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How To Make Protein Ice Cream In A Blender

Who said that you can’t have ice cream just because you’ve started working out lately? We say you can have that cold-creamy bite anytime you want. All you need to know for that is, how to make protein ice cream in a blender.

This way, you won’t have to roam here and there for ice cream that goes with your diet chart. To reach the conclusion of that sweet recipe following a few simple steps is more than enough and that’s what we’re going to tell you about today.

How do you make ice cream in a blender without the ingredients? Well, that’s just impossible. Clearly, you’re going to need a bunch of ingredients to make your ‘ice cream’ dream come true. But the interesting fact is, you don’t need more than three to four of them to get the recipe done.

Ingredients To Make Protein Ice Cream

1. Full-Fat Coconut Milk: If you’re asking for that smooth texture in your ice cream along with ultra-creaminess, then you’re going to need this more than anything. On top of that, as its fat content is considerably higher, the ice cream becomes more scoopable, unlike maximum homemade ice creams.

2. Protein Powder: This is the ingredient that will make your ice cream the ‘proteined’ one you’ve been asking for. You’ve got scope to go for your preferred flavor here whether you like vanilla or chocolate.

3. Granulated Sweetener: To make the ice cream sweet, you’re going to need granulated sweetener. You’re free to pick the one you like. You can try dates as well if you want as a replacement.

4. Vanilla Extract: This ingredient is nothing mandatory but if you’re not a fan of vanilla flavor. Adding this can enhance the overall taste. You can omit it if you’re feeling like it might mess up with the flavor.

Making Protein Ice Cream In A Blender: Step By Step

Every recipe is a combination of a few steps and when you’re up to make ice cream with blender, you’ll have to follow a few steps there as well. Once you get hold of the steps, the outcome will be just as you want. So, here are the steps you need to follow to make delicious protein ice cream with your blender.

Step – 1: Bringing The Ingredients Together

First of all, bring in all the ingredients you’d need to get started with the ice cream recipe. Make sure you’re including other major ingredients like ice and a decently powerful blender as well. If you don't have a perfect blender to make protein recipes, Go through this article, where you will get the reviews of top protein blenders. 

Step – 2: Putting A Pan In The Freezer

Now leave a deep pan in your freezer compartment. It’s better to go with the one that has a loaf shape.

Step – 3: Mixing The Ice And Milk

At this phase, you need to mix up the ingredients. Pour 1-2 ounces of coconut milk into the blender jar first. Then add 1.5 - 2 cups of ice and start blending them. Now start blending and keep doing that for 1-2 minutes.

In case you don’t like using ice, just use coconut milk but make it chilled before using. This blending will make the texture smooth and silky.

Step - 4: Adding Protein Powder

Now take one or two tablespoons of sweetener along with one to four scoops of protein powder and mix them up in the milk. Then start blending again and keep doing so till you see the whole mixture is becoming thick, creamy, and smooth.

Step – 5: Transferring The Ice Cream To The Pan

Once you’re done with the blending, transfer your ice cream to the pan and put it in the freezer. Initially, let the ice cream be there for one hour. But keep stirring it every 20 minutes. After the first hour is gone, leave the ice cream in the freezer for freezing properly.

Step – 6: Thawing The Ice Cream

After it’s frozen properly, take the pan out of the freezer and leave it at a normal temperature for 10 to 15 for thawing it slightly. Then take your scoop and bowl to get the first bite on it. If you’ve got any confusion about how to make ice cream in a blender, take a look at a few video tutorials.

Final Words

Now as you know how to make protein ice cream in a blender you won’t have to stick to the hard proteins anymore. So, when are you planning to try a hand at it and fill your freezer with delicious ice cream?

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