you can operate them easily. Additionally, the panel includes 4-speed settings and 2 lighting settings. Not to forget the two energy-saving LED bulbs that evenly illuminate your oven top for better vision.

Overall, the Awoco range hood is easily one of the most powerful and quietest split insert range hoods out there.

Good Sides We Found:

  • Boasts a super-powerful airflow of 1000 CFM at maximum speed while producing noise at only 5.5 sones
  • The blower is installed in the attic to keep the kitchen environment cleaner and quieter
  • Constructed from strong 1mm thick stainless steel that suits the tone of most kitchens
  • Control panel features blue highlighted buttons for easy operation

Bad Sides We Found

  • Installation process is slightly complicated

7. Best Average: AKDY ‎RH0448 Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

AKDY RH0448 Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimension: 30.8" H x 35.2" W x 18.5" D
  • Product Size: 36"
  • Weight: 36.2 lbs
  • Duct Size: 6"
  • Air Flow: 217 CFM
  • Filter Type: Baffle Filters
  • Sound Level (Decibels): <60 dB

Yet again, another AKDY hood earned its place on our list of ultraquiet range hoods. The gorgeous looks of these hoods make it hard to ignore them. This time we picked the RH0448 model Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood by AKDY.

Once again, AKDY has produced a beautiful range hood with a classy exterior design to steal your heart. The stainless steel body with its brushed body is elegant itself, but the added tempered glass canopy across the hood's width makes it truly luxurious.

Apart from looks, the flexibility of this hood is also commendable. As the hood comes in 2 sizes—30" and 36"—you get the option to choose one according to kitchen settings.

The hood is convertible and shipped with a carbon filter kit for ductless installation.
If your house does not have a vent outside, this hood will be a perfect choice for you.

Since the airflow reaches up to 217 CFM only, the hood is noiseless, producing less than 60 dB at max speed. Therefore, it is one of the quietest wall mount range hood options; there's no doubt about that.

By using the user-friendly touch panel, you can put the fan at three different speed levels. The hood shows off two conveniently placed LED lights that provide enough lighting for night visibility.

It comes with a touch panel that also features a clock to set a timer to switch off the fan on time automatically. The baffle filters of this hood are very efficient in filtering the grease from the air. You can always load them into your dishwasher for cleaning.

Good Sides We Found:

  • Hood looks elegant with its stainless-steel body and tempered glass canopy
  • Ships with carbon filter kit for ductless installation
  • Reaches a sound level of <60 dB at max speed
  • The user-friendly control panel is easy to operate

Bad Sides We Found

  • The airflow at a 217 CFM maximum rate isn't up to the mark

8. Best for Durability: FIREGAS Island 450 CFM Range Hood

FIREGAS Island 450 CFM Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimension: Adjustable 22.8" - 42.5" H x 36" W x 23.6" D
  • Product Size: 36"
  • Weight: 63.9 lbs
  • Duct Size: 6"
  • Air Flow: 450 CFM
  • Filter Type: Baffle Filters
  • Sound Level (Decibels): <58 dB

Looking for a quiet island range hood with bits and pieces of all the good traits? Then, this champ right here is exactly the one for you. Let's have a glance at the Island 450 CFM Range Hood by FIREGAS.

Thanks to the high-performance, powerful motor, the hood boast airflow at a 450 CFM maximum rate, eradicating all the greasy, steamy, and smoky byproducts that spread around your kitchen after cooking. Even at this speed, the noise level is maintained at less than 58 decibels to maintain peace at your place.

As for the construction material, 430-grade stainless steel has made the hood durable and resistant to temperature and corrosion. The permanent baffle filters are also steel-made and feature a deep groove design for increased functionality. With this hood, you can enjoy low maintenance for a lifetime.

FIREGAS has set itself apart from any other hoods with its modern features. The control panel features a touchscreen with a backlit display that controls the fan speed, the lighting, and the timer.

To provide you with optimum lighting while cooking, the hood features 4 built-in LED lights. The hood also has a delay-off feature to ensure thorough cleaning.

As the hood comes with a 3-pronged plug, the installation process is very easy, and you don't have to go through the complicated wiring process. The hood also comes with charcoal filters to support recirculating installation.

This one is available in 30-inch and 36-inch sizes, so getting the suitable one for your cooking space will be a breezy task.

Good Sides We Found:

  • Incredibly quiet with a noise level of 58 decibels at the maximum speed
  • Build from heavy-duty stainless steel for temperature and corrosion resistance
  • Some excellent modern features include a touchscreen display panel, built-in lighting, and a delay-off feature
  • Comes with bright lighting to keep your kitchen illuminated

Bad Sides We Found

  • Can't be hardwired with the power supply connections

9. Best for Everyday Use: KOBE INX2936SQBF-500-1 Built-In Range Hood

KOBE INX2936SQBF-500-1 Built-In Range Hood
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimension: 35-7/16" H x 11-3/4" W x 14.75" D
  • Product size: 36"
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Duct size: 6"
  • Airflow: 550 CFM
  • FilterType: Aluminum, Baffle
  • Sound level (Sones): 2.0 - 7.0

We saved this top-tier range hood for our last pick, laden with outstanding features. The INX2936SQBF-500-1 Built-in Range Hood by KOBE is everything you need and more.

With its 550 CFM internal blower, the hood will effortlessly eliminate all the toxic fumes from your kitchen and improve the air quality. Shrug off your concerns about creating horrible noises as the range hood produces a maximum of 7.0 sones only, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and quiet kitchen.

Although we picked the 36-inch hood for this review, you can also pick the 30-inch hood size if you need it. The hood is pretty lightweight, and the power supply is plug-in, so installation is a breeze for you.

Plus, the hood comes with all the necessary equipment needed for installation. You don't have to pay anything extra for purchasing the parts separately.

For improved filtration, this model features aluminum mesh filters and baffle filters. The filters will effectively trap oil and grease droplets before they reach your oven top. Simply remove the filters and put them into the dishwasher to clean them.

Don't worry about losing the shine of the filter material because it will remain intact for ages.

As for the control panel, it features mechanical pushbuttons for 3-speed control and LED lights. The two LED lights provide cold-toned bright lighting so that you can inspect the inside of your cooking pot. Considering all its excellent features, we can safely say that this hood is one of the best out there.

Good Sides We Found:

  • Boasts a powerful 550 CFM internal blower with only 7.0 sones sound production
  • Installation process is easy with all the necessary equipment provided
  • Includes both baffle and aluminum mesh filters for improved filtration
  • Features two bright LED lights for better vision

Bad Sides We Found

  • Manual pushbuttons are a bit old-fashioned

What to Look for in a Quiet Range Hood – Buying Guide

Many buyers often tend to buy a product randomly, which ends up causing a lot of hassle. You have to be extra careful before buying a quiet range hood as it is easy to go wrong with them.

Here's a list of some important aspects you should look for before you purchase.

Sound Level

As we are talking about quiet range hoods, the sound level is the thing we need to consider. Range hoods are rated either in decibels or in sones while the fan speed is maximum.

Typically, a higher sound level means the hood will create more noise. So, check out the sound level of the hood before buying. A good-quality hood will operate quietly at sound level up to a maximum of 60 decibels or 7.0 sones.


CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is the amount of air that runs through the system. Usually, hoods with high CFM ratings create more rattling noise. Conversely, the higher the CFM is, the better circulation you'll receive, which results in less noise production.

So, you need to check the dimensions of your kitchen and choose a proper CFM value that meets your needs.

Duct Size

Many people don't know that duct size plays an important role in reducing noise production. The air resistance is comparatively less in larger ducts, so the hood will not rattle horribly. This eventually results in less noise emission.

Hence, if you want a peaceful environment, the minimum duct size should be 6 inches.


Good quality range hoods usually come at affordable prices. Naturally, hoods from more reliable brands are more expensive. You have to spend some extra to ensure the best quality.

However, less expensive hoods can also deliver high performance. They can sometimes work better than the expensive ones.

Additional Features

For better performance, manufacturers integrate many useful features in range hoods. You should definitely look for as many good qualities as you can find. LED lights, touch panels, various speed settings, and carbon installation kits are useful features that increase the ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What size range hood do I need?

You have to pick the range hood size according to the dimension of your cooktop. For wall-mounted hoods, your range hood should be just the size of your cooktop or slightly bigger so that it overlaps 3" on each side. For example, if you have a 30" cooktop, you should opt for a 36" range hood.

The range hood should overlap 3" to 6" on each side for better performance for island hoods.

2. Which brand is the quietest range hood?

There are many good brands of quiet range hoods available on the market today. BROAN, Cosmo, Awoco are some of the brands that we found the quietest.

3. Are 65 decibels loud for a range hood?

Yes, 65 decibels is a loud sound level for a range hood. 65 Decibels equals 13 sones which are huge compared to the maximum sound level of 8.0 sones needed for a quiet operation.

4. What is the best CFM for a range hood?

To answer the question simply, we can say that higher CFM means higher efficiency. The range hood should have 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTUs. So, if your cooktop produces 40,000 BTUs, you should choose a range hood of 400 CFM rating.

5. How many decibels is a quiet range hood?

A range hood measuring between 40-60 decibels of sound level can be considered quiet. If the sound level is measured in sones, a range hood with a range of 1.0-8.0 sones is considered quiet.

The EndNote

That was pretty much everything about best quiet range hoods. You can pick any range hood from our list as all of them are high-quality and noiseless.

We know you don't want to wake the whole neighborhood up with those terrible rattling sounds. So do yourself a favor and get your hands on a quiet range hood right away.

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